Are Casino Sites Better than Traditional Casinos?

Casinos have a long and varied history of a truly global nature. While the first gambling house was established in Venice, Italy in 1638, many online free slots games have evolved across the globe in the centuries since, amassing a broad range of styles and experiences. As you will already know, online casino sites have a much more recent history, though similarly ground-breaking and exciting. The first ever online casino site was InterCasino and was founded in 1996. InterCasino ceased operating in the UK in 2019, but its legacy lives on. With such a shorter period of time to develop, could casino sites already provide a superior experience to traditional casinos? Here we will break down some of the pros and cons of each and assess what would suit you best as a budding casino enthusiast.

A Social Experience in Traditional Casinos

One of the main things gamblers love about heading down to a traditional live casino is the social experience they can enjoy whilst there. Whether it’s the intense eye contact across the poker table, banter with other players at the roulette wheel, or simply chilling out at the bar and meeting new people there, the casino is a lively place to be. It is also a great place to attend with a group of friends as a night out and gaming session all in one. So, is this something that online casino sites can compete with? Well, many casino sites have adopted very successful chat room features alongside their games to enhance the experience. Players chat away whilst enjoying some blackjack or roulette as if they were really in the casino.

What’s more, casino sites like Slotzo utilise live casino rooms to bring that social experience to players. The games are hosted by real hosts and hostesses live, and the charismatic presenters chat away with players as the game goes on, bringing that authentic live experience to your living room. So, although the hustle and bustle of the brick and mortar casino is near impossible to fully replicate, online casino sites do come close whilst still allowing you to sit on your sofa in the comfort of your own home.

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Availability of Casino Games

Traditional casinos of course all vary in size; from humble origins in small gambling houses to the lavish setups we see today, the capacity can vary widely. As a result, the number of tables and seats available in a casino also varies. If you can make your way over to Macau, China, there are three casinos larger than 273,000 square feet. In Oklahoma, the WinStar World Casino is a whopping 600,000 square feet. Naturally, the larger the casino, the more games available. However, what you will have picked up is that the availability of slot games and other casino games will always be limited to the size of the casino. Conversely, online casino sites know no bounds when it comes to how many games they can host. As a result, there will always be more variety and choice at online casino sites, in addition to it being easier to hop between games with no waiting time.

We’ve already touched on the social aspect of traditional casinos and the important of the buzz of the building to creating a stimulating and unforgettable experience. Nonetheless, when it comes to ease of access there is an important point to be made on the functionality of casino sites. A casino site like Slotzo is able to have you up and running with your favourite slot games and online casino games in seconds, right from your front room. Furthermore, if you are an on-the-go player and you are keen to have a spin on the slot reels whilst out and about, you will relish how easy it is to get started.

Our Verdict on Casino Sites vs Traditional Casinos

We could never discredit the exciting world of traditional casinos. Beyond being the forefathers of best casino sites, brick and mortar casinos continue to provide unforgettable experiences for punters all around the world. If you are a casual player, it may suit you to go along to a land casino every so often as a special occasion with some friends. But for those of us who want to try our hand at some of the classic titles a little more regularly, it is a blessing that casino sites have come along in the last couple of decades to revolutionise the game. Above all, you want to play responsibly, so always think about what is best for you. Head over to Slotzo today if you fancy a crack at some of our hundreds of online slot games and casino games.

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