Best Jackpot Slots to Play at an Online Casino

Jackpots, most online slot games have them but not everyone has the intestinal fortitude to go for the big win — but why is that? Nerves is hands down one of the most common ailments to punters out there, think about it — most of these jackpot games have jackpots that are six figures, that’s enough to get anyone sweating. You’ll often read about someone smashing the odds and winning the big one, but how did they do it?

Playing the right online casino slots should be considered common sense to anyone chasing big money, especially when one considers the amount of slots there are right now, each as distinct as the last. If you want to learn more about how you can perfect the art of the deal in some of your favourite slot machines then you’ve come to the right place.

Disclaimer Regarding Jackpots

Before we start rattling off names of some of the best jackpot slots to play at an online casino, we’d first like to bring a few notes to your attention. Know that not every jackpot is created equal, meaning there will be big jackpots and smaller jackpots depending on the sort of game you’re spinning — Megaways slots tend to offer a much bigger pot, only downside is you might have to pay more to spin each time.

The key to winning the jackpot in any slot is persistence, if you have that then you’re golden. Yes, you hear of people who just randomly spin and win the big one, but we find that the journey is far more enjoyable than the destination — this is ever-clear, especially in slots that you enjoy spinning (remember, these games are supposed to be fun, not a get-rich-quick card despite contrary to disbelief).

It can be very easy to get carried away with certain slot machines when chasing jackpots found within, which is why we’d suggest you create a budget of some kind for yourself — apply limits so that you don’t overspend and begin to harbour gambling problems. Like we’ve just said, online slot games are meant to be fun, don’t make them a slog/chore that exist only to line your pockets.

Although we are suggesting you check out specific games in this article, we are not ruling out other online slot machines out there. There are hundreds of thousands of slot machines out there, most offering something in the jackpot department. Looking out for slots with the word ‘Megaways’ in the title is normally an incredibly efficient way in finding slots with fortuitous elements.

If slots are not your thing though, are not your thing though, you could try out some casino card games or other casino live games instead.

Progressive Jackpots vs Local Jackpots

Knowing the difference between progressive jackpots and player jackpots is incredibly important, as each operate a little differently to one another. In our opinion, progressive jackpots are a lot more worthwhile compared to local jackpots due to their ability to constantly roll over with every passing spin — not to mention how it makes you feel, having added a small amount into the grand total.

Progressive jackpots are unique in that they will only disappear when the player either wins it or bows out on their own accord. Progressive jackpots will constantly fluctuate, meaning they are always going up the more people spin! There is no limit to the amount of money these jackpots can travel to — just look at the lucky player who won $7,831,370 off the back of a progressive jackpot over at LeoVegas!

Local jackpots are fixed jackpots accumulated through small amounts from player bets, not the kind provided by operators or by the developer. Fixed jackpots aren’t progressive, meaning they don’t move no matter how many times you spin, thus making them somewhat boring in comparison to progressive jackpots — although which you prefer will more than likely come down to personal preference, in other words, you might prefer local jackpot games.

Before we go to specific games, we suggest that you make sure to take advantage of our casino promotion on Slotzo to boost your chances of winning the big prize!

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot Slot

We’ll start with Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, a slot that is one of the best safari adventures that we’ve ever come across, a 5 reel by 25 payline sort of online slot machine that has a very tasty jackpot lingering in the distance! Expect only the best from one of the most popular slots in the Microgaming playbook, including wilds, scatters and so much more!

There are various versions of Mega Moolah that you should know about, just to give you an idea on how popular this slot is in the grand scheme of things. Many call Mega Moolah the best slot that Microgaming has ever come out with, and who could blame them, have you spun this slot before?

For those unaware, Mega Moolah came out all the way back in 2006, but it is still played today due to its simplistic nature and its more than generous jackpot. As it stands, Mega Moolah — specifically the megaways version — has a jackpot currently sitting at the three million mark! Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot slot, which should tell you a lot straight away!

Match the right symbols and you’ll enter the prize wheel bonus, a bonus that will have four jackpots present The jackpot that the wheel lands on, is the one you win – Mega, Major, Minor and Mini. Find the mega jackpot and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank and back!

Major Millions Slot Game

All aboard the life of luxury with Major Millions, a 5 reel slot that is giving you the chance to turn your financial situation on its head! This military-themed slot will have you matching all sorts of symbols in your approach, including but not limited to: binoculars, planes, medals and more! Every symbol here has a cartoonish look to them, making it all the more appealing to those out there looking for something fun!

We admit that this slot might look a little basic when compared to some of the other slot machines we are recommending here, but what Major Millions lacks in the looks department, it more than makes up for that in the bonus department — haven’t you heard of the saying? Never judge an online slot machine by its cover!

This slot comes with all the bells and whistles one would only expect from a Microgaming slot machine! Autoplay should definitely be used by those who aren’t fully comfortable with spinning without training wheels on, although veterans should be able to navigate this slot with ease given the simplicity of the gameplay and overall design.

To earn the big jackpot in Major Millions all you need to do is find 5 of the Major Millions icons across the 15th payline and the pot is yours! Spins in this slot machine cost no more than £3 per spin, making it quite a handy tool to use when looking to make some quick cash/chase that jackpot!

Gladiator Jackpot Slot

The film is still talked about to this day, and now you can experience the bloodthirsty world of Gladiator in online slot form in this self-titled slot! Fans of the movie will instantly recognise the sights and sounds present here, from the character symbols to the games all-powerful soundtrack!

Gladiator is a 5 reel by 25 payline slot machine, one that punters can spin from as little as 25p a spin up to £1,250 for all the high-rollers reading this. One will find that spinning on the higher bet amounts here will lead to more success due to the amount of bonuses present here — the coliseum bonus is definitely worth talking about.

The coliseum bonus feature is unlocked when the player lands three or more of the big coliseum symbols in the same line. Once activated by hitting the start button the player will select four stones from the 20 available on the screen — this will determine how many bonus spins are divvied out to the punter. You will want to net the max number of bonus spins due to the power they possess — increasing the number of wilds on the screen at any given time.

One will get the thumbs up on the jackpot by matching certain icons on the reels at any given time! The jackpot in Gladiator is slightly lower than some of the other slot machines we’ve looked at already, but if you are able to find 9 of the gladiator helmets in this bonus then the big progressive jackpot here in Gladiator will be all yours!

Sky Millions

The next slot on our list comes to us from developer Cryptologic, an incredibly talented developer that has always had their eye on big jackpots to keep their player base entertained! Sky Millions puts punters in first class as they feast their eyes on all the best things money can buy in fast cars, private jets and luxury yachts. So what can you expect from this 5 reel by 9 payline game? Quite a lot actually!

One of the best things about this slot is just how simple it is to play, so simple that we can guarantee any novice could pick up what’s going on from only a handful of spins. Sky Millions feels more like a classic fruity at times, which is hands down one of the biggest compliments we can give this one — although that isn’t to say that there aren’t wilds and that sort of thing included here.

Land three or more of the gold bar symbols and you’ll earn one of the big bonuses on offer here! If one can successfully land these symbols then they will see three wheels stacked inside of one another with the jackpot found dead set in the centre. On each rung of this wheel is a multiplier and an arrow, spin the wheel and whatever prize it lands on is yours — or you can spin again for a better prize!

To win the jackpot here in Sky Millions one will need to land the black arrow symbols, finding two black arrows will get you to one final reel where all you need is one final black arrow to win the big one! The jackpot in Sky Millions sits pretty at over a million, so there’s definitely money in clocking in your frequent flyer miles in Sky Millions.

Gold Rally Slot Jackpot

The last game in our list here is just as fortuitous as all the others! If you wanted to play something incredibly basic with a jackpot element then look no further than Gold Rally, a 3 reel by 8 payline slot machine that puts you deep in the confines of a rather unsteady mine, so you best bring a head torch and other pieces of equipment if you’re to beat this one.

This is an ideal progressive jackpot game due to its simplistic gameplay/rules, perfect for newbies and veterans alike! You don’t need to wager an awful lot of money to spin Gold Rally either, meaning you can make a hell of a lot of money from this one without having to break the bank, which is definitely what a lot of punters look for with their big game hunt online slot machines!

Like Major Millions, the graphics here in Gold Rally are somewhat cartoonish, utilising a mix of bright and muted colours in the design. Since this is a mining-themed slot one should already have an idea on the sorts of symbols you’ll be matching here, just know that each will offer something different in terms of scores depending on the combinations formed.

To earn the jackpot here in Gold Rally all one needs to do is find 9 scatter icons across all the reels — filling every space with a scatter essentially — this will trigger the jackpot! It’s of note that the jackpot here in Gold Rally tends to reset when won to a minimum of £225,000, although there are plenty of reports out there that suggest you can go even higher than that as long as you are putting the time in to mine this big win!

Lastly, for more new slot games don’t forget to come back on Slotzo and check our weekly new releases of information regarding the games that we have added on site just for you!

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