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For most of us, slot game online or at physical casinos are primarily centered on having fun. However, the fun part becomes secondary for some players, especially considering the likelihood of becoming a multi-millionaire overnight through casino online. Yes! You heard me right; jackpot slots have proven to be an overnight millionaire-crowner, hence the rush for it.  As a slot player, I bet you’ve seen, or heard of, or read about one or two other players who had been rewarded with enormous wins on a slot machine game.

There are absolutely heart-rending jackpots being won from time-to-time, reminding us that what we passionately love to do still pays handsomely. However, beyond making massive money from jackpot slots, there are vital things you have to know about these slots from this post. If you still want to learn more about the different jackpot types click to learn more!

Understanding jackpot Slots Games

Jackpot slots are slot machine games that are entered from the bonus feature (s) or in the random base game, with massive potential winnings available for any player who hits it. While the usual slots have all potential winnings specified after calculating bonus wins and bet value, jackpot slots have much higher potential winnings, which in some cases, end up paying out millions to the lucky winner. Thus, the most prominent feature of the jackpot is that it has more potentials of paying out more substantially from the usual slots.

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Different types of jackpot slots

Fixed Jackpots

Fixed jackpots are jackpot slots where all potential winnings are set, and immutable throughout the game. Fixed jackpot slots defy the natural order of jackpots by making winnings solely based on the game itself and not on accumulated inputs of several players over time.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are typical jackpot slots that have the potential winnings increasing from time to time. This because from every game players wager, a token is taken out and added to the top prize pot, which is subsequently pooled together by a body of inter-connected casinos. The millions of pooled tokens from your wagers then become the jackpots to be won by a player whose luck hits gold. This is the most rewarding kind of jackpot slots in the casino industry.

Multiple Jackpots

As the name implies, numerous jackpots have more than one jackpot to be won by a lucky player. It typically works when you initiate multiple bonus rounds that offer you different spins for multiple jackpot wins. In the base game, multiple jackpots may be triggered at random by aligning the same symbols on the reels.

Casino-centric Jackpots

This is the type of jackpots where players of a particular casino or chain of casinos are the only players whose bets are contributed to a top prize pot for a jackpot. So, the jackpot size to be won here is smaller, since it involves players from a specific casino.

Developers of best jackpot slots

There are several developers of jackpot slots in the slot machine landscape, but only a selected handful truly have exceptional jackpots, these include:


Being a foremost developer with over two decades of substantial experience, Microgaming is part of the pivots of the slot machine industry. They are held in high esteem as the leaders of the game. Since the last decade, they have paid over 400 million Euros in progressive jackpot wins. They are renowned for having the best and fastest system for paying out jackpot prizes in the industry.


NetEnt is another eminent developer that has made groundbreaking jackpot payouts through its progressive jackpot platform, which has paid out over 300 million Euros in the last decade. NetEnt jackpot slots are part of the best you can find in the industry: reliable, efficient, seamless, approved, and transparent.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is one developer with an innovation-driven and technology-laden army of games to its credit. With their blazing feats, one would inevitably expect Pragmatic Play to feature in this list, as everything about them is exceptionally extraordinary. It has some of the best-fixed jackpots in the industry at the moment, paying out overwhelming prizes to winners.


International Game Technologies (IGT) is one of the most elevated and exalted game developers and slot machine providers of all time. Having been around for over 4 decades, IGT’s highly revered Megabucks progressive jackpot slot has crowned tens of millionaires that history cannot forget. Till today, the biggest jackpot win in history was recorded at an IGT slot machine. Following the erstwhile stringent laws of the USA on casino developers, IGT’s once-exalted strength and pedigree have witnessed a plummet, resulting in the sale of a significant chunk of its business in order to enter the European market. Regardless, IGT remains a leading developer of the best jackpot slots.


Yggdrasil is consistently churning out powerfully calculated and properly executed streams of games, including progressive jackpots. Despite its relative recentness in the industry, with classy features and awesome slot designs, Yggdrasil has remarkably raised the stake so high for other developers. Its jackpots slots appear to be more in the Casino-centric group and are commendable and deserving of a spot on this list.

Best Jackpot Slots 2020

Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot

Mega Fortune is a NetEnt progressive slot that has crowned many prize winners in history. This is one of the vest jackpot slots you can play in the industry. The current second-highest online jackpot winner was crowned by Mega Fortune with 17 million Euros in 2013. Other high jackpot slots by NetEnt include:

Mega Moolah Progressive casino game

One of the biggest in the industry, Mega Moolah is a jackpot slot by Microgaming that boasts paying out 17 million Euros in 2015 (a little higher than the NetEnt jackpot winner), which holds the record as the most prominent online jackpot in history. Other Microgaming super-awesome jackpot slots are:

  • Immortal Dreams;
  • Mega Fortune Dreams, among others.


To this moment, IGT’s MegaBucks holds the title as the biggest paying jackpot ever. The current record of 39.5 million dollars was won on this slot machine. Some of IGT’s jaw-dropping jackpot slots include:

 Holmes and the Stolen Stones

Developed by Yggdrasil, Holmes and the Stolen Stones is a prodigious jackpot slot that never fails to reward players with jackpots ranging from 180,000 pounds and above. This is in addition to some other Yggdrasil jackpot slot offerings such as:

  • Ozwin’s jackpots;
  • Joker Millions, and other new games online from Yggdrasil.

Last Thoughts on Jackpot Slots

There’s no gainsaying winning jackpot prizes on best jackpot slots is one of the biggest dreams of every slot player in the industry. Winning jackpot slots is found to be more of fate than of strategies.  However, you are always advised to have some well-thought plans and strategies regarding how to play, when to play, and what jackpots slots to try your luck on. Every million-crowning factor from above could align for you and turn your jackpot dreams into a headline-making reality.

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