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Welcome Offers available on Slotzo

New players pay attention, for this is where we will tell you about to the best welcome bonus around.

Online casinos are ten a penny these days, but slot game sites such as ours still manage to stand out with a fine selection of the best online slots and video slots, as well as some of the best slot bonuses that you will find anywhere else. When it comes to welcome offers in online casino, Slotzo has one of the best for new players looking to play online slots and online casino, with an impressive Welcome Package. The bonus includes a 100% bonus on the first deposit of up to £50 (min deposit £20), allowing new customers and new players to double their budget as they gamble online for real money. This bonus offer is actually valid on not one but two deposits, with your second and first deposit both feeling the benefit of the bonus funds.

This bonus will be active instantly and works as a way of doubling your money before you even place a wager or play slots. For example, deposit £20 and get £20 bonus, with this welcome bonus meaning you will play with £40. Deposit £30 and get a £30 bonus, deposit £40 and get a £40 bonus and so on. £50 is the maximum deposit that you can enjoy bonus funds from, with a first deposit of £50 allowing players to gamble with £100 – half of which will be bonus funds.

But bonus funds are not the only advantage that this welcome bonus offers new players, with bonus spins available for those looking into playing slots. Available on selected games, your deposit bonus will combine brilliantly with extra spins in online slots such as the brilliantly popular, Starburst. New customers and new players will get a generous 30 extra spins at no cost at all on this slot site, with players able to win real money from this online slots bonus. One of the finest welcome bonuses or welcome offers around, Slotzo are proud to offer a Welcome Package that helps it stand out against other online casinos.

Terms apply to all welcome offers and our Welcome Package welcome bonus requires a min deposit of £20. You will find all online casinos and slots sites have wagering requirements for their bonuses and Slotzo is no different, priding itself on providing bonus funds and bonus funds for new players at a competitive rate. Those looking to start playing slots online for the first time need look no further than this online casino, where we love to host customers and encourage them to please gamble responsibly and  play responsibly.

Nonetheless, if slots are not your thing you can still play some top card games and single player live games on Slotzo today!

Which online slots payout the most?

One common question from slot game players whether they are new customers, new players or are one of our many existing ones is about which online slots pay the most. We are pleased to say that there is no one correct answer to this question, as each online slot offers something different to the last and, with the addition of some bonus funds, any of our online video slots could help you win some really decent amounts of real money.

However, if you are looking to chase the jackpot slots then look no further in the world of online casino that online slots with a progressive jackpot. These slot games are the ones to play online as they boast some potentially huge cash prizes in every game. Progressive jackpot slots have become really popular choices with players and slot sites, thanks to their unpredictable nature and above all, the chance for players to walk about with lifechanging sums of real money.

The size of your deposit does not affect the end result of progressive jackpot slots, as your game is often associated with what goes on in other players’ games, rather just being reliant on your own spins. The communal jackpot can grow and grow, increasing per spin and you continue to play whatever game has this exciting feature. From the selected games that have a progressive jackpot, millions of pounds have been won online with some of the best slots jackpots being hit even using bonus spins. Titles such as Mega Moolah with its luxurious theme, have made worldwide news for the result of their spins, as slot sites have paid out enormous sums of real money that could change your life.

For more information on games that payout the most money, read on for a full collection of the best online slots that include the aforementioned Mega Moolah and games like well-loved online slots like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest.

The best online slots to Play Today

What makes online slots great is hard to pin down to just one reason. With an amazing array of themes, new and interesting layouts and selected games having enormous jackpots, there is so much to enjoy about slot games and this why they have become such a huge part of online casino. With extra features that provide bonus spins and amazing graphics that have pushed the very boundaries of what slot games can be, online casinos are currently hosting to best online slots of all time.

Slotzo is proud to be one of the slot sites with the greatest online slots collections around, with the welcome bonus being finely tailored to the new players who want play slots online. From video slots to classic slot games, Slotzo offers so many titles to pick from but here, we have a collection of the best online slots hosted at this vibrant and varied slot site.

What slot game developers are there at Slotzo?

The developers are a crucial part of the slot industry these days and we at Slotzo are really grateful and proud to be working with some of the finest and most well-known names across casino games. Our developers range from true legends of the casino that have played an integral part in the very invention of the pastime, as well as some newer names who are helping to lead the way in terms of online gambling software and new technology. With online gambling as an industry and as a community is bigger and stronger than it has ever been, we have the developers to thank for making the games we play so fun, so varied and so unique, as they continue to set the bar from what is even expecting from online gambling games.

Here we have a few of our favourite developers, including, first off, the legendary Microgaming.


Founded in the 1990s, during the early days of online gambling, this British company is hugely important to the online gambling world of today. They supply award-winning online gaming software to the leading casinos worldwide and Slotzo is one of them, hosting Microgaming titles in our always-growing catalogue of slots. Among the awards and records that this brand has won and set down the years, is the world record for paying out the biggest online slot machine win as Mega Moolah paid out €17,879,645.12 from a 25p spin. Imagine that entering your bank account.


Another developer you will find a lot of work from on our site is NetEnt. This developer has a wonderful reputation amongst the online gambling and slot community because they always release new content for the thousands of slot gamers to enjoy. Every other week it seems like NetEnt has a new slot to play and amongst their incredible collection of titles, there are some classics, too.

Look out Gonzo’s Quest, a title that was way ahead of it’s time when originally released, thanks to amazing 3D graphics that take you into another world of adventure and action as you spin and enjoy the bonus rounds. Elsewhere, Starburst, widely regarded as one of the most popular slot machines ever to be played online. There is more information on these two iconic slots further down the page.

Red Tiger Gaming

Another developer we are pleased to work with and receive a consistent supply of new content from is Red Tiger Gaming, another brand who has a fine reputation among those in the online gambling community. Titles from Red Tiger Gaming can be relied on as far as great graphics go, with a number of adventurously themed slots in their collection thanks to their ability to work wonders with 3D graphics and detailed animation.

The popular Dragon’s Luck series is the work of Red Tiger, who do brilliantly well in making their slots widely accessible thanks to mobile gaming and tablet gaming, too. Optimised for all platforms, just as Slotzo is, too, you can get the very best out of Red Tiger Gaming games no matter how you like to bet online. As ever, they are committed to encouraging and helping players gamble responsibly, too, so expect a wide range of wagering options from them as well.

Check some of our favourite slot games available on Slotzo for everyone to play today!

Mega Moolah Jackpot Slot

This slot game is truly world-famous, after Mega Moolah set a world record for handing out the biggest ever jackpot payout from an online slot game. This title has a progressive jackpot that means that the game is linked up to others in the online casino community, with every spin adding to the increasing central pot. Millions of pounds can be won by any of the players spinning the reels and even if you are playing with bonus funds provided from an offer for new players, you have just as much chance of winning the almighty jackpot as anyone else does.

The theme of the game is one of luxury and riches, which is a fitting aesthetic when you consider that the main bonus in the game is the enormous potential of the jackpot. There are also scatters and wilds on the reels which you will find crucial to winning bonus spins and extra spins in this game. Truly a casino classic by now, this game is a must-play and one of the best slots online, for sure.

Developers of Mega Moolah

Microgaming is the people behind this famous slot and they are a brand that is just as famous. As far as the online slots game goes, Microgaming has been here from the start, providing amazing titles, wins and spins for new customers and old ones since online gambling first emerged.

This brand has played a pivotal role in the rise of online gambling, pioneering through technology and innovation for some time now. Despite providing so many classic titles and making so many winners, Microgaming always urges players to play responsibly as well, as this is something that we can get behind because the wellbeing and fun that are players experience is the most important thing.

Why we love this online slot

This slot is one of the most popular new games UK titles around and its amazing fame among players and online casinos is a big reason as to why. As for us at Slotzo, we love Mega Moolah because of its unpredictable nature and the fact that there is a feeling that you are playing alongside other players just like you, all hoping to land the incredible bonus or main jackpot on offer. Spins come thick and fast in this title, with slick animations and an auto spins feature allows you to sit back and watch with eagle eyes as each of the 5 reels spins.

Gonzo’s Quest Video Slot

The best modern online slots often have incredible graphics and an amazing sense of detail that you might associate with PC video games or games consoles rather than slots, but new technology and new games are proving that there is no limits to what a slot game is capable of. Gonzo’s Quest has a wonderfully in-depth theme and graphics to match, making it one of the more advanced gambling games found on slots sites.

However, this game is far from new and has been around since the early 2010s, picking up so many admirers as players fall for the charm of the main character Gonzo, and his adventure across stunning natural landscapes. Gonzo’s Quest is the epitome of 3D slots, with the game showing how casino games and video games can combine to create something very special.

There are some great bonus features in this game as well, with bonus spins able to be won and spins that land scatters or wild symbols helping this title become one of the best, most rewarding games you will find across any slots sites.

Developers of Gonzo’s Quest

The developers of Gonzo’s Quest are NetEnt and this iconic brand has benefitted greatly from the success of this game. For Gonzo’s Quest is so popular with players that have helped spread the good work that NetEnt do across various slots sites and with a combination of great bonus features like bonus spins, with new, fresh-looking graphics that just don’t seem to age, the game is typical of NetEnt.

For bonus features and the best graphics are what this developer stands for, all of which are made wonderfully accessible across all major platforms like tablets, smartphones and desktop devices. Games from NetEnt are always available across all three of these devices and selected games from NetEnt, tend to be on offer to new customers with bonus spins and extra spins on Gonzo’s Quest often being a welcome bonus

Why we like this Video Slot

There are so many reasons as to why we like this online slot game. For example, it’s 5 reels and 20 pay lines are really simple and easy to pick up, while a huge jackpot of 2500 makes for great extra motivation to for spins, bonus spins or just regular spins, that is. However, the main reason we think Gonzo’s Quest is one of the best games is that it has some of the best graphics of any slots out there across any slot site. The animation and graphics really aid the narrative of the game and every one of your spins helps the story of this loveable hero move along that extra bit more. What a game. New players should definitely play this slot game.


Amongst all of the famous online slots that make our slots site one of the best around, Starburst is perhaps the slot game that new players love the most. This is another title that is far from new, but with some great bonus features on offer, plus the chance for bonus spins both in the game and after making the most of he welcome offer with a deposit bonus, there are so many reasons as to why it has stood the test of time.

Starburst is so easy to play and the gameplay flows effortlessly across smartphone, tablet and desktop, with these futuristic fruit machine symbols leading the main narrative of the game. The symbols in the games are gems and this is fitting for a slot that is truly a gem across slots sites and has earned a reputation for being one of the best games online.

There are 5 reels and 10 pay lines in this game and players have plenty of wagering options with that min deposit bonus allowing you to make the most of a betting range that goes from 10p per spin, up to £100 per spin. With such a high maximum bet, we do encourage players to please gamble responsibly on Starburst, where a combination of bonus funds and bonus spins for new players create one of the best online slots that new players could hope for.

Developers of Starburst Slot Game

This is another slot game developed by NetEnt and even with the famous Gonzo’s Quest in their catalogue of games, players of Starburst have made this the most popular slot game to ever be released by NetEnt. The developer has done a fine job in creating software that just flows wonderfully in this game, as even new players will be able to pick up what goes on in this slot very quickly.

The game has this feel of free-flowing gameplay across whatever platform you decide to play it on too, truly making for one of the best and most accessible, fully functional slot games to ever be hosted on slots sites. NetEnt prides itself on this ability to create slot games for all platforms, balancing encouraging players to play responsibly with offers like a deposit bonus that make their titles easier on the wallet. Slotzo’s Welcome Package includes bonus spins on this game, so new players should be sure to make the most of this.

Why we like this Casino Slot

As already mentioned, Starburst is an important part of the welcome package that we offer and as such, we love to see spins going on in this ga,e. Deposit £20 with us and you will be away with bonus spins thanks to a despot bonus that doubles your money. This bonus comes with bonus spins, too, allowing you to make spins for no extra cost as long as you are a new player and adhere to the conditions of this match bonus. Combining bonus funds with one of the best games is something we are very proud of at Slotzo and therefore, this has to be one of the best options across the whole site, especially for new players.

Jack’s Treasure

One of best things about slots is that they can come in all sorts of themes and this is something that can really get the imagination of players running. This is especially the case for new players who might not have been aware of the wealth of games available and who may also have the benefit of some bonus funds thanks to their first deposit bonus. As for the theme of this one, Jack’s Treasure takes un into the world and seven seas of some great pirate characters who are wonderfully animated in this video slot.

Brand new for 2020, the game is packed full of theme relevant symbols that will appear across the 5 reels and 40 pay lines as you rack up the spins and wins. Speaking of spins, there are bonus spins available in this one thanks to one of the bonus features and these will help players get the most out of this new addition to the colourful online casino scene. Spins can flow even better than the slick animation allows for per spin, thanks to the auto spin feature that allows players to sit back after wagering and let the reels do the work and the spins for you.

Developers of Jack’s Treasure

The developers of this game are Pariplay and they are one of a number of developers who Slotzo work with to provide the best online casino service possible. While this developer may not be as famous as household casino names like Microgaming or Yggdrasil, their reputation is always growing and players new and old are drawn to the great themes that they have across their growing catalogue of slots. Use your deposit on one of their slot games and there is every chance that you will get some bonus spins, too, for Pariplay are committed to offering the exciting bonus that are extra spins in the majority of their slots.

Jack’s Treasure is one of new slots to come from this developer and it is also might just be their best slot, with only the finest slot sites being able to host this exclusive and brilliantly designed game. Access to our favourite Pariplat slot is easy to with mobile, tablet and desktop devices able to run this game that was created for all platforms.

Why we consider this Amongst the Best Online Slots

There are a few reasons why we like to join nautical fun and seek cash funds via Jack’s Treasure, with the 800x jackpot being a really big one. Wagering does not have to expensive either, so even your minimum deposit can go a long way in this casino game. The slot also has this great theme and is wonderfully well made, so the opportunity to play a genuinely really original slot makes this one of the best games on the slots site. Spins on this game never feel wasted due to the high level of animation and design that clearly goes into every single spin.

Dragon’s Luck Slot Game

Amongst the vast amount of slots out there, some themes tend to pop up time and time again and prove to be popular when it comes to picking up spins from players. One such theme is the Chinese theme, with Ancient Chinese culture and tradition always providing great inspiration and influences for slots. Perhaps the best slot with this theme, Dragon’s Luck combines some great attention to detail with great graphics and bonus features, meaning that each and every one of your spins feels different.

Your bonus funds are valid in this title as well as one of the slots hosted in Slotzo’s online casino, so once you have made your first deposit, you can think about wagering a bet here in Dragon’s Luck. Terms apply to the Welcome Offer ad Loyal offer that we provide, so do check which bonus or deposit works best for you. Deposit £10 for example with our welcome package, and enjoy £20 as a bonus. Be aware of the min deposit, too and work out how to make this bonus work best for you, so you do not waste your chance for a bonus bet within Slotzo.

This game has four bonus games within it that are triggered at random and this keeps the gameplay really interesting, as you never know when the bonus game or bonus cash might come in. The fire-breathing dragons are pivotal to the action, able to come into play during any of your spins, be they bonus spins or regular ones. The graphics in this one are great and the level of research that has gone into this title makes for a great slot to play. As you work through your spins you will find lots of symbols relevant to the theme, as well as some lower-paying symbols made up from traditional playing cards.

Developers of Dragon’s Luck Slot

Slotzo is one of the best casino and slot providers thanks to the amazing developers that we work with. Joining us in urging players to gamble responsibly and game to have fun first and foremost, these developing brands are integral to the fun as they have helped to shape the very look and feel of the modern internet casino.

Slots now come in all shapes and sizes and developers, like Red Tiger Gaming who are behind Dragon’s Luck, continuously push the boat out in terms of what is even possible with slots played online. Animation and quality of graphics just seem to go up and up and up, with spins on these games becoming a trigger for so many things to happen. Red Tiger produce slots with great graphics as standard and Dragon’s Luck is, therefore, one of the games that embody the brand best. From the offering of random bonus spins to these wonderfully crafted graphics, the game is a treat for the eye and for the wallet should you make the most of the bonus cash deposit that is on offer for all new players to Slotzo.

Red Tiger Gaming has helped bring casino slots to a range of different people and devices, with spins able to be made via smartphone, tablet and desktop with this developer of casino games. Red Tiger’s best slot might just be this one here, as Dragon’s Luck has evolved into a series of its own with great spins to be made on the likes of Dragon’s Luck Power Reels that offers even more in terms of bonus features and spins. It is always worth looking out for new games from Red Tiger, as they are a very prolific developer of casino games and slots.

Why we love this slot

We are big fans of slots that make the most of a classic theme, while still delivering something new and Red Tiger Gaming has certainly done this with Dragon’s Luck. The Ancient Chinese or Chinese culture theme is done very often but rarely done as well as this, especially when you combine your spins on this title with our first deposit bonus for new players. Slots do not come much more visually engaging than this one, as from the moment you start wagering through to your bonus spins, everything is wonderfully designed and detailed.

Whereas some games require you to get a few good spins in order to trigger bonus features, the random bonus features in this one are something to enjoy as well. It means that you never really know when your bonus spins are going to come and there are not too many slots that hand out bonus spins in this way. So, if this sounds like the kind of game you want to spend the bonus funds from your deposit on, give some spins to Dragon’s Luck and see if bonus spins come back your way. A popular title in the world of mobile casino, we are confident that it will not take you long to realise why so many enjoy wagering their bets on Dragon’s Luck with a minimum bet of 20p and a max bet of £500. As always, when wagering options go this high, we do encourage players to use their spins wisely and please gamble responsibly.

Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx

Another popular theme for online slot games is the Ancient Egyptian theme and many of the best slots across casinos use the likes of pyramids, pharaohs and hieroglyphics as symbols on the reels and symbols to line up with your spins. Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx blurs the line between slots with this theme and slots with a more adventurous theme, as you follow Jungle Jim on his mission to explore ancient tombs in search of the Lost Sphinx.

As ever, this is a title you can use your bonus funds on thanks to a first deposit bonus at Slotzo, so be sure to make the most of the match bonus that will help you double your money before wagering your bet. Deposit £20 and you will be able to use £40 for wagering your spins on Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx. These terms apply for all new customers, with bonus spins also available for selected games.

There are 5 reels and altering amounts of pay lines to work with, as the player has the option of wagering on either 35 or 50 pay lines depending on what is happening on the reels. Also, there are four bonus features on offer with extra bonus spins being one of them. Look out for a multiplier feature that will grow with each of your spins, too, as the amount you started out wagering, could quickly multiply into some bonus funds. Consecutive wins means bigger multipliers, with Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx offering a level system that goes as follows: Level 0 is played on a 5×4 reel set with 35 pay lines, Level 1 sees a multiplier increase to 2x, Level 2 sees a multiplier increase to 3x, Level 3 sees the multiplier increase to 4x and you play on a 5×5 reel set with 50 pay lines, Level 4 gives a multiplier increase to 5x, and finally, Level 5 offers a multiplier increase to 10x.

So with lots of bonuses and lots of outcomes possible from each of your spins, there are some seriously exciting outcomes in a slot that has a generous RTP as well.

Developers of Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx Slot Game

This is yet another slot from the casino legends that are Microgaming. One of the best online slot developers of all time, you can expect a certain level of excellence from a Microgaming casino title, with spins coming as easy as they come thanks to the user-friendly nature of this casino powerhouse. This developer has a commitment to helping players gamble responsibly and this is something that we share, so it is a pleasure to host so many of their best online slots.

From a Microgaming production, you can expect top levels of graphics and animation, as well as playability across all devices (mobile casino, tablet and desktop) which is simply a must in today’s casino industry. They know their way around a good bonus, too, so spins can come as extra incentives thanks to Microgaming’s bonus features. Use your deposit on a Microgaming slot and you will be playing a title made by one of the most famous names in the gambling industry as a whole, thanks to the innovative work that this brand has done for the best part of three decades. All the best casino sites have Microgaming’s work and we are no different.

What makes this Slot so Special?

Once again there are many reasons why we like this casino offering but the main reason is perhaps the original theme it has. Ancient Egyptian slot machines are great but a little bit too common, whereas the mixture of this theme with one that brings so much adventure makes for a really unique title in Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx. Finding that pesky sphinx provides the main narrative of this one, while hoping for productive spins and smart wagering should be your main goal. Again, if you decide to play this slot machine using money from your first deposit, deposit £20 and have £40 for your wagering needs.


Cleopatra has something of an esteemed reputation amongst those who play casino online, with this Ancient Egypt themed slot offering a fine journey back in time to take on one of the most famous and influential pharaohs who ever lived. The slot machine focuses mainly on Cleopatra, the stunning main character whose face will appear on the reels as you spin them. She offers 5 reels and 20 pay lines to work with, and those who have the Welcome Bonus valid will be pleased to hear that your bonus funds can be gambled in this title.

The betting starts at 0.01 and goes up to 5.00, so there is a fairly humble betting range here for those wagering. Deposit enough for the welcome bonus (min deposit £20) and the match bonus will provide a 100% bonus, which will go a very long way in terms of buying some spins on Cleopatra. Terms apply to the 100% bonus offer, so be sure check the terms and conditions before wagering on Cleopatra or making your first deposit with Slotzo, as we do not want you missing out on this bonus and potential bonus spins.

Speaking of bonus spins, Cleopatra offers spins at no extra charge if you play the bonus rounds right, so your deposit could really, really be worth your while if the reels are on your side in this popular title. The graphics in this one are really lovely, too, with Ancient Egypt depicted in great detail and a clear appreciation for the culture and relics of the era that the slot machine is so closely tied to.

Developers of Cleopatra Slot

The software for this very popular online gambling spectacle was provided by IGT, who may not be the biggest name in internet casinos and development, but they are a brand with a growing reputation thanks to titles like this one. IGT has an appreciation for the classic slots of old and there is certainly a retro charm to Cleopatra, with the 5 reels making for a simple enough title to play while feeling somewhat modern as well.

The modern side of the slot machine comes from the bonus rounds and IGT tends to get this right more often than not. The bonus rounds and bonus features on offer in Cleopatra are crucial to the player doing well and they can turn an average few spins into some very rewarding spins with real money to be won. Available to play across mobile, tablet and desktop devices, IGT has mastered the development of gambling titles across all major platforms and as such, you can expect to find that their entire catalogue is available for players who like to play and gamble on the move.

One of the most important things about all brands in online gambling is their commitment to helping players gamble responsibly and like Slotzo ourselves, IGT have urged those who enjoy their work to please gamble responsibly when playing slots online.

Why we like this Top Online Video Slot

Amongst the many, many reasons as to why we like Cleopatra, are the bonus rounds. Spins came come as a very welcome bonus and up to 180 spins at a time, as the bonus round in this title is able to be triggered at any time. This means that spins can come freely without the player needing to make a new bet, do not worry about wagering once this bonus feature is underway. Furthermore, despite the humble-looking betting range, wagering on this title can actually go up to £600 per go if you set your coin totals to the max bet, meaning that high rollers across the UK enjoy what Cleopatra can conjure up when you spin its reels.

All of the above, combined with some superb functionality and optimisation on mobile devices, makes for a really popular choice with us and the many who choose to play slots with Slotzo. Be sure to make the most of the welcome bonus at this casino as well, and with that high top-end bet, do gamble responsibly.

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