Best Poker Hands

One of the most beautiful things about the famous card games is that whether you play poker online, in a casino or perhaps with friends at home, the rules a pretty much the same. While it might be a tad suaver in a casino, it is incredibly easy to play poker online and such, many people are enjoying some good old fashioned Hold ‘Em action from the ease of their smartphones, tablets and devices.

And whether you are new to the card game or perhaps looking for some further education, it is always worth brushing up on what are the best hands of poker. Knowing this will get you off to a perfect start as soon as the cards are dealt, helping you predict what may or may not happen as more cards are unveiled. Here is the place to learn the best poker hands, as we explain what good hands for poker look like and provide the 10 best hands that a player can hope for.

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What makes a good hand in poker?

As much as poker is a game of wit in which you compete against other players, perhaps bluffing your way to success, it is equally important to work with the cards you have before you as it is to work against your opponents. As you might already know, this style of poker starts with the dealer handing out two cards to each player indifferently of whether you play on a UK casino online or US. Then, the dealer spreads five cards on the table for all players to see, starting with three at once, then another, then another, with players betting in between each reveal.

From the five cards on offer, along with their own two, the player must make the best possible outcome, often combining three cards from the flop with their own. While everyone hopes for a royal flush, a full house or perhaps a straight flush, there are various outcomes which could come into play and as such, it is important to know what your original hand can help you achieve at the poker table. You can try this game now on our live casino today, or just read more below first to increase your knowledge on the game!

What are the top 10 hands in poker?

Before the five cards on the table have been revealed, it is important to know which hand will be useful preflop. This is actually very simple to pick up and often relies on factors such as having a high card or perhaps, a pair of high cards. You will notice that the top 10 hands here are rather similar to each other and often require two of the same card, but as we work our way down the list some other factors come into play such as the likelihood of a royal flush or full house occurring.

Perhaps just as importantly, knowing what is a good hand will help you know what isn’t a good hand and therefore give you an indication of when to play and when to hold.

Pocket Aces

The best poker hand of all is the pair of Pocket Aces. This hand consists of two aces which are the highest card in a game of poker and opens the possibility of gaining a two pair, four of a kind or a full house. At the very least, you have the highest pair of cards possible so when you are dealt this hand, it is advised to bet aggressively as long as the table is not too risky. An example of a risky table would be if the flop opened up the chance for someone a royal flush or straight flush. If you get this hand, the last thing you are going to need is our UK promotions – but we still have it here for you!

Pocket Kings

Similar to Pocket Aces, the Pocket Kings are a very strong hand to start with. Only bettered by the above, this example requires a pair of kings. Once again, this opens up to the door to the potential for full house or very useful two pair, as well as a simple pair using what is a very high card. Again, this is worth betting on unless it looks as if a flush might be possible for another player around the table.

Pocket Queens

Another pair of picture cards, the Pocket Queens requires a pair of queens to emerge in your hand pre-flop. This is another unlikely occurrence but definitely a good one when it comes up, as you will have a decent chance of gaining a two pair, four of a kind or a full house. Trumped by the Pocket Kings and Pocket Aces, this is the third-best hand you can be dealt with in a game of poker.

Pocket Jacks

The final pair of picture cards to be dealt with is the Pocket Jacks and this is another example of a pre-flop hand that can help you towards a great end result. Despite having a pair from the start ruling out the potential for a straight, the guaranteed pair is bound to come in useful, especially if it comes down to who has the highest value pair.

Ace King Suited

Moving away from the Pocket picture cards, the Ace King Suited requires a hand that has both an ace and a king of the same suit. The ace, as ever, can be relied on a good option a high card should it come down to that, whereas the king being the same suit opens the door to some other good results. For example, both are high cards and therefore pairs using them score high and, even better, you have two parts of a royal flush in your hand to play with.

Ace & King

Pocket Tens

Going back to the pairs, the Pocket Tens are regarded as the fifth-best hand to be dealt in a game of poker, with the possibility of landing two pairs, of course, increased due to having one in the bag already. The likelihood of four of a kind is greater here, too, so hope to match your 10s with something else on the table to make this hand a tough one to beat.

Ace King Offsuit

Similar to the aforementioned Ace Kind Suited, this hand consists of both an ace and king but rather than being of the same suit – as in both hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs – an Ace King Offsuit are of differing suits. It is not as strong as the above because there is less chance of a flush occurring but that said, having the King makes any potential pair of aces even strong thanks to the high card. There is also the chance of a straight thanks to the ace and king being in sequence in terms of values.

Ace Queen Suited

An ace and queen of the same suit is another really good hand to start with. Being both hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades increases the chances of not only a straight or a flush, but a straight flush or even royal flush. This is a hand always worth a play, as once again, if you manage to make one pair with either the ace or queen, the other can act as a high card to fend off other players from collecting that all-important stake in the middle.

Pocket Nines

As far as pairs go, the Pocket Nines fittingly come in at number 9 in the best possible poker hands before the flop, the turn or the river have been played. Whilst these nines are humble in comparison to the pairs that feature two picture cards, or of course the Pocket Tens, they are still a very useful hand to play and this is due to the possibilities for greater hands that they conjure up. Pocket Nines have a decent chance at creating a four of a kind, and the like, but are significantly weaker than all of the above, so be sure to play this hand cautiously unless you are up against it. This hand is considered the online jackpot of poker when this game is compared to slots..

Ace Jack Suited

The final hand of our top 10 is the Ace Jack suited which, as you can guess by now, consists of both the ace and the jack in your pre-flop hand and both of the same suit. Be they diamonds, hearts, spades or clubs. the Ace Jack Suited is a decent starting point due to being near enough to each other for a royal flush to be a possibility and once again, having a jack to back up your aces or an ace to back up your jacks, always increases your chances of beating players with a similar hand.

What are the top 10 finishing hands?

Now you know the top 10 hands to be dealt before the flop, make sure you already note the greatest outcomes that your hand can give you. In order of their strength, below you will find the top 10 finishing hands that you should be looking to play in a game of poker, be it here online or in a casino. Also, for new games to play follow the link above!

  1. Royal flush. This cannot be beaten.
  2. A, K, Q, J, 10, all of the same suit (diamonds, hearts, spades or clubs)
  3. Straight flush. Five cards in a sequence, again, all in the same suit.
  4. Four of a kind. All four cards of the same rank, with the higher the card value making for a better end result.
  5. Full house. Three of a kind with a pair.
  6. Flush.
  7. Straight.
  8. Three of a kind.
  9. Two pair.
  10. Pair.

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