Best Poker Players

Best Poker Players

Over the years of the existence of poker, some players have emerged better than others and this number is steadily increasing after the rise of online casinos. The best poker players certainly have a few things in common. A love for poker and an eye, and a face, for the game perhaps. It is the stuff dreams are made of – waking up one day, playing a game of poker, and joining the leagues of the best poker players in the world.

But who exactly is it, or are they, that take the spot as the best poker players in the world? Some winning players naturally choose to stay elusive once they have claimed their spot on that high roller money list. A popular way that a poker player will make money is by joining a live tournament. In this case, it can be hard for poker players to remain out of the public eye.

So what is it that makes those poker players the best? What exactly is it that sets the best poker player apart from the rest? As any good high roller will know that makes it to the money list, know your game first of all. Whether you are playing Hold em in a live tournament or taking part in another live event, knowing the poker game being played will help you win.

Best Poker Players Today

Becoming the best at poker is no easy feat, but if other players have managed to do it then there is no reason you can’t too. Particularly when it comes to online poker players, becoming a high roller can be done with a bit of training. Before long it could be you joining the ranks among the best poker players in the world; start by checking out our live casino games and new card games!

What is Online Poker?

Put simply, online poker is the card game of poker but, played online. You can find a huge range of different variations of the poker game online, and some of these can be enjoyed just by signing up to the poker itself. When it comes to being the best among poker players who play the game online and in the main event, learning key poker terms will help get you far.

Being a poker player, and being a great poker player, are two very different things. To get in on the high roller action, you will need to play in the main event in the poker game you are in with a high stake. This will also help you get to the ranks of being among the best players in the world, especially when it comes to playing poker online.

When it comes to being one of the main players in poker, it would make sense to play in the main poker event to achieve this. If you want to get yourself one of those all important wsop bracelets too, joining the main event in a poker tour will help you to achieve this. Wsop regularly hosts the poker tour annually, so get on board if you want to be in with the chance to get a wsop bracelet.

If you are one of those who enjoy players poker or friendlies, you may be thinking about what wsop means in the world of poker. Wsop is the World Series of Poker, where the term wsop bracelets comes from, as these are a non-monetary prize for any poker players considered a high roller. Asking yourself how you can be one of those playing poker that can make it to the main event and maybe win a prize up to 1 million? Even 5 million? Wsop is where it’s at.

If this game seems very hard and time-consuming why not check out our slots games that can be played with some amazing promotions?

Different Poker Types

The main event in poker has to be Texas hold ‘em. That is the version of the infamous card game that everyone knows and loves. This is also the variation of the game that is played during popular competitive shows like one drop. If a player gets a one drop invitation, there’s a good chance they are in for the win with prizes ranging from 1 million to 5 million dollars.

Other than the wsop bracelets, these are obviously one of the best prizes that can be won. As well as making it to some kind of top list, of course. Being named on any kind of top list is one of the greatest achievement that fans of this popular card game can get. So, don’t be too put off if you don’t think you’ll ever get 1 million or win one of those wsop bracelets.

How to get the big money though, and win a potential 1 million, or even better, 5 million? Want to join the top list with the ranks of people like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey? You will need to learn and know your stuff with this popular card game. Phil Hellmuth has the world record not for having a wsop bracelet but for having 15 of them, for a reason.

If you want to make it big and be a part of that all important wsop list, first know there are different types of this popular card game to learn. These are are stud, draw and community card games. With stud you’re dealt five cards, or the maximum seven cards and will use those to make your finest hand.

With draw. the gameplay varies. Instead of only using those cards available, you can trade. Up to three cards can be swapped out by many player in order to get a better hand. Different to both though are the community card games. With community card games, players can play off the cards that are dealt to other players. Dealt face down and unique to each player, these are known as hole cards and are played off the community cards.

Understand what makes Poker a Competitive Casino Game

There are a few aspects to this popular card game that make it among those on the most competitive casino games list. Not just anyone can make it to the top list or win the wsop, and that’s what is part of its charm. Firstly, the game is in itself a competitive one by default due to the way it is played.

This kind of casino game is shrouded in mystery, and there’s a reason it is famed for certain body language and particular facial expressions. It is a game of cat and mouse really, with one person pretending that they aren’t winning when they are, and vice versa. And of course, there is a lot of money to be won, especially when you make it to the top and get yourself a spot at wsop.

When it really comes down to what it is that makes this popular card game a competitive casino game, we are all about money. The casino industry is a billion dollar empire, in fact it is a multi billion dollar empire. This alone is enough to make anyone want to get to the top list and become a winner of the wsop. Like every competitive industry, everyone wants in, and there is money to be had, so competition is elevated.

Most Famous and Best Paying Poker Tournaments in the World

In terms of the wsop bracelet, we already know who has the most. But, what about the others? Daniel Negreanu is also among the most famous out there. The tournament is also among the most famous out there, and was among one of the first established in the world decades ago. It is one of the highest kinds of accolades any lover of this popular card game can achieve.

What about Phil Ivey? At one time he was the most regarded in this field, and has won that tournament ten times as well as taking the title. Not only that, but has also appear at nine of the most famous tour final tables. This is a huge achievement that not just any participant of the popular card game is able to achieve in their life time. Having said that, it is certainly one of the aims.

If you would like to be regarded among these kinds of known figures, and let’s face it. who doesn’t. First ask yourself are you really up for the challenge? Being a famous athlete looks fun until you become one and get mobbed in the street. It is likely to be quite similar to being a famous casino star.

Benefits of Playing Poker online vs Traditional Poker

One of the best things about gaming with this popular card game over the web is the fact that you can interact through chat. Most casinos including Slotzo will have a fantastic instant messaging service with their online casino so that when you are gaming you can interact with fellow gamers. This is a great feature as it means you can have that in-house casino experience without leaving the front door.

It can also be easier to win over the internet when you are gaming with this popular card game. You can’t see facial expressions or body language which is usually what can give the game away to opponents. With this in mind, that means you will have an advantage, especially when you are winning, as nobody will be able to tell. This removes any anxiety so that you are free to enjoy your game.

Best Poker Players throughout History

Throughout history, the crem de la crem of the infamous card game have come and gone. Each has made their name through persistence and a hardworking ethic along with drive and an ambition to win. These key elements are what take you from being average joes to the well known. Not only that, but with consistent effort you are more likely to get a big win.

Only those who know will know, and across the decades this popular card game has won the hearts of famous gamers, male and female alike. The reasons why are as varied as the game itself, but overall if you just stick with it you will get your head around the game quickly. Knowing your way around a game like this, especially one that involves cards, will be the difference between winning and losing.

Unlike many other popular new games that you can find in a casino, this much-loved game of cards involves a bit of strategy. That’s why it’s always recommended that you learn how to play the game before you go and put down money. People who become the greatest at what they do become so through practice.

Best Poker Players Alive today & the Top 2020 Player

So, who’s kicking it at the moment that is regarded among the greatest out there. First we have Antonio Esfandiari, AKA The Magician. Antonio Esfandiari has been featured on TV and participated in many big competitive games, taking home various levels and prizes. Antonio Esfandiari is 39 and was considered the greatest at this game of cards in 2018.

As well as this, for the duration of The Magician’s gambling career he has gained over $28 million from his winnings. Rumour has it he actually may have won more than this in private cash games, however. He has businesses and houses and that is fuelling the rumour mill.

Antonio Esfandiari, or The Magician, once held the world record for the highest single pay out, winning $18.3 million. He is still considered the greatest player even in 2020. Why don’t you try your hand today at Slotzo and see if you are the next greatest player of all time? Although these rewards seem unreal, some of our jackpot games could reward you as highly, so check the link above as well.

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