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With Slotzo, you can find great promotions and bonus offers which are partially what make this online poker provider stand out from the crowd. These kinds of bonus offers are ideal for both beginners and pros, so if you haven’t yet signed up to play, do so to get a great bonus.

Likewise, if you have already been gaming with Slotzo, you aren’t left out in the cold – try out their fantastic reload bonus offers – as Slotzo is probably the best casino online. There really is a lot you can get with Slotzo whether you are a beginner or a pro. Read on to find out more about this fantastic online games casino.

What is Online Poker – Understanding this Amazing Card Game

Online poker is, put simply, the traditional card game poker played online. There is a wide range of online poker sites and game variations available and some of these are easy to enjoy too. The rules of online poker are identical to the rules you will to play by when you are playing poker in person, there are however, some small key differences.

With online poker, the gameplay tends to be a little bit quicker. This online game also comes with less risk than live poker as it can be played for smaller amounts. The game of online poker is also more accessible as you can play it anywhere at anytime. But what about that all important element to the game of poker – bluffing?

With this online game, of course you will be playing with strangers as it’s online, so you won’t be able to look anybody in the eye. It might take a bit of getting used to at first but there are still quite a few ways to catch someone bluffing. In terms of the history of online poker, it all changed for the game in the early 2000s.

For decades, the game of poker was mostly played in the back of bars, pubs or casinos, but then the internet and a Tennessee accountant came along and changed everything. Before online poker went to primetime, before 2000 the card game was only played in chat rooms, and only recreationally. The advancements in technology changed it all when it made the launch of secure online poker sites possible.

With these online poker sites, for the first time players’ cash was safely held and this meant that online poker could be played without risk. These secure online poker sites meant that players were able to wager against each other outside of the chat rooms. In 2003 the general public started to take online poker sites more seriously than ever before.

This was when a green poker player known as Chris Moneymaker got into the World Series of Poker Main Event, qualifying through a $40 online poker tournament. In the end, Chris Moneymaker took home $2.5 million after winning a tournament and revolutionising the game. Before long poker was being aired on ESPN and more than hundreds of thousands of gamers started flocking to play online poker.

Different Poker Types available in 2020

When someone says they play poker, they generally mean the poker game Texas Hold ‘Em. This game has become increasingly popular due to the World Series event of Poker and popular movies like Rounders. The more popular new game variations of poker are stud, draw and community card games. There are many different types of poker gaming options that are all each popular for their own reasons. In terms of stud for example, players are dealt five to seven cards and have to use those cards to make their greatest hand.

In contrast, with the draw poker kind of game the player can trade in some of their cards if they want to – up to three usually – to improve their hand. Community card games are different to both of these, because with these card games other players can also play off the cards dealt. With this kind of poker game, cards are dealt face down, unique to the player and played off the community cards. Check the most-well known and best paying card games below:

Omaha Poker

This is a type of Hold ‘Em poker in which up to 10 players can participate. The principles are similar to Texas Hold ‘Em, with four betting rounds. Unlike the Texas version though, each player with Omaha is dealt four ‘hole cards’ (cards unique to that player) and five community cards are revealed. Players then have to make their greatest hand with five cards from two of the hole cards with three of the community cards. You can play this live casino game today on Slotzo!

7 Card Stud

With this poker game each player is given seven cards, facing three down and four up. With these cards players make the best five card hand from the seven.

5 Card Draw Poker Online

Five cards each is dealt to players, then on the initial round any player can trade. Players with the 5 card draw poker game can trade in up to three of the dealt cards.

High/Low Chicago

This is a variant of a stud game that can be played for the highest hand or the lowest hand. Hence the High/Low title. With high, a player that has the highest spade face down wins half the pot. In the low version, the player with the lowest spade facing down wins half the pot. The other half goes to the player with the ideal hand. If someone gets both they win the whole pot.

Poker online vs Brick and Mortar Poker

That all important question. Online poker or brick and mortar poker? Each comes with its own set of pros and cons, and which one you will prefer will be down to your individual wants and needs. There are differences between them both that might be a big deal to some players and not such a big deal to others.

The most blatant difference between web poker and brick and mortar poker is of course the interactions between all of the players in the poker game. In a brick and mortar setting you are sitting at a table with your opponents and can see and talk to them. Online poker is different because you can only interact with fellow players through the chat box. It would be a good idea to choose online poker if you are of the more introverted among us. That said, you can’t see someone’s expressions.

In a brick and mortar poker setting you will see certain things like facial expressions and body language which could tell you what cards they have. Having said that, knowing those things just from body language and facial expressions is a skill in itself. Really, there is a reason poker face is a thing. So, it’s likely it wouldn’t give you more of an advantage playing in a poker room face to face over playing poker through the web. Especially when you want to go for full tilt poker.

You can still take social cues online similar to the way you can with body language and expressions in a bricks and mortar casino too. Now, what about the games on offer with online poker? You will get a lot more poker games to choose from when you choose online poker over the casino. At a live online poker room for example you can find between 10 to 100 tables of Hold ‘Em, Omaha, and probably a couple tables of stud too.

With a good online poker room you can also find rare games too, and tournaments are usually running 24/7. Stakes are higher in a poker room than what you might find in a bricks and mortar casino too, up to $10,000 with online poker. If you play poker seriously, online poker is a good choice. Games with online poker are much faster and you can get bonuses which could double your bankroll.

What makes a Poker Site the Best?

There are a number of elements that makes a particular poker site the best. For one thing, you will want to go with a site that offers a wide range of games. The games on offer should vary, and give players a chance to explore all of the different types of poker gaming options that can be played. Slotzo is a great online casino to start with as the poker gaming options on offer are wide-ranging.

Other things that make a poker site the best is device optimisation. If the site can be played through multiple devices, if not all, then that will immediately make it among the best poker sites. It is not always possible to play online games at home, and gaming on the go through a phone is an easy and accessible way to play poker.

It would be hard to find a poker site out there now that hasn’t been optimised for a smooth game play across multiple devices. It can be hard to find a poker site that is optimised effectively for a smooth game play across multiple devices though. Some are only available through iOS, so it’s a good idea to go with a poker site that is available through Android too.

The overall look of a poker site will make a difference as well when it comes to what makes a poker site the best. A poker site that has a professional, yet still fun, aesthetic would be the obvious choice. Slotzo for example, has this professional yet fun appeal by combining muted colours with a motion graphic and some brighter elements. The gaming content available with the internet poker site is also very important.

You will want to play games that have been supplied by great game developers. Look out for any names that you recognise when you are choosing a poker game to play, as these will have the best reputation. Not only that, but these are likely to be more established in the business too, and so will likely have better games.

Best Poker Bonuses to Look out For on Online Casinos

Poker sites have to stay relevant and make sure that they attract new potential customers often in order to thrive. Not only that, but online poker sites also need to find a way to keep their satisfied customers and make sure these players remain loyal. A high volume of players is what makes or breaks a casino.

One of the ways an online poker site will keep customers and attract new ones, aside from having great games and playing experience, is by offering bonuses. Alongside rake back deals, bonus offers is one of the best ways for poker sites to retain loyal customers and attract new ones. The greatest poker bonuses out there vary, but look out for big first deposit deals as well as reload bonuses.

With the huge range of bonuses on offer, there are many different online poker rooms and these kinds of bonuses to choose from. Keep an eye out for your preferences so that you can distil between these and choose bonuses that work for you. These bonuses are one of the best ways to boost your bankroll with online poker.

Among the best poker gaming bonuses to look out for is the sign up and first deposit bonuses. These kinds of bonuses double the amount that you deposit and so in return for signing up you essentially get money to play with in a poker room. The poker sign up and the first deposit bonus that you get will automatically be credited to your account from the instant you make a deposit.

In terms of other online bonuses with this game like the first deposit poker bonus offer, these are the best as they allow players to quickly boost bankroll. As well as the first deposit bonus offer look out for the reload bonuses. A reload poker bonus works in a similar way to the first deposit bonus, and is another great way for players to get a better bankroll by playing online poker.

Bonuses are a good reward for loyalty, and they’re a great way to attract other customers. You can make money with these kinds of bonuses by profiting on the tables and by clearing your poker bonus. It is always worth making the most of bonuses because while they’re useful for the online poker casino they’re useful for you too.

Reasons that make Slotzo ideal for both Beginners and Pros

Slotzo is ideal for both beginners and pros for a wide variety of reasons. There is a huge amount of wide ranging poker games to play with from Slotzo and this coupled with the fact that all of these are powered by some of the best software out there also make these games among the best you can get with any online poker site.

The wide range of games make Slotzo ideal for beginners and pros because if you want to join a friendly, you can do so easily and with not fuss. Not only that, but there are also a wide range of poker games better suited to the pros among poker playing that might want to place a higher bet. The range of games are also ideal for beginners as there are games with Slotzo that can be played with from a low wager.

For the pros, there is also an amazing Premium scheme that you can join with Slotzo. Here you will find a wide range of promotions, bonus games, and exclusive offers. The Premium scheme with Slotzo is among some of the best available out there with any online poker site and well worth checking out. Premium schemes are a great way to get access to bonuses and boost your money making potential.

As well as fantastic bonus offers and a great range of poker games, Slotzo has more to offer beginners and pros gaming with them. Should you play at Slotzo, not only will you get a huge range of poker playing options but also slots. Slotzo offers great casino games that can be played from beginners and pros with any budget.

Welcome Bonus on Slotzo in 2020

The welcome bonus that you can take advantage of with Slotzo is among the very best out there. If you want to take prime pickings when it comes to playing poker, choose Slotzo and go with their bonus offer. This bonus is among the most attractive and generous out there and makes for one of the most fantastic incentives to joining Slotzo. In fact, joining Slotzo you will have access to a variety of promotions.

For now though, let’s get back to the welcome bonus. With Slotzo, the current bonus is amazing, and any new joiner gaming with Slotzo will get the chance to reach gains of up to £150. To get access to the newcomer bonus at

Poker Sites and Hands

Slotzo, all players have to do is make their first two deposits along with 50 bonus spins. This kind of generous bonus offer isn’t always available so it’s well worth taking advantage of this one while it’s out there.

Slotzo has more than 500 slot games for you to choose from too, developed by some of the best games makers out there right now. These kinds of developers use the best software out there and are constantly coming up with innovative new features. With an extensive track record of popular gaming titles too, you know that you will be in safe hands going with a game from Slotzo. Not only that, but most of the games on offer have bonus options too.

There are jackpot sizes that will appeal to beginners and pro players alike and the chance to win is a reality thanks to a huge variety of RTPs. The games on offer from Slotzo have been created by some of the biggest names out there in the industry including NetEnt and Microgaming. Of course, if you want to play games other than slots, Slotzo has you covered there too.

Don’t fancy a slot game? If you want something else to game with or kick back to, look no further than this online casino as there really is something to suit everybody. The huge range of games on offer mean that you can make deposits on other gaming options like Blackjack, Bingo or Roulette, to name a few. With the huge variety of games on offer along with the fantastic bonuses that you can get. Slotzo really is a great online casino that truly has something for everyone.

With a wide range of volatility options too, you really could be in for the jackpot win when you choose to game with Slotzo. The bonus offers are great value too and really give you more bang for your buck. The gaming options mean there is a variety of ways to win if you would prefer one game over another. Give Slotzo a go for a chance to win your jackpot today on the best slots games online!

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