Best Roulette Strategies to Employ in your Gaming

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The spinning wheel, the red and black segments, the charming host – roulette is as an alluring game today as it was at its advent hundreds of years ago. Popularised in France, roulette has been a staple feature of brick and mortar casinos ever since, with a variety of online casino variations now available at sites such as Slotzo. It is easy to understand its appeal, after all, you have the chance to win at huge odds of 35 to 1 if you choose the right lucky number. From this to the outside bets of red or black and even or odd, and everything in between, the pay off can be huge with minimal knowledge.

Isn’t Roulette a Game of Chance?

Indeed, roulette is a simple game of luck. After all, that is what makes it so exciting; the roulette ball could trickle onto your winning number or land tantalisingly short. However, there are roulette strategies out there that can lend a helping hand with the betting side of things. Knowing how much to bet each turn can feel confusing, so following a more rigid strategy could help you out. However, remember to always play responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose. There is no roulette strategy that can guarantee you win against the roulette wheel. Indeed, many mighty have fallen. Let’s take a look at some of the best roulette strategies used by players all around the world today. Bear in mind that these strategies are best applied to the even bets, such as red or black, where you have close to a 50/50 chance of winning.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale is a type of progressive betting strategy where players attempt to quickly recoup their losses by capitalising on the next win. In short, with the Martingale you double your next bet every time you lose at a live casino. So, if you bet £1 and lose, next time you bet £2. The hope is that your bigger bet will win, and the profit will make up for the previous loss. If you win, you return to your original stake. This can work to an extent, but there are numerous limitations. For instance, if you go on a losing streak, the results can be disastrous as you continue doubling your bet. Versions which extend the Martingale principle even further and have you more than double your bets are even riskier and should be avoided. There is the further issue of reaching the house limit where you are not allowed to increase your bet any further. On principle however, the Martingale method is something most players would have instinctively tried before for at least a few hands.

Paroli Strategy

Paroli is also known as the Reverse Martingale and uses a very method but with a different principle. As you may have worked out, this strategy reverses the Martingale and you double your bet when you win, rather than when you lose. Generally, players follow the caveat of this strategy which says to return to your base stake once you have doubled your stake twice, though some choose to go on doubling. This strategy is less risky than the Martingale as you are increasing your bet when you have just gained some winnings anyway and playing it cool when you’ve had losses. Despite what the Paroli strategy says, there is no guarantee of these winning and losing streaks emerging.

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D’Alembert System

The D’Alembert system is once again a little safer than the very aggressive Martingale Strategy. Named after the French 18th century mathematician Jean le Ron d’Alembert, this method also involves changing your bet as a result of whether you just won or lost. However, rather than doubling your bet, you move in increments of one unit. So, to begin with, decide on your base unit, for instance £1. Then, every time you lose, you bet one unit higher. So, if you lose your first couple of bets, you move to £2 and then £3. When you win, you reduce your bet by one unit. This means that while you will not have such drastic wins as with the Martingale, your bankroll will sustain for a lot longer and you can still put some good streaks together as your stake does not reduce too dramatically once you win.

The Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci Sequence is a principle which is often applied in mathematics and science, whilst also being found in nature. Commercially, it also used as a basis for trading. While it offers no guarantees of results at most casino sites, it offers a strategy which can keep you jabbing at the roulette table for a sustained period. The sequence refers to a list of infinite numbers in which each number is the sum of the two numbers which came before it. It looks something like this:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 59, 144, 233, 377…

In roulette, you treat the numbers as your bets (again, when betting on those close to 50/50 bets). You move up the chain every time you lose and return your bet to the first number if you win. However, if you are a little further along you can just move back two numbers instead, as you will still need some larger stakes to have a chance of making your money back.

Labouchere Strategy

Perhaps the most fun strategy to set up because you have a little more creative input, the Labouchere strategy is once again designed for even bets. You decide a target profit you would like to make and then create a list of numbers which add up to that target. Your stakes are the numbers on each end, which you cross off if you win. If you lose, you add the total stake you just made to the end of the list and carry on. If you manage to get a winning streak together and cross of all the numbers, congrats! You’ve reached your target profit. However, remember that the house edge always applies, and this strategy is limited like any other in the long run.

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