Best Roulette Strategy

Roulette may have once been associated more commonly with the rich and famous, but it is now a casino game that literally anyone can enjoy playing. With its roots firmly inside casinos, Roulette has increased in its modernity so that it can now as an online game as well as within a casino if you did prefer. It is often placed alongside the best card games, but it’s totally different so read below to learn more!

Roulette is a game loved by many different players because it is fast, highly accessible and there is the potential for vast wins to occur. You do not have to be a seasoned professional to begin to place your bets, but having a good Roulette strategy certainly increases your winning chances. Strategies can be kept as simple as players like, but the more knowledge of the game, better strategies and greater levels of experience will give a much greater chance of success.

Roulette is seemingly a casino game of French origin which, when directly translated means “small wheel”. This refers to the Roulette wheel itself which is how the numbers are indicated throughout this game and drawn fairly. There are 37 numbers in a game of a Roulette with the odd and even numbers depicted in red or black, except 0 which is always green. A croupier stands by for each player to place their bet first and, once bets have all been placed, the croupier spins the Roulette wheel and adds a small white ball. Wins are decided using the small white ball only but there are multiple ways in which you can win, including the specific number, high or low, odd or even, and more.

Learning how to win at Roulette can be helped through the use of different strategies. The Martingale is a particular favourite with many players of this popular new casino game, but other options include the Reverse Martingale, the D’Alembert, the James Bond, or the Fibonacci which is frequently compared to the Martingale strategy itself. Read more below and play roulette on Slotzo after!

Live Roulette

Online Roulette and Live Roulette Explained

Many different players enjoy playing live casino Roulette because of the ease at which it can be accessed from anywhere and some of the best Roulette games in the world can now be played in this way. With life being busier than ever for the majority of us, we need speed and convenience at our fingertips and this is something Roulette online provides us with. Giving us more opportunities to play and therefore more opportunities to win, bets can be placed securely and fast from anywhere.

Online Roulette has no limit as to when it can be played with vast numbers of people playing all over the world. Winning real money is a big draw to this game, especially in countries where venturing into a land-based casino is forbidden. This enables players to get the best out of the online casino, use their favourite strategies and have the potential to win without breaking any laws. Being able to access an online casino with bonus codes that offers online Roulette is hugely popular because there are no timing restrictions as there are with land-based casinos. There are no opening times and you do not have to figure out how to get to a particular casino for a specific time. Instead, you are able to play from the comfort of your own home and still feel as if you are playing with other people at the Roulette table.

The rules of online Roulette don’t really differ from the Roulette that is played within a land-based casino. You win or lose in exactly the same manner and place money in the same way. But there are many players who like the concept of Roulette being more interactive and seemingly more realistic. For these players, Live Roulette is a great solution because you feel like you really are sat at the Roulette table with the ability to communicate with the croupier in real-time along with the other players. You can choose how to place your bets, apply the best Roulette strategy for you and you are still able to win real money cash prizes. Watching on as the Roulette wheel spins, the spin and the white ball determine the wins. You just don’t have to leave your home to participate but can feel fully immersed in the experience of the most modern Roulette casino games equivalent: Live Casino.

How to play Roulette on an Online Casino

Online Roulette is increasing in its popularity dramatically every year. Most online Roulette games are played in the same manner, just like you would play them in a land-based casino. Players employ their own Roulette strategies to determine whether they are going to win or lose the game, as well as to increase the odds for Roulette playing overall. Knowing how to use the best betting outcomes is essential first before you begin to play Roulette online. But there is one big difference you will notice straight away and this is the lack of a croupier.

No croupier is needed for wheel to spin in the game of online Roulette because a Random Number Generator is used to create a winning or losing spin. Players still place their bets in the same way first as the wheel is spinning but before the white ball is introduced. But the RNG knows where the white ball will stop, therefore knowing whether there will be a win or lose for each player before the participants themselves do. The algorithm used to be able to determine the win or lose is about as random as a computer can allow. The added bonus of the use of an RNG is that no cheating can occur so it is actually thought to be much more reliable than a croupier.

It is therefore impossible for a player to be able to win every time when playing Roulette online which is helpful to the moral players and to the casino themselves. But players can increase their potential to win by employing different Roulette strategies to help them. Sometimes, there is a Roulette strategy which is a personal favourite of a player as they may have had a significant win from using that bet tactic. But other times, there is some sense in alternating between the use of different Roulette strategies in order to see if the Roulette odds can alter in your favourite and trigger a win.

There are many different strategies which can be used in the game of online Roulette with the most popular being that of the Martingale. But other popular Roulette strategies also include the Reverse Martingale, the D’Alembert, the James Bond, or the Fibonacci, often compared to Martingale strategy. Alternatively, for some players, particularly beginners, a bet which has a 50/50 split win/lose outcome is favourable. This can be done so in a really simple yet effective way where players can choose as “either/or” outcome. Examples of these can be shown as high or low numbers, red or black numbers, or odd and even numbers. These have the exact same likelihood that a player will win as they will lose so are often favoured as a player is figuring out the game and learning different Roulette strategies which could be applied as an alternative to increase their wins.

Understanding European Roulette

The most common and often advised method of Roulette to undertake is that of the European style of Roulette which has the better odds. More likely to create wins and with players less likely to lose money, it is the most popular style of Roulette because there is one less number in play. Placing a bet on this alternative would be much more well-advised due to there being less numbers in play and higher winning chances.

When participating in this game, knowing first that there are four different colours involved is useful. These are red, black, green and white. The numbers in the game are red and black, except the 0 of the game which is green, and the ball is white. Point number two for you to be aware of is that there are 37 numbers in play during European Roulette, so 0 to 36, unlike American Roulette which has 38 numbers in play as it has a 00 involved.

Always remember that there is a 0 in the game of Roulette. Though European only has one 0 but American Roulette has two zero alternatives: 0 and a 00; they are often overlooked, but should not be. They can be very powerful despite being small and independent. As the only green colouring on the wheel, look out for using the 0 as this may be the number that wins you the largest amount of money during your game, obviously depending on your bet.

Increasing Your Winning Potential in European Roulette

You can increase your winning potential by betting in an “either/or” manner like odds or even, red or black, high or low numbers. This will not result in you winning enormous returns in the money stakes but it will give you significant 50/50 chances of winning which is generally what most players would prefer. The best part about this winning Roulette strategy is that you can use in when you play any type of Roulette, so land-based, online or Live Casino.

Another way to increase your winning potential in this game is to have a good and clear understanding of how the Roulette table is laid out. Not only will this help with how you place your original bet but it will also help you to develop your own Roulette strategies. Being aware that the odds and evens switch in their colours depending on what number range they are in is very helpful, especially if you are playing a fast game, in bad lighting or want to ensure no confusion occurs. For example, one to 10 and 19 to 28 have odd numbers displayed in red, even numbers displayed in black. But when the numbers are between 11 to 18 and 29 to 39, the odd numbers are displayed in black, with the even numbers being displayed in red. This may sound confusing, but looking at a Roulette table, you will see why these two different colours switch over so that it is actually made clearer as you play the game of Roulette.

Best Roulette Strategies to Win Real Money

The most popular of the Roulette strategies is that of the Martingale which works by increasing the amount of money used as a bet every time you lose a round of Roulette. This is thought to break the losing streak and enable players to win. Most often, this strategy is used when players are using a 50/50 technique, usually black or red, where the potential of winning is 50%. This could, therefore, be used with high and low, or odd and even if a player prefered, but the number one most common way to use this strategy is to place a bet between black or red. Though odd and even remain popular, the coloured approach to this 50/50 betting method remains the most popular.

As you may guess from its name, the Reverse Martingale is exactly the opposite to the Martingale in that the amount used during betting is increased when the player wins each round. It is hoped that as the wheel continues to spin and wins continue to accumulate, this winning streak can be elongated for as long as possible. This is also a very common strategy to use whilst participating in Roulette and is popular because it helps to keep financial loss to a minimum due to the amount of money accumulated through wins.

Common Alternative Roulette Strategies

Another common Roulette strategy is that of the D’Alembert Strategy which is commonly used as one of the safer strategy types. This is because it relies on a player placing bets on even numbers only. Many different players enjoy using this technique, with professional Roulette players and new players finding this an advantageous way of helping themselves win a decent return. This is because even after a losing streak has occurred, winning a decent amount of money can happen easily when using this strategy as the number one solution and as an alternative to the Martingale.

Frequently compared to the most famous of the Roulette strategies, the Fibonacci shares many similarities with the Martingale with its winning potential. However, it is a slower advancing strategy where multiple spins are required for an impact to be made, so it does not just rely on one round of Roulette like the Martingale does. Each time the wheel spins, increase the size of your bets whether or not you had a win or lose in the last round of one of the most famous of casino games. Interestingly, you have the potential here to lose more games than you win, but can still come out as winning more money. This is not a strategy based on number of spins but is more of an interesting style of betting. Unlike the Martingale, this strategy needs to be played in short bursts to avoid all money being lost but has great potential for you to win substantial cash.

The final suggestion of the betting strategies which players like is known as the James Bond, and yes, it is named after the man himself, first and foremost. To succeed at this most popular of strategies, a player must cover two-thirds of the table and make sure that 0 is covered as well before the wheel begins to spin and the white ball is thrown in. It is common then for two groups to have bets placed on them out of the low, middle or high number options, leaving just one group without a bet placed on it. This is one of the most notorious strategies used but is not one of the strategies which requires money bets to be increased at any time. However, if this strategy or any of the above works for you for a while, then you could win an equavalent amount to a top jackpot!

Tips to Win at Online Roulette

The ways in which you can increase your potential to win when playing Roulette online can actually start before you reach the Roulette table. You will often find players reading up about the best Roulette strategy that they could apply, the way in which bets can be placed, as well as the general Roulette system. Looking into the different Roulette theories, strategy types and the best times to increase your bet can be highly beneficial even to the most seasoned of Roulette players. These new skills can be practised through the use of specific online Roulette games which cost nothing to play but give you the ability to try out new strategy techniques without the risk that you may lose money as you do so. This is also a good time for players to compare two different techniques, where they often find that one strategy suits their play style much more closely.

Taking notice of the Roulette system will increase your winning potential if you can find specific online Roulette games which allow minimum bets but offer maximum winning potential. Betting in this way is highly beneficial because it will also protect you as a player, enabling you to play for longer with you bankroll and lose less money even if you do not win that game of Roulette. This can be made very apparent if you are able to spend some time watching online Roulette videos which can should you the best strategy techniques to employ, how to increase your bet, as well as what to do with your original bet. Doing so will increase how well educated your bets are and will increase the likelihood of you being able to win money as you wait for the wheel to spin again.

One of the most important things to consider when playing online Roulette is the type of Roulette and which is best. There are commonly two different types of Roulette played and both of two variations of Roulette are played online. The Roulette strategies do not alter but the odds do. If you are able to choose between European and American Roulette, it would always be advised that used the European wheel as your first choice because the odds are in your favourite so wins on a single number are much more likely. Winning on a specific number also has a much better money return. With American online Roulette having 38 numbers involved, not 37, we should always look for a better outcome to increase our money when playing. Using the European Roulette wheel is the best solution for this.

Online Roulette Game Options on Slotzo

There are multiple different options in the casino games list when it comes to playing online Roulette on the Slotzo site. Some are specific to certain countries whilst others are Live Roulette only. Whatever the strategies you like to use or even what size bets you like to place, the wheel still spins and you have the potential to win. All bets can be placed easily, quickly and securely on the Slotzo site and there is plenty of options for you to choose from. Currently, there are nine different online Roulette games on the Slotzo site where you can start betting and watch as the spins lead to wins right before your eyes as long as Lady Luck is on your side as you place your bets.

Live options can be Live UK, Live German, and Live French Roulette, and there’s even Live Norweigian Roulette if you fancy placing bets here. This means that betting can be undertaken in the mother tongue or prefered language of any player, making Live casino more accessible. This also increasing the likelihood of people placing bets and wanting to increase the number of spins they participate in.

With a live croupier available on each of the Roulette games, spins can begin immediately as soon as bets have been placed. There are a range of bet levels from as little as 10p per single spins up to £2,000 for single spins. Bets can be placed in specific relation to a players budget and direct communication can be obtained with the croupier. One of the most popular ways to place bets for Live Casino is that of Auto Roulette which has an impressive number of players at all times. You are able to see how many other players are playing at the same time as you, though this makes no difference to your betting strategies, the bet your place or the outcome of the spins.

The numbers which have won during the previous bet appear along the bottom of the screen, in a reel-like format. Though the numbers are displayed in the wheel in their stereotypical black and red formation, the reel displays them slightly differently for ease of vision and to avoid confusion. For this reason, some numbers are displayed in red and others in white, and these are differentiated between just as they would be on the table. The 0 is still displayed in green on the table and on the display reel for ease of determination.

Online Roulette vs Traditional Roulette

There is a lot about online and traditional Roulette which is the same, the main difference is the aesthetic. Any player is able to place a bet in exactly the same way whether they prefer the more traditional approach to Roulette betting or its modern equivalent.

Traditional roulette is enjoyed by many who venture into the land-based casino because of the buzz you get from playing in front of a real-life audience and with competitors all around you as you play. The croupier spins the wheel in front of you and adds the white ball once you have placed your bet, and it is all happening right there in front of your eyes.

But for many people, the big draw of online Roulette is the fact that it is so hugely convenient because it can be played from anywhere and at any time. There is no limitation to only being able to play a specific type of Roulette game at a specific time, you do not have to wait for a physical building to open its doors, nor do you have to make your way to a physical building to be able to participate. Betting can occur with any value of money from 10p upwards and this makes the game much more accessible to many more types of player, from the new buzz seekers right through to the hardened professionals wanting to place a much larger bet on each of their spins.

Playing online also gives a player the option of being able to play in Live casino mode which can increase the entertainment factor massively. This is because online Roulette does not have a croupier so there is a certain feeling that the more traditional style of Roulette is not fully emulated. But Live Roulette is much more realistic and can make the player feel as if they are actually sat at the table playing Roulette despite the fact that they are probably sat comfortably on their own Living Room sofa. This is one of the biggest draws to the modern, online styles of Roulette because of how they make a player feel. They instantly transport you to feeling as if you are really within the walls of physical building playing the traditional Roulette without having the hassle of having to be dressed in the correct way, getting chips or making transport arrangements to be able to physically get there.

Placing your Bets and Gambling on Slotzo

Slotzo has been an instant hit with its players who flock there for the varied games it offers and the many different ways in which betting can occur. There are plenty of differently themed games with some of the most popular being those of Roulette and slot games online. Though many a player heads to Slotzo specifically to play on the nine different Roulette games available, this online casino has over 550 games to choose from and there is definitely something for any player. Whether you are looking for something as an alternative to Roulette, perhaps as you have a break from spinning the wheels or if you want to play a game with a lower bankroll required, slots games can be the way forward for many people. They have interesting themes, high-end graphics and have many different characters just waiting to meet you. Whether you want to play on slots or Roulette, Slotzo is definitely the place to be.

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