Best Slots Based On RTP

With there being so many slot games out there to choose from. We have to have a way to separate the wheat from the chaff. One great way of doing that are the slot games statistics, which can be used to find the best slots to play in 2021!

What Is RTP?

RTP short for Return To Player, tells us the average return that any player should expect to see. Obviously this is not a true representation of what can actually happen, this works as an average and can tell us a lot about a slot game.

Let us just talk about what this statistic actually tells us. RTP tells us that if we had, for example £100 and played every penny of it on a slot that has an RTP of 96% that we would be left with £96, losing £4 in the process. Whilst we know this is not representative of an individuals playing experience, it can be informative. Especially when looked at alongside the volatility. The RTP is apparent on every Slotzo game.

How Does Slots Volatility Work?

Volatility is the statistic that tells us how often we should expect to win with any given slots games. The lower, the more frequently we will win. This can be good information, but also sometimes a little deceptive.

One thing we can find is that a slot game will have a low volatility, is that the pay outs per win can be less than what we at staking, this would mean that we could end up bleeding our pot of money dry by death of a thousand cuts.

On the other end of the spectrum, we could spend multiple spins losing and then get a huge jackpot pay out taking us into profits.

How Do We Combine These Statistics to Inform Our Strategy?

We have begun to touch on combining these in the examples. If there is a high RTP our odds are better, but we have to combine it with the volatility to understand when the likelihood of us winning is higher so we are able to adjust our stakes accordingly.


Starburst is one of the most popular games around at the minute. it comes with a good RTP of 96.09% and with a low volatility, this suggests that we have steady wins with a reasonable rate of return. Which is one of the reasons this game is so popular. The visuals are nothing special and there aren’t any amazing bonus features. This is simply a well designed slot that gives us great opportunity to make some wins, which is especially great when it offers re-spins for us to take advantage of.

Rebets Splendour

This upper class slot places us in Great Gatsby esc world, where we are given the opportunity to get advantage of an RTP of 97.073%! Few games out there are pushing these upper limits! There is a medium volatility, there is also a max win of 3000 times our original stake, again this suggest that we are not here for the huge wins, but steady profits, the occasional losing phase with the potential of some pretty big wins still on the cards.


1429 Uncharted Seas Slot

This slot has an immense RTP of 98.5% and not only that, is has a low volatility too! This old world game that is set back in 1429 creates a beautiful ancient world through illustrations that are reminiscent of what we would expect to see in old religious texts.

Jackpot 6000

This slot game is named for the max win that is on offer; a max win of 6000 times our stake! Jackpot 6000 comes with an RTP of 98.9%  and a high volatility. This, along with the name of the slot game suggests that we will have to stand stead fast waiting for our wins, but that when they come, they will be large. This likely means that the bonus features will be a big part of this game. Though the features are not the usual ones we would expect to see, there is a coin flip gamble feature where we are able to re-stake our winnings from a spin on to the coin flip. We can do this multiple time to be able to  increase our winnings.

What We’ve Learnt

With this information, we understand how to interact with different slots, nothing is certain, but we can keep ourselves informed and have a strategy to our play in an attempt of increasing our winnings and decreasing our losses. Knowing which odds are better will help us make those tasty winnings; being informed never hurt anyone.

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