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With Slotzo you can find the best slot games out there to play right now. Slotzo offers everything that you could possibly want from any top online casino. Why not have a go at Slotzo today and see what you can discover? Or even better, see what you could win. If you are new to the world of gaming, you are in for an even bigger treat. At Slotzo, new customers get a wonderful welcome bonus, and not only that, but also a deposit bonus too.

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Slotzo is the go-to casino for any serious game lover who wants to play with the best online slots on the scene today. Not only is there a huge array of your usual slots, but you can also play to win from innovative video slots as well. Plus, you will find tons of slots which also offer a bonus game or two. Many of the slots that you can play at Slotzo have a progressive jackpot – and who doesn’t want to win from one of those? With Slotzo you can win big, and potentially even bigger from the slots bonus spins.

If you want to play with the best online slots where you can win real money, Slotzo is the only online casino for you. With plenty of bonus spins from any online slot option you will find it hard not to have fun with the at Slotzo. You can play from a huge variety of game options and win real money from those too, not just from the slot games. But, to play with the casino that offers the best that online slots have to offer, check out the slots options you could win from at Slotzo. Read on to find out how you can win real money any time from this fabulous and fun online casino – which has a variety of games ranging from new card games to top live casino games!

The rise of Online Slots and Online Casinos

The rise of online slots really came about in 1994, along with the surge of online casinos. Online slots have since taken over from the slot machine, and made the slots machines accessible for everyone. Online slots and online casinos also made it possible to play the best that a slot machine has to offer without going further afield to a specific casino for that particular slot machine.

You could say that one of the reasons the rise of online slots in online casinos has seen such a huge boom is in fact due to this. It certainly is the case in part at least. Before online slots and any other kind of game at online casinos, you would have had to travel to the nearest land-based casino to play with a slot machine. Bear in mind that is just to play with a slot machine, let alone trying to play with any other kind of game variation.

While you could easily find a pub to play a round of darts in, or a game of pool and even a slot machine, you would have trouble finding more than that. To get more games there would be no choice but to go to the nearest town or city location you could and play in a casino. There was also a more tangible win in a casino so it made sense that gamers would rather go there. Online slots were a real breakthrough across the world of gaming and continue to grow in their popularity today.

At an online casino like Slotzo, you can find fun gaming options over a range of varieties. All of the choices that you can play from at Slotzo mean there is something for everyone. Slotzo have great slots you can play including video slots, and there is a good chance you can take home an impressive progressive jackpot win with such huge gaming options. You can find an online slot theme to suit your own preferences, and as a new customer you can also take advantage of a generous welcome bonus too.

How to play Slot Machines Online

Online slots are the ultimate gaming staple for any serious casino-goer, across the web or otherwise. If want to have a go on the latest slot or get your mitts on a progressive jackpot win, Slotzo has hundreds to choose from to make it happen. The amount of options are endless, with a range of variations and genres along with different bet limits plus bonus rounds. Playing slots offers a bit more than just fun, and while online slots will give you that you can also get a bit more.

Slots are an obvious choice for any casino game lover, not only are they fun but they are exciting too. Giving gamers something a bit different to the regular games options, you can up the ante on excitement with various symbols and themes and adjusting reels and pay-lines. Let’s start with the basics, the pay-line in a slot game is one of the most vital parts of a winning slot machine puzzle. It will determine what pay-out you can get when you hit a winning combo.

Most slots will have from nine to 30 pay-lines to be activated. For example, when you choose a slot game with 30 pay-lines then you have 25 ways of winning. These pay-lines can run in a straight, diagonal or zigzag direction among the reels. If you hit a win on any of the pay-lines then you can get your pay-out. Winning can happen on any active pay-line as the symbols don’t necessarily have to be right next to each-other.

Note though, that you can only win from the pay-lines that you have placed a bet on. Slot games give you the choice to pick how many you want to activate. For example if you choose to bet on 10 pay-lines from 25, you won’t win if a winning combo lands on a pay-line you didn’t bet on. So, it is a good idea to bet on all pay-lines to ensure the best chances of winning with your chosen slot game. And sure, the more pay-lines you bet on, the higher the cost of each spin, but it also means the more you can win.

Now onto the wilds. When you are playing online slots look out for these symbols amongst the others, but more on those later. The wild symbols behave as a fellow winning symbol. For example, if you get two of the same winning symbols as well as a wild on the reels, then the wild will substitute for other matching symbols. The wild will help you to form a winning combination. The wild will usually have its own individual design, depending on the theme of the slot game. Usually though, it won’t replace other special symbols like scatters, bonus spins or other bonus symbols.

Scatters are your friend too, like the wild, with no individual value either in most cases yet still key to winning great prizes. Scatter symbols will unlock coin prizes, bonus spins and other great bonus features. This symbol counts no matter where it lands on the reels, and you will normally need to get a particular number of scatter symbols to activate rewards. All scatters can activate multipliers.

Indeed, when it comes to the multipliers, these are a popular and rewarding symbol among the slot games. A scatter can multiply your pay-out and increase your winnings. If you hit a 100-coin payout with a 2x multiplier on the reels for example you’ll be rewarded with 200 coins. However, the value of the multiplier does vary, but these symbols give players the chance to play with huge winning potential. These symbols can apply to any win and even the amount of bonus spins. Multipliers start at 2 times up to 25 times so keep an eye out as they can be worth a lot of profit.

All good online slots will display a clear description of the game and instructions on how to play it. The slot game will also let you know what the rules of the game themselves are and what featuring symbols do which job. Check out what your chosen slot game says about its playing experience before you go for it. This way you will have a good idea of the slot game and better knowledge of how to win. At Slotzo there are over 550 awesome slots and jackpots to be won, so why not give one a spin and try your luck today?

Factors to consider when looking for the Best Slot Games out there

When you are looking to play the best slots there are some factors to consider before you commit to your choice. Firstly, you will want to know what the RTP is with the game that you are going for. A high RTP means you have more of a chance to win, and the RTP is calculated over the course of hundreds of games so it’s true to each game. It is basically the percentage of bets that have been paid back to gamers over a period of time.

Another factor you will want to consider is whether you will find the slot you have chosen fits with the experience you want to have. It is important to go for a slot which has a theme you will stay engaged with, to make sure that it will keep you entertained. You will want to go for a slot that offers a fun gaming experience whether or not you win. Another factor that you will want to think about is the progressive and daily jackpots on offer. For example, do you want a slot that has a jackpot that is regular or progressive?

It is also a good idea to think about whether the new game you are choosing to play has been optimised for mobile and other devices. Especially if you will be gaming on the go, this is a factor that will be more important and useful to you more than other people. Also check the game you’ve chosen to play is suited for either Android or iOS, as you will need to make sure the slot is compatible with your specific device.

Which Online Slots pay most often?

When you are looking for the best slots, one thing you will want to think about is which online slots pay the best. When you go for an online slot that pays the best, you can be sure that you will get a big win when you hit the jackpot. Slotzo offers a huge amount of online slots which can pay the best that you would not want to miss out on.

However, first of all how do you find out which online slots pay the best? One of the easiest ways to find out whether you have chosen a slot that pays the best is by making sure the slot has a high RTP. In terms of RTP then, there is also a wide range of these kinds of slots which will pay the best at Slotzo.

Strolling Staxx is a fantastic slot game which you can play. It even features on Slotzo’s top online slots for 2020 it’s that good. This slot was released at the beginning of 2020, and it was created by one of the biggest developers out there – so you know you’re in for a treat. Strolling Staxx is the ideal slot for you in particular if you are a fan of the traditional fruit slot machines as it’s been based on that theme.

The gaming experience with this slot is simple to get your head around, with bright colours and enough action to keep you entertained for hours. It has a good RTP of 95.9 per cent so you have a good chance to win a great pay-out with this one. Slotzo is home to the best online slots out there, and remember new customers get a great welcome bonus when they sign-up to join.

Which online slots payout the most?

When you are looking for online slots that payout the most, Slotzo have a huge range to choose from which makes it all the more easier. Of course, go for a slot that has more than one bonus game to win from and do take advantage of the welcome bonus with your chosen casino. When you are choosing to game with an online slot, it also a good idea to see if you can win real money with that game.

It is a good idea to ensure you get a bonus offer and bonus game as well, as you have more chances to win with those kinds of slots. The slots that you can find with Slotzo offer some of the highest RTP percentages out there. With over 550 to choose from you can’t go wrong, and that’s not all.

Every game that you can find with Slotzo has been created by the world’s best online games developers.

With many of them having established at the start of the online slots boom in the early 90s, each is innovative in their own right. The slots available at Slotzo have all been made by the most popular developers around such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Nextgen and Playson to name a few.

With Slotzo, there is also a huge amount of new slot releases available to play which payout the most. Take your pick from the Fortunes of Ali Baba, Golden Yak, Ocean’s Treasure and more. All of the slots with Slotzo offer a fun and engaging theme to suit any game lover’s preferences and each has its own big jackpot that you could win from.

Best slot games to play on Slotzo in 2020

Slotzo offers gamers such a huge range of great slot options to play, it is hard to choose what the best slot games are but we’ll give it a try! One of their most iconic and engaging titles is Starburst slot. Starburst slot is based on gems and it is the jewel in the crown from gaming giant NetEnt’s portfolio too. It is set across five reels and 10 pay lines and offers a smooth and engaging star-studded experience. You could go as far as saying it is the best slot out there today.

To play Starburst, first head to Slotzo and find the game. Don’t forget to sign up too if you aren’t already a member of the casino. Then, set your bets from 1p to £100 – this is a game that suits all budgets. To win, match the jewel symbols to form winning combinations and that huge jackpot. Starburst slot has a range of special features. One of the best symbols with this slot is the wild, which swaps out all other symbols to make a win. A cluster of these will get you a jackpot too.

With Slotzo you can find even more of the best online slots, like the Diamond Strike slot. This is another one that you certainly won’t want to miss out on, with an RTP of 96.48 per cent, so players have a great chance at winning the jackpot. Diamond Strike slot is set with a retro theme and offers traditional slot machine style fruit symbols along with retro sound effects for an immersive gaming experience. To play, follow the same routine as has been mentioned for Starburst and keep an eye out for the lucky 7s which can win you up to 200 coins.

This slot has a great jackpot bonus too. Get the golden 7 on three reels or more and you get a good chance of winning the jackpot. Not only that, but Diamond Strike has even more features in the form of the bonus spins. Get three bonus spins symbols on reels one, three and five to activate your own. There are also other bonus games, like the diamond pick and mix, where you can pick from a grid of 12 diamonds and win like with a scratch card game.

Promotions and welcome offers for slot games on Slotzo

The bonus offers that you can get from Slotzo and from the slots on offer with this casino are among the best available out there today. With Slotzo’s stunning welcome bonus, you can get 50 bonus spins and a 100 per cent bonus of up to £150, from a min deposit of just £20. As well as that, you can get 40 times your wager on min deposit bonus wins and 35 times on winnings from extra spins.

To take advantage of the fantastic welcome package that this casino has to offer, all that you need to do is sign up for a new account with Slotzo. Then, just deposit £20 or more with the first two deposits that you make and you will then have access to the amazing welcome bonus deals on offer. The first deposit option: 100 per cent max £50, min deposit £20 plus 20 extra spins. With this deposit option, you will get 20 extra spins credited to your account, valid on the gloriously ghoulish slot ‘Book of Dead.’ You will qualify for this bonus welcome offer when you make the min deposit of £20.

The second deposit option: 50 per cent max £100, min deposit £20 plus 30 extra spins. With this amazing welcome bonus deposit option, you will get an extra 30 spins credited to your account which is valid on the ‘Starburst’ slot. Again, you will qualify for this option when you make a min deposit of £20, and the wager requirement for the bonus spin winnings is 35 times.

The deposit bonus is 40 times. Deposit on the first two consecutive days of opening your new account to take full advantage of this great welcome bonus. There are other promotions with Slotzo and another one of the most note-worthy comes in the form of their Premium program. It has eight levels and with it you can get access to exclusive slots and compete with other players in tournaments, as well as the chance to win special prizes.

Understanding the wagering requirements

Wagering requirements aren’t too difficult to get your head around when you know their concept and their role in the world of online gaming. Firstly a wager is, at its essence, a monetary bet which is spent on an online game or video slots to play online, a casino game, bingo, or poker. With all casino bonus offers, there will be a wagering requirement with them.

The wagering requirements are basically the number of times a player needs to use the bonus money before any kind of cash withdrawal can be made. With a casino bonus and bonus spins, there’s a number of conditions the player needs to meet before they can get it, including a minimum withdrawal limit or wagering requirement.

When you sign up to join a casino online like Slotzo, as a new customer you’ll get bonus credit when you make deposits for gaming with the best online slots. However, beforehand you will be asked to fill out a wagering requirement and after that has been done only then can you make a withdrawal. If you are unable to meet the wagering requirements the bonus money will not be turned into real money, so it’s important to do so.

Play the Best Slots Responsibly

When you are choosing to

game with the best online slots, it is always a good idea to game with all slots – even the best slot – responsibly. Gaming responsibly is the online slots best kept secret to success, especially when it comes to managing your bank roll. Even high rollers have to manage and maintain their budget. Always make the most of the best online slots by taking full advantage of any bonus offers for new customers.

To manage your money when you are gaming, it is a good idea to keep a separate account which you dip into only for your gaming habits. Pick the best slot you can find too, because if you are making a min deposit here and there it’s likely you’ll tally up more than you’d like to spend.

Finding the Best Slots to Play


With Slotzo there are over 550 games to choose from, and each can be played with a min deposit, plus you can get great bonus games with these too. Slotzo has all the relevant licenses and regulatory practices in place too, so you can be sure that you are playing the best slots safely and responsibly with this casino. First and foremost though – have fun.

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