Biggest Jackpot Wins in History

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The world of online casino have brought out the real fun in some people and have also made some others stupendously wealthy in just a few minutes. Now, that’s precisely the kind of goal that you and I most likely have in mind when going to play slot games at the casino. Progressive Jackpots have never failed to leave some lucky players on the headlines with heart-shattering wins. We bring you the largest of these jackpots in the history of slot machine jackpots.

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Biggest Land-based Jackpots Wins in History

Since the history of the game, most jackpot wins have been recorded in IGT’s Megabucks, let’s take a peek at the record wins in land-based casinos.

#1. 39.7-Million-dollar win

So far, the biggest jackpot win in history was recorded in March 2003, when a 25-year-old Los Angeles-based Software developer and engineer racked up an unbelievable 39.7 million dollars on a Megabucks Jackpot machine at Excalibur Casino, Vegas.

#2. 35-million-dollar-win by a waitress

In 2000, Cynthia Jay, a cocktail waitress, hit a fantastic 35-million-dollar Megabucks Jackpot at Las Vegas’ High-rolling casino. Sources say she only wagered with the least money she had on her and went home incredibly rich.

#3. 27.5-million-dollar Jackpot by an ex flight attendant

An ex flight attendant landed a life-changing Megabucks jackpot of 27,5 million dollars at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. What’s interesting about her sweepstake is that she had intended to stake only 100 dollars and ended up staking 300 mistakenly, which before correcting, had startled her with a jaw-dropping win of 27.5 million dollars!

#4. 25.6-million-dollar won in two phases

In I989, Elmer Sherwin, a 76-year-old Ex-soldier, won 4.6 million dollars while playing a Megabuck Jackpot at The Mirage Casino, Las Vegas. On September 15, 2005, at 92 years of age, super-lucky Elmer Sherwin again racked up a mind-blowing 21-million-dollar win while playing a Megabucks Jackpot at Cannery Casino, Las Vegas. Sherwin’s win is remarkably coincidental as both wins were on Megabucks Jackpot.

#5. 24-million-dollar by a Finnish

A story of pure luck has centered around a Finnish man’s triumph of 24 million dollars on a Mega Fortune Jackpot. His windfall was from a 25-cent wager, which he played for the fun of it, and the rest became massive history.

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Biggest Online Jackpots Wins in History

#1. 17-Million-Euro win by a British Soldier

In October 2015, the biggest win in new casino games took place; an online slot machine was recorded in the Guinness World Records. It was the 17, 879, 645.12 million Euros won by Jon Heywood, a 26-year-old British soldier on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah at with a bet of 25-pence.

#2. 17-Million-Euro won in Finland

On January 20 2013, a record-breaking win of 17, 861, 813 million Euros was scooped by an anonymous man on NetEnt Mega Fortune progressive jackpot at At the time, it was the biggest online jackpot win ever before the 2015 win by Jon Heywood.

#3. 10.4-million-dollar win

A rather low-key Australian player racked up a massive 10.4 million Australian dollars in Australia by playing the Dark Night Progressive jackpot.

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Last Thoughts on Jackpot Wins

In all these mammoth wins, one thing stands out amongst the winners: they all took a leap of faith and tried their luck. You too can start playing slot machine jackpots today with a minimum bankroll of what you can afford to lose; who knows, you could be the next headline biggest jackpot winner!

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