Casino games with high winning possibilities

The casino online uk slots world is a wonderful diverse place.

From the kinds of people having a flutter, to the wonderful variety of casino games UK that are there at your disposal to play, you are truly spoilt for choice when you decide you want to gamble online. The noon gambling world has never been more exciting, with great accessibility to the brilliant casino brands that are providing this service beloved by so many. Players today have an array of options, from live roulette games to some of the top jackpots online!

The rise of the smartphone has certainly been a game changer for the online casino industry, with games now finely tailored and even fully optimised for performing on your personal handheld device. The increase in mobile gamblers has seen an increase in people gambling online in general.

This does not mean that there is any less money to be won, though, in fact, it means that due to so much money coming into the online casinos, more money is being won every day, too. So, why not bet savvy?

Research Casino Games

Doing your research before having a gamble online can really pay off, with so many titles out there to look at, read up on and decide whether or not you want to play, before you even put your money in. What with winning lots being the thing people are looking for most in an online casino game, we have complied a collection of casino titles that have high possibilities of winning. Ranging in themes and layouts, these are some of the casino games that offer the most high chances of winning on.

Now this does not guarantee a win on these games, as of course, casino games are always left down to chance. But, through the random number generator and other software that is used in online gambling game development, these are some of the titles that come in with the highest chances of returning wins to player.

Return to Player

What does RTP mean?

RTP will be something that you come across quite a lot as you scan the landscape of online gambling and online casino games.

This is your indicator of high winning possibilities in casino games, with RTP standing for Return To Player. Marked with a percentage, you will see numbers often in the range of the mid-eighties, all the way up to the high-nineties. In essence, the higher the number given as the return to player percentage, the more often a casino game pays out.

What you should know is that this is not an indicator relevant for every spin and more so, relevant for long term stints on a casino game. So don’t show up to a slot game with a 98% return to player rating and expect to win on 98 out of 100 spins. Rather, you can expect the machine to gradually pay out wins more often over time, compared to a game that, for example, has a return to player percentage of 92%.

Also, these ratings are no indication of the size of a win that the player will get regularly. So if you see a game with a high RTP and a high jackpot amount, do not let your eyes turn to pound signs and expect some easy money. Outcomes of all online slot games are generated at random and while certain games will come up with wins more often, you are never given the information you need to outsmart or out bet a casino title – that would be all too easy. One great tip when it comes to RTP is that online card games tend to have the best return to player rate when it comes to casino games.

Casino Games with high RTP percentages

There are a number of really popular games out there online and they are popular for a variety of reasons. They may have really good gameplay, made possible thanks to swift animations from the developers. Or they might have great bonus features away from the main reels that keep you on your toes.

Or, if you are one of the following games, you might be really popular thanks to a great, high number on that aforementioned RTP percentage. Here are some of our personal favourite live casino games that have especially high RTP amounts.

Ugga Bugga Casino Slot

This title by Playtech is widely known for having the highest RTP rating of any other online. A slot game with a really unique layout, the game was first released all the way back in 2006 when online video slot games were first emerging into the 3D adventures that they are today.

The odd layout makes for various ways to win and, as the 99.07% RTP rating tells you, wins will come fairly often. The theme of the game is set in the jungle with creepy crawlies wiggling about that look like something off of a challenge on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

Rainbow Riches: Pick n Mix Slot Online

This is a true classic of an online gambling game, as the whole Rainbow Riches series has been a popular staple of the online slot game community since first appearing online. Originally an offline game found in pubs, clubs, chip shops and bars, Rainbow Riches has been around since the good old days, that much is clear.

The Pick n Mix version of the Irish themed slot game offers the most bonuses of any game in the series, combining mini games and features that you will find across the whole range of Rainbow Riches games. The RTP rating of this popular and well designed, classic slot game also goes up to a big 98%. You can play this game today on King Casino, with probably the best casino promotion available online today!

Mega Joker Online Casino Game

Mega Joker is another classic slot game that looks like it is still in the corner of a pub, thanks to flickering retro symbols and reels.

The game has a 99% RTP percentage, making it another casino game with a high possibility of winning. Just how much you will win is unclear, so bet smartly on this online slot game with 5 reels. Line up the Jokers for the biggest prize in this really popular slot game that provides some simple, honest, fruit machine fun that has become harder to find in an era of fancy graphics and bonus features.

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