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Some very precious stones that are worth a pretty penny if you can match them on the reels of this video slot! Play online casino today and try your chances on Asgardian Stones at Slotzo!

Summary of Asgardian Stones Slots

Ever heard of a place called Asgard? It’s a city found in most Nordic stories, and is also the home to the god of thunder Thor and his mischievous brother Loki, two names that you have more than likely heard of if you have seen any number of Marvel movies. Well in Asgard there is said to be riches, endless amounts of riches that are considered priceless by mere moral standard, so imagine what you could do with such gems if you could acquire them in some way shape or form?

Well in the NetEnt developed slot Asgardian Stones, you are given all the chances in the world to match these stones and coming away with endless amounts of cash, you need only be willing to take a chance, and embark onto a world that is similar yet unlike our own.

Asgardian Stones is a 3×5 slot that features 20 fixed pay-lines. This slot is unique in that it is compatible on both mobile and desktop devices, meaning you can take this slot on the go if you are wanting to continue your adventures across the land. We barely noticed any slowing down on the mobile version compared to that of the desktop, so much so that we only play the mobile version now as we are so used to playing it on a hand held.

NetEnt are such a big name in the online slot games world that it can be hard to root against them, as they have proven time and time again they they have all the tools required in order to come out with some of the biggest wins possible. Be sure to check out the rest of our review below to find out more! If slot games are not your thing, then why not check out our new card games instead?

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Expectation vs Reality when placing your bets on Asgardian Stones

Asgardian Stones is a slot that is full of action and excitement with each and every spin on the reels. This is an odyssey of a slot, one that you will want to re-live again and again until you begin to grow tired and fall asleep, then when you wake, you’ll want to keep spinning these reels. If those of you out there have played Thurderstruck before then you will find a similar vibe in this one, a vibe that will always see big scores appear in small spaces which is everything you could ever want in a slot really isn’t it?

There will be those that see the name of this slot and are confused as to what they can expect, well what they can expect is a slot that is as fun as any other, if not more. NetEnt should be commended on their work here; thus, we put in place some exciting live casino bonus to play this and other games!

About the Gameplay on Asgardian Stones slots

The best part about this slot is just how accessible it is on a gameplay level alone. These reels can be spun from as little as 0.1 coins which is a very low amount considering. This is the perfect kind of slot that you can play for hours on end and never grow tired. The look of this slot is one that is second to none. Everything from background to symbols, they all do a great job in creating immersion in the smallest pockets possible.

This slot reminds us a lot of the same art style found in World of Warcraft; a direct inspiration we think. Each of the symbols in this slot are represented by a different colour and design. Each symbol offers something different in terms of scores, the more symbols you can have in the same line then the more you will inevitably win. Symbols in this slot are a mix of both low and high value symbols.

If you happen to be a fan of slots with cascading reels then you will find this something of a highlight. This slot does a great job in keeping players fixated on these reels due to the amount of times you can come out with something different with each spin, it is this unpredictability that keeps things fresh, and will continue to keep players coming back for more. This is a NetEnt slot so we expected nothing less from these guys, developers like NetEnt are always creating experiences that last a lifetime, which is why you should be playing this to begin with. Replay value is what you get with NetEnt, and in Asgardian Stones you get that in spades. Claim our unique casino promotions today and give it a spin!

Bonus Games and Bonus Features 

Additional features will always keep these types of online slots interesting, without these features you could argue that every slot is the same somewhat, the only difference is the look of these slots overall, but what Asgardian Stones has over other developers is the ability to create something that is completely different on multiple different levels. Those looking to get the most out of this slot should spin for an hours or so to get a feel for this slot overall, doing so will give you all the experience needed in order to master this slot.

COLOSSAL CRUSH: This feature is otherwise known as an avalanche feature. Whenever you match symbols on the reels, then symbols will fall down the reels, this will add new combinations to your scores as these symbols include higher scores.

WILD: The blue w symbol is this slots chosen wild symbol, matching this symbol will substitute out for all other symbols but the scatter, this is a great way of racking up high scores as the more symbols you have on the reels the higher your scores will be overall.

BONUS WHEEL: The bonus wheel when unlocked will give you access to a variety of different features.

Asgardian Stones Video Slot Features

Hit or Miss?

Asgardian Stones is not like your basic slot, it is its’ own kind of beast that makes its own rules. There is so much to this slot that makes it great, but at the end of the day you are the player so your opinion stands, we think you’ll fall in love with this one, so give it a try!

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They are rapidly approaching legend status, although some might argue that they passed that a long time ago. NetEnt are at the epicentre of cutting-edge technology, and shall be for many years to come. Jackpots and normal slots in the NetEnt catalogue include: