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An online slot that is chocked full of colourful wacky action! Play at Slotzo casino online today and win with the unlimited multiplier on Bonanza!

Bonanza Online Slot Review

Developer Big Time Gaming are known to create slots that are a tad experimental, and with Bonanza you get simply that. Bonanza lets you mine your way through various different jewels, all of which offer something different in terms of scores depending on what you are wanting to match on these reels and the amount of money you are setting down for this slot overall.

If there’s one thing that this slot has over others, it’s character, there is so much to this slot that makes it incredibly interesting as a concept. Bonanza is a very fitting title for this slot as there is a lot happening in this one, to the point where you might go cross eyed!

Bonanza is a 5 reel slot games that is played out over 20 pay-lines. The look and feel of this slot is incredibly well-done, and will see that you are constantly racking in money from some of the most memorable spins that you’ve ever participated in. This is a 3D slot which should tell you a lot about what to expect graphically speaking. Big Time Gaming have had a hand in creating some of our favourite online slots to date.

These guys seemingly have their eyes on what is popular and clearly know how to best manipulate that in order to create lasting experiences that will constantly bring back fans of this slot. The RTP of this one is 96% which is quite high. If you want to learn more about this frantic slot then be sure to check out the rest of our review below! Unless if you are not a fan of slots, then, you might want to check out some poker card games instead!

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Expectation vs Reality with Bonanza 

Bonanza is not like most of the other online slots that you’ve experienced previously, and we don’t say this often, and we cover a lot of online slots to begin with. Bonanza pits you against a set of reels that all react in various different ways depending on how the player approaches these reels and the amount of money they are setting down at the beginning of each spin.

Big Time Gaming have clearly been doing their homework in terms of what’s popular at the minute, and what’s popular are slots that go above and beyond the Call of Duty in order to create something a little out of the ordinary. If you are sick of slots that use the same tried and tested means, then you should be playing this slot in order to get the most out of this one, there’s no doubt about it! Check it out on desktop or our live casino mobile version!

About Bonanza Slot Gameplay

When slots feature reels that move so fast that it appears like a blur, then that’s how you know you’re on to a winner. Big Time Gaming clearly wanted to create something that keeps you as immersed as possible for the longest time possible. The look of this slot is very well crafted, utilising various colours in order to convey a very bold and powerful set of reels, the same reels that you will be using to match various jewels. Each of these multi-coloured jewels offer something different in terms of scores, they will make it so that each spin offers something new and interesting. Symbols can be matched in groups of between 3 and 5, with scores and pay-outs differing depending on how much you have set down at the start of each game.

Those looking to utilise this slot for financial gain will find that the autoplay mode offers simply that, a chance to reap the rewards of the very high RTP without having to be at the screen. There is a lot to this slot that makes it worthy of playing, and the autoplay is but one of those reasons. We would suggest you play this one on a low amount before trying your hand at something a little more serious, doing this will give you the experience and confidence required in order to achieve everything that you want in this slot and more.

Trust us on this one, but Bonanza is a great slot that is worthy of your time and attention. Besides the bonuses within the game that we describe into detail below, you should also check out our top slot promotions to get the most out of this game!

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Bonus Games and Bonus Features 

Bonuses in online slots are what makes them fun and interesting, it’s basically what separates them from every other slot in a similar category. Those who have had their fare share of online slot titles will notice that some of these features do appear familiar, which is great, as to make a perfect online slot you will need to strike a perfect balance between old and new.

CART BONUS: The cart bonus will make symbols fall onto the reels randomly at various times during spinning the reels. The is a feature that could only appear in this type of slot.

SCATTER: Matching various gold letter symbols will grant access to the bonus spins, as these are the chosen scatter symbols, and will see that your scores are elevated.

DYNAMITE WILDS: Dynamite wilds create all the right kinds of explosions on the reels, creating chances here there and everywhere. Simply match the sticks of dynamite and see what happens!

If these bonuses are not enough for you, then the only option that might get you excited is progressive jackpot slots!

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Hit or Miss?

Bonanza is one of those slots that just makes you appreciative of this kind of entertainment, it is a marvel to behold and pure joy to experience for yourself. There is so much to this one that makes it great, and to put that into words would be impossible which is why we are suggesting you play it out for yourself and see.

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Challenging what they believe to be ‘the normal way of doing things’ is their main motif, and spurs them on constantly in their goal of crafting a slot for every theme and occasion.  If you are looking for a reputable developer who have a proven track record, then look no further than Big Time Gaming. Other 2019 casino games in their varied catalogue include: