Gonzos Quest

Take a trip out into a forgotten city, where the gold that resides there is at an arms reach!


Have you ever wondered what life might be like in the forgotten city of Eldorado? We personally have and are constantly reading up on this place in order to get any signs that we are heading in the right direction. This city is one of intrigue as well as interest and will see that you become very rich from simply entering. But be warned, the path to this location is full of traps and things of the like, so you will want to be on your A game if you want to come out on top in the NetEnt developed slot Gonzo’s Quest! This slot can be played on both mobile and desktop devices, and with a RTP of 96% you can see why this slot is so popular to begin with!

Throughout the course of spinning, you will notice Gonzo towards the left of the reels. He will sit there throughout the entire game, and will move according to what you are doing on the reels. Gonzo’s Quest is a 5 reel by 20 pay-line game, which is a normal set-up for a NetEnt title, the more you play in this slot the more you will earn, which is a rule of most online slots, but in this one it feels so effortless. Be sure to check out the rest of this review to find out more about this very illusive slot.

Expectation vs Reality

Taking a journey into the furthest reaches of the jungle in hope of seeing what lies beyond. This is unlike some of the other online slot experiences that you’re used too. Gonzo’s Quest is a slot that is very unique in that it is unlike any other. It is one that isn’t shy, and will often surpass all of your expectations depending on how often you bring in large amounts of money on very few spins. Developer NetEnt have had their fare share of slots such as this one. The type of games that play along with your imagination in the best ways possible, creating some of the best and most memorable experiences possible, and that’s what Gonzo’s Quest is: an experience unlike any other.

About the Game

Gonzo’s Quest is unlike many of the other action-themed online slots that you’ve played previously. In-fact there is a lot about this slot that is somewhat revolutionary. Symbols are matched from the same left to right orientation that you’re used to, with symbols taking the shape of various masks that all offer something different depending on the amount of symbols you are keeping in that winning pay-line overall. Like with any online slot, in order to play you will first need to set your starting bets accordingly, this can be done at the bottom of the screen using the various plus and minus symbols that move your bets higher and lower respectively. The higher you put down the higher you could potentially win on the reels.

Players who are looking for a reason to keep spinning will find that the jackpot of 2500 coins will do just that as with every spin, there is always that feeling that anything and everything could happen, and the jackpot is just one of these additional features that looms off in the distance. This is a very beautiful slot to behold, existing in the middle of a very pristine jungle-scape that is just waiting to be experienced by wandering eyes. Ancient ruins it the main theme of this slot, and actually make up a lot of what you see on the reels. Masks serve as the game symbols in this one as we’ve already stated, which is quite different compared to other slots that go for your more boring appearances.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

Having a steady amount of additional features in an online slot is a must if you are wanting your game to be the least bit successful. NetEnt know this which is why every single additional feature in Gonzo’s Quest has been hand-crafted in order to give you the most memorable experiences possible in such a short number of spins. Anyone who has had a hand in playing any number of NetEnt titles will feel a sense of familiarity after playing this one, as most of the added features here are ripped straight from many of their other games only with a Gonzo spin.

JACKPOT: Match 5 of the silver mask symbols and you will find yourself winning the very illusive jackpot. This is something that doesn’t come to a lot of players, so you will need to spin often and hard in order to achieve this goal.

AVALANCHE: The avalanche feature can be found in some online slots, what happens here is that during random intervals the symbols will topple into the reels, which will offer additional options for you to choose from when spinning.

Hit or Miss?

Gonzo’s Quest is an adventure that every avid online slot gamer should experience at-least once in their online gaming careers. There is a lot that makes this slot tick on every level. We would attempt to describe each in every detail but we find that this would be too much; it’s like how do you go about describing a feeling? The best way to experience this, or any online slot is to play it out for yourself to see if it’s the right one for you. So go play Gonzo’s Quest today!

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