Thunderstruck Ii

The almighty Thor is back again and ready for more!


Have you ever wondered about what life might be like to stand alongside the mighty Thor in heated battle? Maybe you have played the first Thunderstruck and have already felt the power of the god of thunder, if you have then you know how great of an online slot this is and don’t really require additional information to follow. Developer Microgaming knew that they had a hit on their hands from the moment the initial slot was released for all to play. So it was only inevitable that this slot would be released to the masses. This is a slot that commands attention from theme alone, and is just as popular as the original Thunderstruck for many different reasons, the most notable being that it is an improvement on everything from the first one and then some.

Thunderstruck is a slot that is played out over 5 reels, in-fact there is a total of around 243 different ways of coming out on top on these reels which will see you spinning this slot for a while yet. And with the 96% RTP percentage, you can bet that wins will be frequent indeed. This is a Microgaming slot so you can expect a few twists and turns here that we believe many players will enjoy for various different reasons. Be sure to check out the rest of this review to find out more from this slot overall.

Expectation vs Reality

First impressions are everything in online slots, and with this slot we felt like we already had that thanks to the first slot in the series in the original Thunderstruck. Coherence and compatibility is nice in slots, but we like it when improvements and experimentation follows, this is why we will never not be a fan of slots such as Thunderstruck ii, for their constant ability to re-invent the wheel so to speak in countless different ways. This slot is an improvement on most of what you felt in the original Thunderstruck, only better. If this is appealing to you then you should play this slot right now and forego reading the rest of this review.

About the Game

In this slot there is a 6000 coin jackpot that looms off in the background, a jackpot that will constantly see you spinning these reels as often as possible in hope of seeing what sticks. In order to spin this slot you will first need to set your coin amounts accordingly. This can be done at the bottom of the screen by clicking on the arrow symbols. Coin sizes are diverse, allowing you to set it down from as little as 0.1 to around 0.5, this was a very interesting choice as it allows different players of different entry levels to partake in a great slot. As far as appearances go, this slot is very similar to the original in both symbol lay-out/design and background colours.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

Bonus features in Thunderstruck ii are all an improvement on the original game. You’ll find that most online slot sequels barely change anything from the original in hope of cashing in on the popularity of the first one without putting much thought into it. In Thunderstruck ii the developers said no to complacency, instead improving on their past mistakes, and the only people that benefits are you guys: the players. Features in this slot include:

GREAT HALLS SPINS: Match 3 hammer symbols and you will find yourself in a bonus game. This bonus game allows you to play one of 4 added bonus games which will see your scores jump higher and higher. The Valkrie, Thor, Odin and Loki bonus games are all available here so keep spinning!

LOKI BONUS: Match the god of mischief symbol 5 times will unlock 15 free spins accordingly: a great way of racking up big scores indeed. Finding this symbol should not be too much of an issue given the frequency of Loki on the reels.

WILDS: Wilds are common practice in essentially every online slot there is out there. Wilds will substitute out for all other symbol aside from the scatter on the reels. These symbols are useful in they will throw scores well up the pay-table indeed.

Hit or Miss?

Tired of Thor’s name being dragged through the online slot mud? Then why not play Thunderstruck ii and deft all expectations. There is a lot to this slot that makes it great, so much so that we might even go as far as to say that this slot is one of our favourites out there currently, which is something we do not utter often as there is a lot of trash out there indeed. Want change, make change and play Thunderstruck ii.

Other Games by Microgaming

Developers like Microgaming appear once in a lifetime. This developer has been going since 1994, so you’d think that they were clued up on the latest trends in what’s hot and what’s not in the online gaming world, and well you’d be right in thinking that. Microgaming have a penchant for success, so much so that each and every single one of their games see massive spikes in popularity on a daily basis. Seeing audiences enjoy their slots is the fuel that lights their fire, and they show no signs of wanting to extinguish those flames just yet. Microgaming are up there with some of the greatest online developers going today, which is a testament to the hard work they have put in over the years, these guys are a dynasty at this point, and anyone who should play their slots will see that first hand. Slots in their catalogue include:

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