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The mobile phone. 10 years ago, many people didn’t see what the fuss was all about. It took a long time to convince some people that they were better off with a smartphone than a desktop computer and a laptop, and while a lot of people still own these devices, they’re likely to have a smartphone too!

In fact, far more people own smartphones than they do other forms of electronic device these days, and in the UK, nearly 90% of people own one.

This shift in dynamic completely shook the world of online slot games. Developers had to quickly start making their slot games available for mobile phones and even go back and re-master their older slot so that mobile users could enjoy them too.

Now, things are going one step further as not only can you play slots with your mobile phone but you can pay for them too. This is via a little thing called pay by phone casino, otherwise known as deposit by mobile slots.

If this isn’t sounding familiar to you just yet, and you do own a mobile phone, we really recommend reading on to find out what the fuss is all about with this amazing new invention. And you can try it out right now using Pay by Phone at Slotzo.

How do Players Deposit for their Slots with their Mobiles?

Whatever kind of mobile phone bill you have, whether it be pay as you go or pay monthly, you are likely to be able to access deposit by mobile slots. How it works based on these 2 options is slightly different, so let’s find out how.

First of all, you’re going to need to activate pay by phone. To do this, select it as the deposit method at your casino method of choice, such as at Slotzo, and then enter your mobile number. Next, a code will be sent out to you which you will then need to confirm and that’s it! You’re set up. It could not be more easy.

In terms of how the money comes out of your account, refer to the below depending on which phone bill payment option you have opted for:

  • Pay as you go: for players with this type of phone bill, you just need to remember to add enough for your pay by phone casino deposits next time you top up. Whether you do this in the store, online or on the phone, it does not matter. The slots deposit by mobile will simply come out of your balance.
  • Pay monthly: pay monthly customers will find the process even easier than this as they do not actually need to top up. Their slots deposit by mobile will simply be added to their phone bill each month. All these players need to do is keep track of how much they are spending.

Mobile Slots Deposits

Why Should I Deposit by Mobile Phone Bill?

If you’ve got this far through this article and are still failing to see how you can actually benefit from deposit by mobile slots payments, then allow us to highlight some of the main bonuses for players.

While these are not going to apply to everyone, they provide a pretty good overview of what players can expect to experience when becoming involved with deposit by mobile slots:

  • Ease of use: the fact of the matter is, casino deposits by phone bill is one of the easiest deposit methods going right now. As we mentioned, the setup process is simply a matter of sending a text message, and every time you make a deposit after that, all you need to do is type in how much to put down and hit go!
  • Payments not made immediately: pay monthly customers can take advantage of the fact that deposits by phone bill is effectively like not paying straight away. Imagine you put down a deposit on the 1st of the month, but your phone bill is not taken from your bank account until the 20th. That’s a 19 day no-payment window with no charge!
  • Streamlining the process: perhaps the coolest thing about mobile phone deposits is just being able to do everything with one device. If you are reading this right now, then there is a very good chance that you are a mobile phone slot player, and so why not pay by phone if you are going to play by phone too.

Should I Play Slots on my Mobile as Well?

If, for some reason, you donplay online slot games on your mobile phone then you could really be missing a trick!

For example, if you commute to work on public transport, you could be playing slots on the go. Or, even if you want to chill on the sofa away from your desktop computer and play slots, mobile phones comes in handy here too.

Mobile phone slots are so good these days that you are not going to notice a change in quality between the mobile and desktop versions of a slot game other than in the size of the screen. Plus, you should not see any issues with performance provided that you have a relatively up to date smartphone that can handle it.

Slot developers use a coding language called HTML 5 these days, and this means that they can optimise their slots to look great on any device, whether it be a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer. If you haven’t checked out mobile phone slots up to this point, then why not jump in and give it a try now?

Top Mobile Slots of 2021 So Far

We wanted to put together some of our favourite slots to play on a mobile phone so that new players can have a good place to get started and that more experienced mobile phone slot game players can find some new inspiration.

It can be quite easy to get bored of a slot game if you play it too much but fear not, we’re here with some of the best online slot games that have been released this year so far.

2021 has been a strong year for online slots games already, and we are only just over 3 months in, so who knows what else we can expect to see throughout the year? For now, you don’t want to miss out on these awesome games…

  • Royale with Cheese Megaways: if you’ve ever seen the classic Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction then you will be familiar with the royale with cheese reference that this Megaways slot poses. Set in a diner, just like many of the scenes of the film, this iSoftBet slot is one of the best 2021 has seen yet.
  • Quadruple Da Vinci Diamonds:the Da Vinci Diamonds slot game saga is one of the longest-running in all of online casino and so to see a new game added to it in the year of 2021 is no surprise. Has it lost its charm over the years though? The answer is no. This new one is definitely worth a play on your mobile phone.
  • Easter Island 2: Yggdrasil Gaming, in our opinion, make some of the most beautiful slot games going. And they’ve ramped it up even further this year with their sequel to the awesome Easter Island slot. This one looks better than ever, even on the smaller mobile screen!

All of the best mobile phone slots are available to play right here at Slotzo.

Drawbacks to Deposit by Mobile Slots

Perhaps the one most frustrating thing about depositing by phone bill is mobile deposit limits. Sometimes, these can be as low as £20 through services such as Boku.

At Slotzo, we use a service called Pay by Phone. Here, the deposit limit is not as low as £20, but if you wish to make bigger stakes on the slot games, then you may want to look elsewhere for your deposits. For most of us punters, this should not be much of a problem though.

Do I Need to Withdraw via Phone Bill if I Pay by Phone Bill?

A big misconception of mobile deposits, and something that puts a lot of players off, is that you need to withdraw to your mobile phone bill if you deposit by mobile phone bill. This is the case with all deposit methods, but you’re off the hook with mobile deposits. You can just withdraw to a bank account!

Mobile Deposit Slot Game Casino Bonuses

Another point worth clarifying is that regardless of whether you deposit by mobile phone, credit card or any other form of casino deposit, you are entitled to the same level of bonuses. The same can be said for our welcome bonus at Slotzo. Just follow these steps to claim it!:

  1. Hit Join Now.
  2. Fill out a few details and confirm your email.
  3. Choose Pay by Phone as your deposit method and put down £20. This will get you 50 extra spins, and you can repeat this process twice more for a total of 150 extra spins.

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