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Slotzo is renowned for being the home of playing cards and online slots offering over 500 great titles for our gamers to play. As well as slot games and solitaire games, Slotzo also features an extensive range of card games and live casino titles, including many Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker variants for you to enjoy.

Card games are different to slot games in that they are embedded in tradition. Online slot games with face up cards have only been around for so long and have a lot more scope to develop exciting themes and video designs while attracting new audiences.

However, the fundamentals of our card games have rarely changed over the 500 or so years that they’ve existed in their modern format. Yes, they may have gone online and embraced all things digital, but at heart, they are still the same old card and board games that we know and love.

Slotzo is pleased to give you a rundown of some of the great card games that are featured on the platform, as well as give you a brief history lesson on the origins of each one of the traditional games. It will be something to share or pass on to your friends. The wisdom of the gambling game world. Read below to find out more about these special trick taking games.


A Variety of Card Games Like:


The playing cards game known as Blackjack can be traced back to the French casino floors of the early 1700s, where its original name was ‘Vingt-et-Un’, otherwise known as 21.

During this time, the French and Spanish empires were at their peak, colonists would need something like a card game to pass the time, and in an era before online slots and live casinos, they had to make do with a simple deck of cards with various cards of the same suit.

The Spanish had their version of the same game that required a minimum of 3 cards, with the closest hand to 31 being the winner.

Because of the explorers and the colonialists of France and Spain, the fundamentals of the card game spread across the world to North America, where settlers began to play it on the regular. Until 1931, the game was affectionately known as 21 before the commercialising of casinos eventually coined the name Blackjack.

There are many Blackjack games available on the Slotzo platform, and be sure to try them all and hit or stick your way to 21. There’s also a range of Live Blackjack games that we know you’re going to love, so stick around if playing card games is what you are looking for.



The famous Roulette wheel has origins much further back than our trusty French and Spanish colonists and dates back to 1655 to Blaise Pascal. The roulette wheel came around by chance.

Pascal was trying to invent the perpetual motion machine, the wheel that never stopped spinning, despite the lack of energy enforcing it. Of course, the laws of physiques go against this completely, but in attempting to push the boundaries, like all great inventions are, Pascal discovered the Roulette wheel by chance.

The green zero that we all know and love provides us with those risqué big wins, but it wasn’t added to the roulette wheel until the 1800s and was added to the wheel as a specific addition for King Charles the third of Monaco.

The great thing about this addition was that it gave the house a natural edge as board game players were tempted by the risk and return. For much of the 19th and 20th centuries, the wheel remained the same, but the Americans decided to add a Double 0 to spice up things a bit more.

Thus, giving us the names and specifics of American and European roulette. So many great roulette and trick taking games are available on the Slotzo platform; why not play them today.



There are many theories as to where the playing cards game of poker originated; some says it came from the French, some say it was the Americans who firmly established the modern rules of the game of poker as we know it.

A man named R. F. Foster even said the card game is a direct descendent of the ancient Persian classic trick taking game called As-Nas. Of course, nobody truly knows the true origins of the collectible card game poker but what we do know is that there are loads of tremendous poker variants and , including Texas Hold’em, Baccarat and more, across the entire site of card games played.

In the meantime, why not play some of our Live Casino card games or solitaire games and meet acquaintance with some of our lovely dealers and see what prizes you can win.