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18+. New Players Only. Min. deposit $20. Max. bonus 1st deposit 100% up to $50 and 2nd deposit 50% up to $100. Max wins from spins $100. 35x wagering applies, within 21 days. 20 spins on 1st deposit and 30 spins on 2nd deposit. Spins available on specific games. Spins expire after 24 hours. Full T&Cs Apply

Playing Casino Games in 2020
It’s really no wonder that the gambling industry is becoming more popular with a wider and more diverse range of players, online casinos like Slotzo are an eclectic hub of varied gambling fun, with myriad casino games for players to sink their teeth into. For those who are new to online casinos and gambling in general, you might be wondering what’s out there for you and just where do you start?

Discover Exclusive Games at Slotzo
There are so many options and with many things in our modern world, an abundance of choice can often be daunting. There is no longer just a couple of choices on the menu – you have so much choice, you could spend hours choosing where to eat and what to eat, we no longer only have a few TV channels to choose from – we probably spend a vast amount of time just choosing what to watch. Thanks to the internet and everything becoming more accessible than ever before, there is a plethora of choice in every aspect of our lives, making the entertainment industry exponentially successful.

But how do you navigate through these choices? We can’t help you decide which restaurant to go to for date night out of the hundreds vying for your business and we can’t stop you and your other half arguing over taking too long to decide which programme to watch – but we can help you navigate your way through the online casino so you can decide which games to play out of the huge choice! The main games on offer fit into three main categories: Slot Games, Card Games and Table Games. Try them all, after all, variety is the spice of life!

Games Types
Table games are also known as dice games because they are commonly played with casino dice. One of the most popular table games involving a dice is the game Craps which can be played both online at Slotzo as well as land-based casinos.

Card Casino Games
One of the most popular categories of games is without doubt card casinos games which has a far-stretching and rich history. Card games have been popular with players for centuries and there is evidence of even the Romans playing a version of the popular card game Blackjack in antiquity using “cards” made from wooden blocks. As well as blackjack, other famous card games you may wish to give a try include Baccarat and Poker, all of which are available to play online at Slotzo. Slotzo also has a wide range of live casinos games including Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack and Live Poker which are extremely popular with players.

Slot Games
Last, but certainly not least is slot games online which is what Slotzo is most famous for which also includes subcategories of slot games including video slot games.

Bonus Promotions & Slot Games Offer
As there is an abundance of online casinos to choose from, online casinos are constantly competing for your attention and one way online casinos vie for players’ attention is to offer bonus promotions and slot game offers for players who create an online account. Some of the best bonus promotions and slot game offers can be found at Slotzo for example, who will give you extra spins not only your first deposit or your second, but also your third! When you open an account with them you will receive 150 extra spins across your first three deposits with a minimum qualifying deposit of £20 and the bonus is credited instantly when you deposit the £20 into your account.

Extra spins are awarded when you sign up and deposit and can be used on certain popular slot games within the online casino.

Best Casino Slots to Play Online
Now here’s the really fun part! If you’re looking for some of the best slot games on the market, you need not look any further than online casino Slotzo, who are renowned for their spectacular range of new games. Within their extensive portfolio of games, there is something there for everyone, from those who enjoy classic slot games to video slot games, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice and they have their most popular slots front and centre so it’s easy for you to see which highly rated games other players have been enjoying.

Two extremely popular video slots that you can play at Slotzo are:

Starburst Slot
Featuring galactic gemstones that blast off into space, Starbust is a mouth-watering slot which is filled to the brim with twinkling gem symbols. Starburst slot is brought to you by NetEnt and is a five-reel slot game with 10 paylines. If you love astoundingly good graphics and want to play a slot which gives you plenty of thrilling ways to win, Starstruck is a brilliant slot to try.

Thunderstruck video slot game
Thunderstruck is a five-reel video slot game themed around Thor and his epic adventures and features an abundance of bright and brilliant graphics and is the genius creation of Microgaming. Join Thor in his epic quest and battle it out to win yourself a handsome fortune in this exhilarating video slot game available to play on Slotzo.

Understanding the different slot game types
We are all individuals and enjoy different things and the amazing thing about slots is that they cater to a wide range of players who enjoy different slot types. If you’re stuck where to start, check out these different slot game types to help you decide which slot you’ll enjoy playing most – or try out all of them and decide for yourself which is your favourite!

Video Slots
Video slots extremely popular with players and thanks to the advancement in technology and graphics, video slot games can be enjoyed online and in some ways are more akin to a cinematic experience! If you love action-packed slots and have an appreciation for exceptional graphics, you’ll love video slots.

3 reels vs 5 reels slot games
For those who like to kick it old school, traditional slots are ideal and are a brilliant starting point for beginners, too. Traditional slot games have a simple layout featuring either three or five reels and they both provide simple but entertaining gameplay for the traditionalist. They often feature fruit machine style designs with retro fruit and luck themed symbols that will give you a hit of nostalgia. Although sometimes less is more, when it comes to a three vs five reel slot games, for players who are interested in playing slots with more way to win, five-reel slots have a higher hit frequency meaning they give players more ways to win.

Jackpot Slots
Are you looking for a slot game that will transform your world with life-changing amounts of money? Some players get their enjoyment from the thrill of potentially bagging themselves a fortune and choose to play Jackpot slots. It’s totally understandable – who wouldn’t want to be in with a chance to win millions whilst playing fun and exhilarating slot games? Jackpot slots are very tempting but if you’re looking for regular wins, you’re better off with lower-paying jackpot games as the higher the jackpot, the harder it is to win it.

Progressive & Local Slots
A progressive jackpot slot is a slot which has a grand prize which gradually increases, progressively getting bigger until one lucky winner hits the jackpot! It is then reset to the pre-determined starting amount. Progressive slots can include machines linked up across various different casinos, countries and even continents. On the other hand, local jackpot slots only have jackpots that are within the same casino so have smaller jackpots on offer, but you’re more likely to win.

Bonus Games Slots
One thing that sets slots apart from each other and tempts players into choosing one slot over another are the bonus features of the game. The vast majority of classic slot games will have limited bonuses on offer, but there are plenty of bonus slot games that will give your winning potential a boost! These lucrative bonuses in these exciting slots can include extra spins, multipliers, and extra Wild symbols appearing on the reels as well as cash bonuses.

Terms and Conditions on Slotzo
As with any online casino, it’s important to read the terms and conditions of bonus promotions and slot game offers to make sure you understand what you’ll get and what the betting requirements will be. For example, on Slotzo, any winnings won with extra spins require a deposit in order to comply with anti-money laundering rules and regulations and this is the same across the board for all online casinos.

Play Responsibly – Slotzo supports responsible gambling only
The most important thing when playing slots or live casino games isn’t winning money by spending all your time and income playing on slots – the most important thing is to have fun. Playing responsibly will ensure you don’t spend too much time playing slots, playing in moderation and making sure you don’t spend more than you can afford to lose. Remember, when the fun stops, you should take a break!