How are casino game shows online different from those on TV?

With the rapid pace that technology is moving, it is no surprise that casino game shows have made the move to the internet. This means that you can play the casino game shows that used to be featured on late night T.V, online as well as whole host of new ones.

But are they the same as they used to be? How has the transition to the online space changed casino game shows? Let’s take a look at all of those differences. Or, if you are impatient, head on over to slotzo right now to find out yourself.

What is a casino game show?

A casino game show is a format for gamblers where a live host will take phone calls from players to place bets on games like poker or roulette. They mediate the game and distribute winnings between players from all over the place. There is also a live audience that can watch the game play out.

Substitute phoning in to place a bet with depositing money via an online casino account and the premise of live casino game shows online is pretty much the same game. However, playing online at sites like slotzo has many more little changes that players may not have noticed. So, what are they and do they make the experience better or worse?

Number of players

When you think of how many players are watching a T.V programme at any given time, that is how many possible people that could phone in and play a casino game show at any one time. That is most likely one of the reasons why they were on so late.

But when you play online, the amount of players can be controlled. You can open the game up to as many people as possible or limit the amount of people that can join the game. This is a huge advantage as it allows the betting to be controlled. No longer can an extras ten players randomly jump in and start raising stakes unnecessarily. You are aware of how many people you are playing with and who they are.

Higher stakes

A major benefit that players have seen in online casinos is that the stakes are much more malleable. That means that different casino and slot games can set the stakes as high or low as they want. With so many games out there on sites like, it is easy to find a game that suits your betting needs.

Online casino game shows are no different. Now that there are so many games occurring at once, you can find one with the stakes set as high or low as you like. It is no longer one RTP rate for all. It is up to you the player.

No more waiting

As alluded to previously, casino game shows used to be on T.V quite late. A majority of these started in the early hours of the morning. This was mostly to stop underage players from phoning in and to limit the amount of available players. There is only one host after all.

Now that these games are online you can play at any time. You need to be a certain age to have an online casino account and so underage gambling is no longer a worry. Also, the amount of players is regulated and so these games can take place at any time. You don’t have to wait until the kids have long been in bed to play. You can log onto slotzo in the afternoon if you so wish.

Casino live games

The internet is everywhere

Yes. It is an unavoidable fact but you can log onto the web from anywhere. At a friend’s house, a café’ and even public transport. This means that there are no limitations to where you can play online casino game shows. The games can be played anywhere so long as you have a reliable internet connection. You are no longer rooted to the living room sofa at 3am. You can play poolside on holiday at 2pm if you so wish. Now that sounds much better.

Closing thoughts

Not only is playing casino game shows online much different to playing via the T.V, but it seems that all of these differences offer major benefits to the players. You can log onto slotzo at any time of the day from anywhere to play at a level that suits you. That is a huge improvement over the old format wouldn’t you say?

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