Tips To Win At A Jackpot Slot Game

Make no mistake about it, if you want to win big money in some of your favourite online slots games then you will want to be chasing the jackpots no questions asked. Slot poaching can be incredibly difficult to those not in-the-know, which is partly the reason why so many punters give up when they don’t get what they want.

We have been spinning online slot machines for years, and have fully mastered the mental/physical techniques required to come on top — or get incredibly close to winning the big prize on casinos online at the very least on. This is an article fit for novices, although veterans are a tenacious bunch… Regardless of entry level, let’s look at some tips to win at a jackpot slot game!

Nonetheless, if you feel that slots are not your cup of tea, you could win massive prizes on card games and live casino games too!

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Slot Tips: The DO’S

#1 Study The Field

The first thing any avid gamer should do is pick their poison — or in simpler terms: choose a slot that they are good at and stick with it, preferably one with a jackpot element. If you happen to be someone that doesn’t have a slot in mind, the best thing you can do is read reviews or ask friends who spin; identify something simple yet fortuitous.

Every slot you come across will have different starting bet requirements — the slots with the higher bet amounts tend to be the slots that have much larger jackpots by proxy, so choose wisely. We find that spinning on basic slot machines with a five-figure jackpot is incredibly fun, but you might think differently depending on what you want when you spin. For a variety of new casino games with jackpots follow the link above!

#2 First Understand the Progressive and Local Jackpots

Try to find slot machines that have the ‘mega’ tag attached, these are slots that come with progressive jackpots — there are multiple variations of jackpots that you can chase, each work in their own way. Progressive jackpots are accumulated via small chunks of player bets, meaning this jackpot will fluctuate, going up and down the more people play.

Local jackpots are fixed jackpots, meaning they don’t move no matter how many times you spin. We tend to go for progressive jackpot slots as they offer a sense of progression, making you feel like you’ve impacted the game in some way rather than spin and leave without feeling like you’ve left your mark. No matter which jackpot game you choose, just know that it is rather difficult to net no matter what.

#3 Back-Out When Necessary

Jackpot games can be dangerous in that they offer a lot more opportunity than your standard fruity. Like we’ve also mentioned, jackpot games tend to require a much higher bet/coin amount to get the game up and running, this can apply more pressure on the player, feeding them the idea that their money will be worth something eventually.

Nonetheless, you could claim some promo offers, like the one on Slotzo and boost your bankroll to spin for much longer, massively increasing your winning chances!

Last Notes on Winning The Jackpot

To counteract these feelings we’d recommend setting yourself a budget, keep yourself in check and you won’t rely on these slots to alter your present financial situation — oh, and remember, these games are supposed to be fun, not a chore!

To find out the best jackpot slot games to try your luck, then follow the above links now!


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