Jackpot Slots vs. Regular Slots

We are often asked as online casinos experts what the differences between jackpot slots and regular slots games are, which is why we’ve decided to come through with an article that tells you just that! As it stands, there are hundreds if not thousands of slot machines out right now — with top tier developers coming out with new slots on the regular — this can make it difficult to know which is for you and your play style.

Knowing the difference between a regular slot machine and a jackpot slot machine can be helpful for a variety of different things — think about it, if you’re someone who likes to play for fun then why would you want to play a jackpot slot with a higher entry level? Now, let’s get into it!

Regular Slot Games

We’ll begin by going over normal slots before we talk about jackpot slots for obvious reasons. Regular slot machines are simple slot machines to get the hang of, utilising very basic gameplay and bonuses to help attract players. Fruit slots — the first slot machines to ever come out — are normal slots as they have nothing too complicated about them and are very fun to spin!

Normal slots tend to vary in terms of what they have to offer depending on who developed the slot and what the theme is. Irish/ancient Egypt-themed games tend to be rather simplistic in nature, utilising wilds, scatters and bonus spins exclusively in every game with the odd exclusive bonus thrown in to add intrigue. Cluster slots could be considered normal, although they are a little more complicated than most.

Cluster slots can sometimes have a big bonus/jackpot element to them depending on the cluster slot in question. Cluster slots that have a gigantic game board tend to have a jackpot element — at this point we should also like to point out that most, if not all slot machines have a jackpot to them, only some aren’t as large as you’d think and are reflective more of in-game scores versus instant win, big cash mechanics.

Normal slots tend to be a lot easier to get into for newbies looking to start out, or are just looking for an entertaining way to pass the time. Play any fruit slot if you want to check out something easy, or look at any of the latest releases from Net Entertainment and Microgaming to find more of a challenge — there’s plenty to pick and choose from as mentioned.

Jackpot Slots Explained

High-roller games with big money prizes, that’s the best way to describe jackpot slots to anyone not in the loop. Jackpot slots are becoming ever-more poignant in this industry for some reason — we like to think that this is down to advancements in technology, but the real reason is down to the adrenaline that comes with chasing big pots!

When it comes to jackpots there are two variants you’ll find in some of your favourite titles: progressive jackpots and local jackpots. Progressive jackpots are limitless to a degree meaning they are always increasing as players spin the games. Local jackpots tend to be fixed in place and are pooled via the players who spin. Progressive jackpots tend to be the preferred option given the six figures they often display.

Any slot machine you come across that has the word ‘megaways’ attached will normally have a worthy jackpot element included. Developers will often create multiple versions of the same slot, one normal version and a jackpot version that dials everything up to eleven! This isn’t true in every slot machine, just those that have a big following tend to get the jackpot treatment.

Megaways slot machines do ask that you put a little bit more money down at the start of each round, as the likelihood of you making more money is pretty damn high compared to standard slot machines. Although the return to player percentage in these slots is no different, you can almost guarantee that you’ll come through with a pretty big pay out once your jackpot slot of choice has come to a complete stop.  Follow the link below to find the new jackpot slots that Slotzo proudly offers!

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So… Which Casino Game Type Is Better?

It’s a boring answer yes, but the answer to this question is subjective. What you ultimately prefer depends entirely on your play style and the amount of money you like to spin with when you log on to play some of your favourite slots! Some of you out there might enjoy both in equal measure! We tend to mix it up every once in a while — although we do tend to play jackpot slots less for obvious reasons (we ain’t made of money)!

Veteran players — you know, those out to only make the most money possible — will play normal slots to practice for jackpot slot machines. Slots that have a normal and jackpot version are almost identical to one another, meaning they can practice in one lane ready for the other. Normal slots tend to have very little risk attached, and are there mostly for fun purposes.

We’d advise new players to check out a normal slot before they go punching with the top jackpot games as they only tend to favour those who know what to expect — we know it can be alluring seeing those big numbers, but not everyone wins big in jackpot slot machines, in fact the percentage of winners in jackpot games is around 0.001% if you can believe that!

Indifferently of what kind of slot you decide to play, make sure that you check our new promo codes to increase your winning chances by our friendly push!

Benefits of Players by Slots of Any Genre

Whatever you choose, know that both will bring endless amounts of fun no matter what — unless you’re a sore loser, then there’s nothing we can do to help you, sorry… Try not to feel pressured to jump straight into a jackpot game, it will take time but eventually that big pot will be yours! Normal slots will always be there for you, come rain or shine, remember that!

If from the above you have concluded that neither of the above slot types if for you, then why not check out instead some single player card games and other live games that are now available on Slotzo?

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