Jackpot slots vs Arcade slots

Jackpot slots vs Arcade slots – An introduction to Slot Games of 2020

Best slot games have been a source of fun to many players, while to some others: it has been a source of financial aggrandizement. At the other end of the rope, it has served a veritable purpose of allowing some people who love to play online casino to exercise their skill and prowess in gaming, and in some cases, showcasing high wits and intellect. These diverse purposes are, of course, served by varied genres of slots in the gaming industry. As a result, this article would provide a detailed dissection of Jackpot slots and Arcade slots as they are both paramount in the scheme of slots today.

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What are Jackpot Slots?

Jackpot slots are slots with bonus features that result in massive winnings by players who make it to such bonus stages. Jackpot slots are the most profitable slots because they reward handsomely when hit by players. Jackpot slots have awarded the biggest wins in the industry, and no other genre comes close.

In most cases, jackpots are a result of the accumulation of tiny portions of each player’s wager over a long time. Some jackpot slots are only built in the slot game itself and do not accumulate over time. In all, jackpot slots are strictly based on chance, and they reward stupendously when hit by players – whether they are pooled or built-in-the-game.

Best Jackpot Slots Today

We’ve seen some lucky players turn multi-millionaires overnight courtesy of some of the following jackpot slots:

  • Mega Moolah;
  • Mega Fortune;
  • MegaBucks;
  • Hall of Gods;
  • Double Diamonds;
  • Mega Fortune Dreams;
  • Sphinx;
  • Holmes and the Stolen Stones;
  • Ozwin’s Jackpots;
  • Immortal Dreams, and many others that you can play with some of our best jackpots.

What are Arcade slots?

Arcade slots are slots with a central theme of past events, movies, games, actions, etc. that are adapted in a newer format. Arcade slots are the most typical examples of games of skill. As its hallmark, every arcade slot requires skill, cognition, and a deep understanding of the mechanisms of each game. Arcade slots are more popularly known as ‘Games of Skill’ because they are highly competitive and not based on luck.

Having been extremely popular from the 1970s through to the 1990s, arcade games of those decades were tough and almost impossible to win. In addition to their inherent difficulty, they only awarded prizes, not money. However, internet slots and progressive slots came and swept arcade games out of the market. Owing to their sophisticated gameplay, arcade slots are sparsely available, compared to jackpot slots and other genres of slots.

Best Arcade Slots 2020

  • Space Invaders;
  • Max Damage Alien Attack;
  • Black Guitar;
  • Guitar Hero;
  • Pacman;
  • Angry Birds;
  • Candy Crush, and some other best new games.

Jackpot slots vs. Arcade slots

On the one hand, Jackpots slots and arcade slots are both fun to play. Also, Both Jackpot slots and some Arcade slots have jackpot features in them. In Jackpot slots and Arcade slots, the goal is to win, as they both bring out the winner in you. Both slots require money to play them. Furthermore, both slots are mostly difficult to win.

On the other hand, whereas Jackpot slots are strictly based on luck, Arcade slots are predicated on the skill of the players. Furthermore, Arcade slots are a little hard to understand, while Jackpot slots are relatively easy to understand. Jackpot slots award unbelievably large amounts of cash to winners, while arcade slots award fair payouts to winners.

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Our Last Thoughts on Arcade vs. Jackpot Casino Game

Jackpot slots and Arcade slots are on another level when it comes to inundating you with fun, thrills, and excitement. Get yourself on some jackpot slots for massive wins on the one hand, and on to some arcade slots for your skill test on the other hand.

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