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Play Live Casino Games

As well as an abundance of online slot games from some of the world’s leading developers Slotzo features a vast array of exciting Live casino games. If you’re wondering what Live Casino involves then this page is designed to give you the lowdown, and all the pros and cons of how Live Casino will revolutionise your gaming experience.

What is Live Casino?

Live Casino is pretty much what it says on the tin. You’ve all played the standard Blackjack, Roulette, or Poker titles that feature heavily across the Slotzo platform, but how many of you budding and experienced old gamers have tested the waters with Live Casino.

Live Casino brings all the mainstays of an actual casino floor into your living room meaning you don’t even need to leave the house to experience the full extent of the sophisticated casino world. When you begin to play these live games, you will enter somewhat of a forum and join the table or wheel along with other Slotzo members playing live alongside you around the world.

Once you’ve found your feet and settled at the table of your choice you’ll be greeted by one of our live dealers who will acknowledge your presence and ride with you through the highs and lows of your gaming experience with Slotzo.

The first instance of Live Casino was in 1996 around the time the internet was truly beginning to establish itself and find its feet. As the years progressed live casino accounted for 50% of the total revenue from casino play.

24/7 Round the Clock Casino

The benefit of live casino is that no matter what your schedule, whether you’re on the bus rushing to work or simply lounging around the house our live dealers are available around the clock to bring you exactly what you require, whether that’s a luxurious spin on live roulette, or a bit of strategy and a real-time experience playing the strategy game Blackjack. Or maybe you just want to experience the feeling of beating one of our dealers in real-time.

In addition, there’s a multitude of live dealers available to match your budget around the clock. Upon entry to each casino you will be greeted with the wagering requirements that apply to each table or wheel. This will give you a brief insight into what casino floor will best suit you. There’s something for those low-budget players as well as the high-rollers not forgetting the players in the middle.

The Live Dealers

Slotzo makes sure to develop a list of live dealers from all genders and a wide range of background. With our live dealers working around the clock for your entertainment it may be the case that you start to realise your favourite, and they may start to remember you. This type of rapport and relationship is something that no other online casino offers and what sets live casino apart from other gaming ventures.

In addition, many of Slotzo’s live casino platforms have in-game live chats where you can communicate with other players around the world and discuss your favourite games and online experiences or maybe even other topics like politics, sport, current affairs or anything you desire.

Safety and Payment when playing Live

Here at Slotzo it’s important that we work hard to maintain the safety and privacy of our Slotzo players while also offering them an enjoyable casino experience. Slotzo works closely with the UK Gambling commission to make sure that we are working in away that maintains our values and upholds regulation set by both Government and official gambling bodies. At the heart of Slotzo is our players and the online slot games they play and their memberships need to be a fair and private experience for them. In light of this we strongly recommend that also Slotzo players read our Responsible Gambling policy and set depositing limits in line with their budget and the guidelines set by the UK Gambling Commission.

In addition, there are many fresh payment methods available on Slotzo to make your transaction history swift and efficient, and get you spinning on those slots and live casino games as fast as you can. If you have any questions about our responsible gambling policy or any information attached to this game page then feel free to get in touch for a confidential discussion about your membership or any queries that you may have.