Live Roulette Strategy Tips

A Strategy to Live Roulette

Live Roulette is such a popular game amongst the best online casino game players. Live casino gaming has really taken off during recent years and it’s easy to see why! Whether you’re a Roulette beginner or it’s your favourite game, make sure you read on for a guide for Live Roulette strategies. Some are more general tips, which can also be employed in other games like scatter slot games or casino card games, and others are specific to roulette itself.

#1 Set yourself limits

Setting yourself limits is a very responsible thing to do! You should determine how much money you’re willing to lose and once you’ve reached that limit walk away. This is such an important tip to remember, as you should never bet money that you can’t afford to lose. You should make sure that you’re playing with your own money, never borrow money from your friends or family for gambling purposes. This can cause problems in your friendships and relationships, and this can cause you to become stressed and sad, or it could prompt you to chase your losses and that’s never a good idea. Making sure that you follow this tip keeps your live gaming experience fun and exciting – just as it should be!

#2 Only play at good casinos

So what makes a ‘good’ casino? Well, there are a number of factors that make a successful online casino, for example it should have technology in place to keep your personal information and banking details safe and secure. A good casino should also offer bonuses and promotions for its users, like welcome bonuses, to show that they care about their players – or a live casino no deposit option. Another great way to figure out if an online casino is worth playing at is to check out players’ reviews and experiences. Just take a look online and see what people think, players are often very honest about their experiences and this can be super useful! Make sure you play at reputable and respected casinos or you could lose your money!

Below we offer some more specific info to roulette – but you can also check out our guide to roulette for more!

#3 Consider avoiding Live American Roulette

If you’re after those big wins when you play Live Roulette, then you should definitely consider avoiding the American version of the game. It carries a house edge of 5.26%, which is quite high and you should play the games with a lower house edge where you can. After all, it will help your chances of winning.

#4 Consider avoiding Mini Roulette

Another type of Live Roulette you should consider avoiding is the mini games of it, particularly for those of you out there who are aiming to win some money. This is because they have low values compared to other games, due to there being one zero and 12 other numbers on the wheel. This means that the wager has a high house edge compared to regular games of Live Roulette.

#5 Non-Progressive Betting

This is a specific Roulette strategy that stay away from the progressive bets that you can place. You can change your bet during the game, or the bets tell you to keep them the same until the end. The James Bond Strategy is a non-progressive betting strategy that attempts to turn the betting system and odds in the favour of the player. You can bet on neighbouring numbers, which means you’re essentially splitting your bet onto 5 numbers that sit next to each other on the wheel. This is for those of you that want to bet on one specific number, and by placing bets on its number neighbours you’re helping to increase your odds of winning. This is a strategy that’s typically used for Live French Roulette, and it’s called the ‘Called and Announced’ betting system.

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#6 Progressive strategies

As you may have guessed, these are the bets that you can make that are the opposite of those above! The basic idea is to judge the outcome of the round, and then increase your bet size accordingly. There are many specific strategies around this, so let’s go through some. There’s one called the Martingale System that advises players to double their bets after every loss. As you can probably tell, it’s a pretty risky strategy and could lead to you losing a fair bit of money. But it could suit you beginners out there who have some money to spare, and want to try out your first Live Roulette strategy. Then you’ve got a method called the Parloi System, which is basically a reverse of Martingale system. This one tells players to double their bets after every win that they have. This is a popular strategy, because it can be considered to be a fairly safe one. Again, we would recommend this one to beginners at Live Roulette because it’s so simple!

#7 Use Outside Bets if you want to bet big

Outside Bets mean that while you may have better odds of winning, the payouts will be smaller, but they are safer to make. Let’s take a look at Outside Bets:

  • A bet on numbers 1 through to 18.
  • A bet on numbers 19 through to 36.
  • Odd or Even: your bet will be on if the number will be odd or even.
  • Red or Black: once the ball lands, you are betting on if red or black will show.
  • Dozen Bets: you are betting on one out of three possibilities happening: 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.
  • Column Bets: you are betting on numbers that fall down a vertical line on the Roulette board.

Live Roulette Table

#8 Don’t get carried away

It’s important that you don’t get too invested in one particular strategy, as the house edge means that the house always wins in the long run! Plus you can never guarantee that your chosen strategy will work, but you need to be patient and not jump strategies. Also it’s important to make sure that you never use a betting strategy before you’re ready, as this could lead to you losing money that you can’t actually afford to lose. So make sure you do your research into the different strategies out there and decide what’s best for you. Otherwise this could lead to you becoming stressed and defeated, and this will suck all of the fun out of your live casino gaming experience!

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