Most Famous Poker Heads up

Heads up poker is some of the most intense gambling there is out there, both as players and watchers. This game is insanely intense where anything can happen and the tables can turn 180 degrees in a single hand.

This intensity is why it is so popular and why there are some seriously large rewards to the winner, piles of cash along with other prizes can be won as the steel faced warriors compete for glory! Read below for more or experience poker yourself at!

What is Heads up Poker?

Before we get into the best heads up poker let us first go over what exactly it is for anyone of us that are new to the amazing world of poker.  It is essentially the same as standard poker, however there are only two players. This two player poker can occur naturally during a normal game of poker; if enough players have folded or gone bust. Or it can also happen intentionally, there are tournaments of heads up poker which are seriously thrilling. As a viewer we are constantly on the edge of our seats. It is hard to imagine what it must be like for the high rolling players.

What Makes Heads Up Poker So Great?

Because it is one on one, it means that there is a much higher chance of having the winning hand! Due to this we are more likely to see some crazy bluffs being pulled where players will risk it all with nothing in hand but their courage.

Uphoff VS Stavropoulos

Uphoff had the short stack by a fairly long way as the game came towards its closing hands. Seemingly unfazed, he continued on taking the disadvantage in his stride. In those last few hands he managed to claw back a fair few million from Stavropoulos’ stack as they competed for the jackpot prize.

Unfortunately for Uphoff, he was lacked the home turf advantage. He was baited into make an all in bluff and was decimated losing it all after working so hard! These two are both considered amongst the best poker players in the world.

Ivey VS Jackson

This heads up poker hand was truly astonishing Ivey with a Queen high and Jackson with 6 high, the flop a 7 and two jacks. Neither player had a thing. Ivey’s stack dwarfing Jackson’s. Regardless of the vast difference in weight behind them, Jackson proceeded, with nothing, to raise and re-raise. Each time met with equal ferocity from Phil Ivey. Then when the commentators are saying that there is no way that Ivey will carry on, that he was going to fold… He went all in. and came away the top dog in the test of nerves of two players bluffing.

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Hellmuth VS Negreanu

This occurred during a normal game of poker, with two other players at the table, who just happened to fold on the opening for a few consecutive rounds, perhaps they felt the tension between the two players and knew to stay out of this battle. Negranu is an expert at reading his opponent and knowing how to toy with they. Unfortunatley, Hellmuth is the kind of man who wears his heart on his sleeve, getting fired up is easy for him.

We got to see hellmuth be poked and prodded, catching with first with a bluff, then in the next hand, played as though he had a weak hand, to destroy hellmuth. By this point hellmuth pacing the room and throwing insults, such great drama.

All the while negranu sat calm and finished the last of the three hands with a flush, sending hellmuth on a verbal tirade!

Negrenu VS Minieri

This game happened during a heads up poker tournament and it was tense, one master bluffer (Minieri) vs one of the best readers there are out there. Back and forth they play each other.

After rounds of joking with each other, playing cat and mouse. Constantly toying with one and other or so it may have seemed at least. But little beknown to Minieri, Negreanu sat in the seat of power.

He expertly dipped and weaved the bluffs that were thrown at him, as though he had x-ray vision. When it came to strike, when he knew he had the upper hand, he moved slowly to pull minieri in to think he was bluffing. This tactic was how more than one hand played, most impressively it was also how the final hand went down. Negreanu with 2 king pair and minieri with 10 high. Minieri went all in and all was lost in an instant as Negreanu didn’t hesitate to meet it.

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