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We are seeing more and more innovation in the tech industry and we have been given yet another great system to be able to make our lives even easier than they were before. Now we have pay by phone services. This comes at a great time as the use of online mobile casinos is constantly on the rise in popularity.

Being able to stream line the phone casino services we use means we can spend more time doing the things we love and less time hassling over the tedious little processes in life.

A little bit about Boku Mobile Service

Boku are one of the leading companies that offer pay by phone casino uk services. They act as a third party for online casinos and us, the players, meaning allowing us to use pay by phone services. They have been running for quite some time and provide their services to a myriad of great companies that have well established names, meaning we know we can trust this company to do their job properly. Juts come of the companies they provide pay by phone services for are Facebook, Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment and PlayStation as well a plenty of other great companies. In April 2020 alone, they gained 2 million new users!

This pioneering tech company have proven that they know what they are doing. And for those of us who are security conscious, they are too! They are always finding ways to improve the safety of their service.

What Does a Pay by Phone Service Do?

So how exactly do pay by phone services work?

They allow us to be able to bill our phones with additional transactions, as we mentioned earlier this is used in many different industries, from phone games to World of War craft as well as other services.

We tether our phone bills to the company and when our monthly bill is due to come out, the purchases or deposits we have made are added on to the bill. This can be done with either a mobile or landline phone, however it is more common to be seen on mobile phones.

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How to Start Using Pay by Phone

For us players, this means that we can quickly and easily make deposits into your online casino accounts and get straight to playing your favourite slot game online, what is better is that most online casinos do not apply a deposit charge when using this payment method, though it is important to check with each casino.

So how do we go about setting up the new payment method?

  1. Decide which online casino we would like to use
  2. Go to that online casinos payment page
  3. Then select the pay by phone deposit method and enter the chosen amount
  4. We will be prompted to enter the number to make the payment
  5. Once we have submitted it, we will receive a text with a unique verification code, input this code into the online casino.

After entering the unique verification code, we will receive a confirmation text and then we are all done! Come the next billing period for our phone, the chosen amount will be added to the charges of that bill. Check out and pay by your phone to play!

The Potential Drawbacks

Whilst the pay by phone service is a great thing there are a few things that can make it a less advantageous service than what we have already.

One of the big issues that we can face is a restricted deposit of £30 per day. For some high rollers this might make it incredibly tedious to use this service or simply unusable. Another problem this can bring to the surface is when it comes to getting our hands on some of those great bonuses we know so much about. This is because a lot of deposit bonuses can exceed this £30 limit. Meaning that if there was a deposit matching bonus of £200 we would be missing out on £170 of bonus money.

The solution to this is to use standard methods of payment, such as bank transfer or services such as Skrill or Neteller to facilitate the specific payments to maximise the potential being offered from these deals. When not engaging in these deals then we can take advantage of the ease of use that is offered from services like Boku that offer pay by phone deposits to our favourite online banks.

The other downside that pay by phone services have in comparison to other methods is that we have to use other methods to withdraw our winnings as this is only a billings system.

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