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Mobile phones have changed the game as far as mobile gaming is concerned — practically every reputable casino site has smartphone compatibility nowadays! Pay by phone casinos have emerged in recent years as the next progressive step in mobile entertainment, streamlining the process even further to make life just a little easier for you when playing the games you love.

Finding pay by phone casino sites not with boku is the goal here today, in addition to simply letting you all know just what the hell these casinos are and how they operate. You could say this is essential reading for anyone not in-the-know on these pay by phone casinos. Be sure to read every section below to get the full scoop on this new phenomenon.

Pay By Phone Casinos Explained

Pay by phone casinos are unique in that they don’t require traditional payment methods to play, instead you pay through an active phone bill you might have. That’s right, phone networks such as O2, Vodafone and EE, they’re all giving you the opportunity to tact on any payments to spin some of your favourite games! Depositing cash to play has never been easier thanks to the moves made by phone casinos.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a contract or a pay as you go sort of deal, all that matters is you have a phone number handy and are paying for your handset directly. The process of paying at a phone casino is very fast to say the least, arguably the fastest way to pay to be honest. Consider these mobile casinos on the rise at the moment, they could very easily take over the industry at the rate they’re moving!

The phone casino sites in 2021 don’t apply any additional charges to most payments/withdrawals either! This is arguably the best thing about these casinos, in that you are getting 100% of your money back each and every time you play. Various dedicated players have already made the jump to these pay by phone casino sites. Perhaps it’s time you do too?

Boku? What’s That?

Boku is a service provider that essentially looks after the pay by phone process for certain casino sites — think of them as the McDonald’s of the pay by phone world: they’re everywhere. If anyone every references a payment type as ‘Boku’ this is what they are referring to (a pay by phone method in case that wasn’t clear enough).

An independent carrier, Boku is a UK-based company that has quite the track record. There’s no doubt about it, Boku is incredibly reliable, guaranteeing safety no matter what, but that’s not what we’re looking at today. Various alternate pay by phone service providers exist that deserve to be mentioned. But yes, Boku is very solid choice to go with generally speaking.

Pay By Phone Providers – Not Boku

As we’ve just mentioned, not every pay by phone casino will have Boku as their designated service provider — you’ll find many out there that are just as decent, if not better, it all depends on your stance really. As a general rule of thumb, we’d recommend only going with reputable, tried and tested phone casinos/payment methods — failure to do so could cost you.

Here are some non-Boku pay by phone casino methods worth checking out:

Fonix: Another name coming out of the UK, Fonix is just as skilled as Boku in providing you the right kind of payment support. All the big UK phone networks deal with Fonix directly too — you know, O2, EE, Vodafone and more!

Founded in 2006, Fonix has dedicated themselves in guaranteeing your safety when riding the highs of pay by phone casinos. In a way, Fonix is like the brother of Boku in that they are somewhat identical. What you get with Boku is pretty much set via Fonix also!

PayForIt: PayForIt is another SMS option out there that credits your phone bill with little to no delay. PayForIt allows punters to play with up to £30 a day all the way up to £240 a month — which is more than enough when you think about it.

We should mention the fact that PayForIt is not a registered company per say, which might impact certain customers who might be put-off by that. Should you have any questions/issues you’d like to raise, be sure to direct all messages to your current phone provider, they’ll be able to help.

MuchBetter: MuchBetter is different to the above two options in that it involves downloading a second party app in order to make payments at applicable phone casinos. There are quite a few pay by phone casino apps out there, but we found MuchBetter to be more on the consistent side.

Apps tend to cover you a little better on the security front if you’re worried about that sort of thing. To set it up all you need to do is create an account and link it to the phone casino sites you’re using. User reviews of the app are a great way of finding out more on MuchBetter if you’re left with questions still.

Apple Pay: Probably the most popular payment method in the world right now, regardless of country — yes, Apple Pay is available at most phone casinos and so it should be! Consistency/reliability is key when it comes to payment methods, and there’s no stronger contender than the mighty Apple Pay.

Apple Pay runs off of your fingerprint or passcode that is unique to you, which makes it very fast and efficient to use. Many of you might already use this payment method in your day to day lives, so you know how good it is.

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Step By Step Guide On Phone Casinos

Compared to your standard slot game/casino sites, phone casinos can confuse a few of you out there who might not know what to expect. The basic set up and process of these sites are the exact same, the only real difference comes in how you pay, and how much you can pay per day.

Like we’ve said countless times already, paying my phone is very fast and reliable, here’s how you do it:

  • Step 1: Visit the payment page at the phone casino of your choice. Clicking on the logo of certain payment methods should take you to this page directly. Here you’ll find various payment methods ready for you.
  • Step 2: Input the amount of money you’d like to deposit and enter your phone number. You can play with up to £30 a day at most pay by phone casino sites — this is the max amount you can play with. Get ready to be sent an SMS message.
  • Step 3: Reply to the verification text message, the SMS message will ask you to enter ‘Y’ to confirm whether or not its you requesting the payment. There is an option to cancel the request if you want to change the amount or have changed your mind completely.

Did you know that you can pay via landline too? BT customers have the option to call a specific number that allows them to pass over their details verbally — this is a fantastic option for disabled customers, or those who still aren’t 100% about any of the above. Landline payments do take a little longer than the SMS route you can take, but they still work just the same.

Once you’ve deposited successfully, you should be good to go and ready to play! Phone casinos do come with a FAQ/help section should you find yourself confused by all this. Again, contact your phone network if you have any questions and they should be able to assist you — that’s why they have a customer service team to begin with!

Security At Phone Casinos

It’s possible to make quite a lot of money at these pay by phone online slots sites, which is why security at these places is treat very seriously. Most believe phone payments to be unsafe due to how open text messages are. To that we’ll say this: there’s a reason service providers like Boku and Fonix exist. These companies safeguard your information so that you can pay/play without worry.

Remember, phone casinos cap any deposits at £30 a day, so if someone is making payments on your account you can easily put a stop to that — but this rarely happens to begin with (unless you’re not paying attention). If you do think someone is attempting to make payments using your details, be sure to flag this with the phone casino site directly as soon as possible.

Still worried about how secure this all is? Just remember, all payments need to be authenticated ahead of time via text, not to mention there is no need to create an account anywhere so there are no real details for someone to steal. That is, unless you go down the second party app route where you might be required to create an account.

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