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It goes without saying, but mobile phones have completely revolutionised the online gaming world as we know it! Practically every slot and site comes with smartphone compatibility, allow punters to play wherever and whenever they like without the fuss. There is a next step in this evolution, and that comes via pay by phone casino sites, have you heard of them before?

Phone casinos are the latest craze to take the industry by storm, a streamlined version of casino sites as we know it, giving players a new way to play online slots, and ultimately, pay. Today we’ll be breaking down everything there is to know about pay by phone casino sites in the hope that you check a few out for yourself. Who knows, maybe you might like what you see and prefer it to the standard casino sites!

What Are Pay By Phone Casino Sites?

Casino sites that allow you to pay with your phone casino bill directly, that is what a pay by phone casino site is. There has been a number of these sites popping up in recent years, what with practically everyone having a smartphone on them at all times. The impact these sites have had can definitely be felt — phone casinos have streamlined the process of paying, making it appear somewhat seamless!

Every UK phone network is in on this too — you know, EE, O2, Vodafone and 3! To see if your network offers this payment method, be sure to contact them directly, they should be able to advise — although they tend to have these sorts of questions covered on any relevant FAQ sections on-site. There is also relevant info on the phone casino sites themselves — you might find what you’re looking for there.

Every payment is handled through SMS messaging, with various service providers looking after the security of every payment made. It takes minutes, if not seconds, to apply credit to your account using this method. Plus, there’s no need to memorise passwords or anything like that — you just deposit and play with no hesitation, it’s great!

Downsides To Phone Casinos?

We haven’t noticed any to date, which is why we believe phone casinos to be very viable options for players who might be looking for something new to try — something they can experience from the palm of their hand maybe? Everyone will have their own takes on what avenue to take to deposit, and play games, but is there any harm in trying something new? In other words: check out some phone casinos for yourself, you might want to stick around!

In short, the only downside is that there is no downsides at phone casinos. The benefits far outweighs any negatives you might have. We’ll be covering all the best things about pay by phone casino sites later, so be sure to continue reading to find out what these phone sites can do for you.

Also, we should mention that there are various pay by phone slot sites out there too if that’s more your thing. There are probably a hell of a lot more slots games than there are casino titles out right now, so go with whatever suits you — both utilise the same pay by phone methods really!

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How To Pay At Phone Casinos

The process of paying here is very simple, all you need at hand is your mobile phone and signal to receive SMS messages. If you have access to both then you are pretty much set. Here’s a rundown of the process you’ll come to know at multiple phone casino sites:

  • Step 1: Click on the payment page at the phone site of your choosing. Clicking on the various payment logos is an alternate way of heading straight to this page — it’s here where you’ll see all the viable payment methods at the site, if applicable.
  • Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to deposit and input your mobile phone number. You can deposit up to £30 a day, so enter an amount you’re comfortable with and get ready to check your phone; a text is inbound!
  • Step 3: Reply to the verification text message you’re sent. Every pay by phone casino will need to verify that you made the payment request. To confirm it’s you, the text will normally ask that you reply with a certain letter to either agree to the deposit, or cancel.

Landline payments are accepted in certain cases too. BT Customers have a unique phone number they can call to input their details/deposits in verbally. This process takes a little longer than the SMS option shown above, although both are still viable options for punters — in other words: you do you when paying in to these phone casino sites.

SMS isn’t the only option out there at these phone casino sites either. Apple Pay for example is yet another option for you, you know, the most popular payment method in the world. Apple Pay runs off your fingerprint/passcode and is arguably a lot more efficient than some of the other SMS options for you out there. It all comes down to personal preference in which you choose!

Once you’ve gone through the process of depositing, you should be set! Should you have any worries/questions on any of this, be sure to reach out to your phone network/the phone casino site itself. Both should have dedicated customer service teams that are there if you need them, if help sections don’t display the information you’re looking for straight up.

Benefits To Pay By Phone Casino Sites

Pay by phone casinos sites have completely reimagined what is possible on a smartphone. The benefits to this come with the ease of use and general quality of life changes when compared to standard desktop casino sites. Mobile phones are so incredibly powerful in terms of the technology they hold, so these pay by phone casino sites were always going to happen, it was just a matter of when. Change is indeed good when talking pay by phone casinos!

We should highlight the fact that practically all pay by phone casino sites don’t apply additional charges/cuts! That’s right, you get what you play for here, with 100% of your money coming back to you when withdrawing funds. This will definitely be a reason why most make the transition to phone casinos in future if this continues. Experiences on phone casinos are incredibly rewarding too, this shouldn’t be understated.

There are some players out there that tend to overspend when playing casino games, which is why having a £30 cap on daily deposits is also very beneficial to players. Pay by phone casino sites really highlight the fun aspect of online games unlike other sites which serve as a bottomless pit for you to fill with your money. Playing at these phone casino sites really encourages you to play for fun again!

What Are Pay by Phone Casino Services?

Most reputable phone casinos use a service provider known as Boku, a company that initially started off as a payment solution for companies like Facebook, Google Play and Spotify, now lending their talents elsewhere! These companies handle everything for the many pay by phone casinos you come across, guaranteeing your online safety as you pay and play.

Boku is not the only service these phone casinos use either, there are countless companies out there such as PayForIt. PayForIt works in the exact same was as Boku, charging your monthly phone bill for any deposits you might make. Pay as you go customers, remember, if you don’t have any credit on your phone then you can’t make any deposits. Pay by phone casinos tend to benefit contracted customers more in most cases.

Security, Security, Security

Some of you out there might be a little apprehensive in visiting these pay by phone casino sites, believing them to not be as secure. We can tell you now that they are incredibly secure — just ensure you’re playing at reputable phone casino sites and you won’t have to worry about scams or anything like that. User reviews are a fantastic way of getting an idea on the safety at a certain site.

Service providers like Boku are put in place to safeguard any SMS payments you deposit to these sites also. These companies are registered and fully regulated, meaning they are 100% safe to use and can be trusted no problem. Remember, every payment you place will need to be verified through a text message, so only you have the ability to deny or accept certain deposit requests.

Be sure to contact the pay by phone casino directly should you have any issues or questions regarding security. Most sites will have Twitter accounts with their DMs open — drop them a message and they should get back to you with all the information you need. The same goes with your phone network as we’ve stated a few times already, and we are not in favour of pay by phone casino not boku casino sites.

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