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Winning poker hands, the cornerstone of the game of poker itself, but often the cause of confusion amongst rookie players. It is easy to see why, as not only are there numerous potential winning hands, but they are also ranked in a particular order. Landing any of the higher-ranking or best poker hands will give you a decent chance of winning the hand, but the winning combinations are given an order to decide a winner. These rankings are therefore significant as they dictate who takes the pot once you have played through the pre-flop, turn, and river stages. Your best possible hand in these casino games is comprised of any five cards from your own hand and the cards on the table. The main poker formats, including Hold’em, Omaha and Seven Car Stud all use the rankings used in this guide, which are known as the traditional high poker rankings. Join and play on this online casino!

Why Does Knowing Poker Hands Matter?

Memorising the winning poker hands and the order in which they are ranked is a helpful skill for multiple reasons when playing card games. Firstly, if you are playing poker at a casino you will be largely unaware of why players are winning each hand if you are not aware of the ranks of the winning poker hands. Even if you are playing at home with your own poker set, the game will run a lot smoother if everybody is aware of all the poker hands. Online poker is a little easier, however, as the sites will usually tell you what hand you are sitting on throughout the game, though you will still need to know the rankings to know if your hand is any good or not.

Another reason to learn the poker hands order is to help develop your poker strategy for live casino gaming. It is very difficult to know whether the hand you are holding is strong or not without knowing what it beats and what it loses to. So, learning the best poker hands will help you play the game successfully.

But do not fret, what constitutes each hand and the order they are ranked can be picked up in no time once you familiarise yourself with the game. What’s more, many of the poker hands will feel very familiar if you have played any other sorts of card games, such as Rummy. Our guide below is a good place to start but ultimately you will find that the more poker you play, the more the winning poker hands will become second nature to you. Let’s hope you land some good’uns yourself!

What are the Best Poker Hands?

#1 Straight Flush

Poker hands don’t come any better than a straight flush, the best hand in the game. Specifically, a royal flush is the ultimate when it comes to winning poker hands as it is unbeatable. A royal flush consists of an ace, king, queen, jack and ten all of the same suit, whether it be diamonds, clubs, spades, or hearts.

As for non-royal straight flushes for us commoners, you will need 5 sequential cards (in order) that are all the same suit. Even if you have low cards, this hand will still beat any other unless a player has a better straight flush, that is one where their highest card in the sequence is higher than yours.

#2 Four of a Kind

The second best poker hand is a four of a kind. Very simple this one, you need four cards of the same rank. Although it would be unlikely, a four of a kind could be dealt on the table, meaning all players left in would have their hands on it. The winner would then be decided by who has the highest ‘kicker’ card, that is, the highest fifth card to sit alongside the four of a kind. If players have different four of a kind combinations, the winner is simply the one with the highest rank.

#3 Full House

Poker hands need good names and a full house is surely the most satisfying out there. It truly is a party when you manage to land this. You will need three cards of matching rank alongside two cards of a different rank that also match. Essentially, a three of a kind and a pair joined together for a very tidy set of 5 cards.

#4 Flush

We had the straight flush, and now we have the two winning poker hands that compose it. A simple flush is any five cards of matching suit. Unlike the straight flush, then, they do not need to be in order. In the event of a tie between two flushes, the winner Is the player with the highest rank card, then the second highest if needed, and so on.

#5 Straight

The straight will be fuming that it ranks below its compadre the flush. A standard straight is any five cards in a row, and the higher the cards used in your straight the better. The Ace can be used at either end of the chain. So, ace, king, queen, jack, ten is the highest straight and 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace is the lowest straight.

#6 Three of a Kind

The poker hand down in 6th place is still nothing to be sniffed at – a three of a kind consists of three cards of the same rank. For example, a jack of hearts, diamonds, and clubs. If players have the same three of a kind because some of the cards are shared from the table, the winner is the one with the highest side card making up the 5.

#7 Two Pair

Poker hands will often feature pairs, and if you land one you will be hoping you grab another for a two pair. If two players have the same highest pair, for example, a pair of kings, the next highest pair wins. If both pairs are the same, the fifth and final card in the players’ hands will decide it.

#8 Pair

Poker would be nothing without the plucky pair. Beaten by all others but the most frequently occurring and therefore very important to the game. If you have a pair in the hole at the start of the game, you could be onto a winner if grows into something bigger and better.

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