History and Evolution of Roulette

Roulette is a game that will never disappear, it’s just too popular on today’s best online slots casino sites! Ever since it began, audiences have loved playing the game, devising and trying out new strategies trying to win big! Do you want to know the history behind your favourite game? It’s an interesting story; Roulette has certainly been on a long journey to get where it is today!

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Ancient Rome – Roulette Early Days

Well, not quite! But there’s evidence that Roman soldiers played casino games to relax after battles, and lots involved spinning! They used chariot wheels or a shield to create the spin they needed for their games.

And in Ancient Greece?

The soldiers in Greece had the same idea as the Romans, and after a long hard day’s battle they decided to relax by playing games. Symbols would be etched into the soldiers’ shields and then placed face down on the floor. One arrow would be placed next to it and then they would take it in turns spinning the shield. The soldiers would place bets on what symbol they thought the arrow would stop on. Sounds similar to Roulette, doesn’t it?

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Roulette in France and Germany

Let’s take it back to France in 1655 and the French physicist and inventor Blaise Pascal. Blaise was working hard on his latest invention – a perpetual motion machine. He was trying to create a machine that could work and run without using or relying on any outside energy sources. As clever as this sounded, he didn’t actually end up succeeding. But he is the person that’s actually credited with inventing Roulette, though! By 1796 in Paris, there were reports that the game was being played there.

The game was being played with a single and double zero on its wheels. By 1842 the game was played with a single zero roulette wheel, basically the game that we know today as European Roulette. Louis Blanc and Francois are the men credited with inventing this version of Roulette. Fun fact, gambling was actually illegal in France at this time so they took their game over to Germany. The gambling community over in Germany really enjoyed the game, and this marked the beginning of Roulette’s popularity! Louis and Francois eventually brought the game back with them to France, as Prince Charles of Monaco III wanted to play it!

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Roulette table

Early Days of American Roulette

Soon after this the game spread through Europe and America! Fun fact, it was thought be introduced to America in the 19th century by European settlers who settled in Louisiana. In the earlier days it was played with 28 numbers, an eagle symbol, as well as a double zero and a single zero. The eagle symbol was used as it added to the house edge for the casino and it represented the American symbol for liberty. The bad news for players was that if the ball landed on the eagle or any zeros then their bets would be completely lost.

This version of Roulette soon became European Roulette, and was played with 36 numbers and the zeros were what gave the house edge. Interestingly, the game was played differently in America when compared to the rest of Europe. In Europe, Roulette was played with a relaxing atmosphere in casinos, where players could eat and drink. But in America it was played in gambling dens, with not too much success. The game angered both players and hosts of the game as there was evidence of cheating on both sides! This meant that the Roulette wheel had to be put on top of a table to keep things fair. This way nothing could be hidden under the wheel to tip the result in anyone’s favour. The game was also played at a faster pace, through the way the bets were simplified. The main difference between modern versions of European Roulette and American Roulette remains the single zero and double zero. The American version of the game is played throughout Canada, and is very popular there. It’s also commonly played in South America and the Caribbean. The most popular version in the other countries is the European version, as players enjoy playing the game with one zero.

Online Roulette & Live Roulette

The move of Roulette into the online world was the next step for the beloved game! Online casinos mean that players can enjoy their favourite casino games in the comfort of their own homes, or when they’re out and about! All you need is an account and a stable internet connection! Online casinos officially began in 1996, but at that time they had very few games for players to choose from. Roulette was not one of the games that was offered, but after a few more years it got its place on the online platform. Technology has now moved even further along, and players can enjoy Roulette as a live casino game. These are played with a live dealer and live chat functions, so you feel as if you’re in a real casino.

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What does the Future of Roulette Hold?

So there you have it, a history of favourite game! We hope that you enjoyed learning about the history of Roulette, and maybe you even learnt something new! The game has certainly come a long way since versions of it were played by Ancient Roman and Greek soldiers! The game being officially created in France by Blaise Pascal, of course. Roulette has gone through great change during its lengthy history. In our modern times, technology breathed new life back into the game through the online gaming market. This brought a whole new crowd of young players, who were keen to play the game from the comfort of their own home or on the go, at the touch of a single button. If you haven’t played a game of Roulette yet, then we definitely recommend that you do! After all, you’ve got so many options at your fingertips! You can enjoy the game in land based casinos, in the online world or play at a live casino.

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