Roulette Variants with the Best House Edge

For any of us that have taken a trip down to a casino, we will probably have seen some roulette tables along with plenty of other top class casino games to feed that thirst for risk. We may have also noticed a few with some differences be the different tables that on offer. The most notable difference between them being those pesky little zeros.

Here we are going to talk about what those different tables mean for us as players and which, if they are all available, are the best to put our money into to put ourselves in the best odds to come away with a profit in this game of chance. The live roulette house edge is what determines our potential profits, so check out every roulette game in detail.

European Roulette Game

First we have the most common to see in the UK which is the European roulette. This roulette comes with only one zero which means are odds are better to avoid them landing, giving the casino a 2.7% house edge, which are pretty good odds providing we have a good system in place.

We are also given access to a “Racetrack” which opens up special calls for us to be able to take advantage of. These calls are as follows:

  • Tiers du cylindre or Tier for short – This bet allows us to place 6 tokens over two numbers, the combinations are as follows for each token 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30 and 33/36
  • Les Oprhelins – This call allows us to cover eight numbers with five chips. Each chip covering the following combinations: 3, 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34
  • Voisins du Zero – This type of bet allows us to cover up to 17 numbers. The bet requires seven chips to cover the all the combination: 0/2/3, 4/7, 12/15, 18/2, 19/22, 25/26/28/29 and 32/25
  • Jeu Zero – Here is our final call, we are able to cover seven numbers with this bet and it only requires 4 chips which will give us the ability to stake on the following numbers: 0/3 12/15, 28 and 32/35

American Roulette 

The American version of roulette is a little harsher on the players. It comes with the introduction of a double zero which odds our odds pretty heavily, giving the casino a boosted house edge of 5.26% which is nearly double the edge of the European counterpart.

It is best to avoid this style of table unless there is no other choice, this is because of the increase in the house edge and without any other real alternative to give us an additional benefit to mitigate the increased chance of losing.

Live French Roulette

The French roulette is by far the best. Looking much like the European version of roulette, this slot has a 2.7% house edge, however there is one significant rule that makes French roulette the crème de la crème of roulette variants. That rule is that when the ball lands on the zero and we did not have a bet on it, we are able to retain half of the value of our lost bet.

This means that if we were to lost a bet of £10 we would retain £5 of our bet. This is a great way of mitigating the detrimental effect of the zero on our odds of winning. At least with this system we are going to be able to retain some of our losses.

If given the opportunity, always play this version of roulette.


Online Roulette Variants

Whilst we are able to find all the previously mentioned versions of brick and mortar versions of roulette online, it is worth while to go over the variations that we can access online that will only be found online.

Mini Roulette

The main one to be aware of is the mini roulette.

This miniature roulette has only 13 numbers to choose from, starting at 0 and going to 12. This gives us significantly higher odds. Because of these higher odds the pay out scale is significantly lower. Rather than the big potential reward of a 35 to 1 reward for a straight bet, we are offered a pay out of 11 to 1.

Live Roulette

If we are looking for the bricks and mortar feel then the live online roulettes are the way forward. They give us a real human being so see spin the wheel.

There are some fears that this method roulette is rigged or in some way has even greater odds against us. Thankfully, for those of us have level heads, we understand there is strict regulation to look after us and that these ideas are started by bitter losing players.

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