Slots with Huge Payout Rates

The majority of us are partial to play slot games with great themes, enchanting soundtracks, and intricate, well thought out bonus rounds.

But the one thing that will always get your pulse racing above all else is a slot with a huge pay out rate.

After all, we play slots in the hope of making some tidy wins. We may lose some days, but we want to be in with a shout of landing those life-changing jackpots!

Slot Payouts Explained

#1 RTP

First of all, let’s recap what dictates the pay out rate for slots. One key term you will come across is RTP, which stands for the Return to Player percentage. RTP essentially refers to the percentage of cash that is wagered on a slot machine that is returned to players as winnings.

So, if a slot’s RTP is 96%, £96 of every £100 will be returned to players as winnings on average, with the house keeping the £4 profit. This of course means that on the flip side, the house edge of our hypothetical slot is 4%.

It is important to note that the RTP only holds true over a very long period of time and can offer no guarantees for individual players. That said, you will be doing yourself a favour to choose a slot with a high RTP.

#2 Volatility

The volatility or variance of a slot is another ingrained feature which dictates the pay out rate of a particular game. A low volatility slot is one which will land you lots of consistent wins of small values. These are great for people who do not want to go on losing streaks and enjoy the constant success.

This may sound ideal, but high volatility slots offer those big prize wins of much larger sums. Of course, the flip side is that with a high volatility slot you could be waiting quite a while to land a win at times.

Slot Games to Play

There are numerous other factors at play which influence slot payouts. Often, those which land people big jackpots are quite unpredictable. However, one of other indicators that a slot could you win you big cash is whether it is a progressive jackpot or not.

Again, these can be hard to land the jackpots on as the jackpot is linked between all the players playing the game. But because it is increases over time, it can bring some serious rewards. Read below or join and play on one of these casino free online slots sites today!

#1 Divine Fortune Slot

Divine Fortune recently landed an incredible €117,058 jackpot for one lucky player. That’s a great pay out rate and a jackpot that most of us only dream of. Interestingly, Divine Fortune’s stats are modest. The RTP is a decent but not ground-breaking 96.59%, and the slot payouts have medium volatility.

So, this does not immediately scream big wins, but it is the progressive jackpot of this game that gives it the big wins potential. There are three progressive jackpots running in the Divine Fortune slot, where the pay out rate can range from tens to hundreds of thousands, as seen with the recent big win.

It is definitely worth a try and its majestic horses and mountainous backgrounds make it a dream to play.

Payout Rate in Slots

#2 Mega Moolah Slot

To top it all off, one lucky player bagged a staggering €10.7 million win in April 2020 on the Mega Moolah slot game. It is no surprise that this big win once again came from a progressive jackpot, which was ready to burst after lots of other players had been trying their luck at this game.

Once again, the progressive jackpot has blown the usual rules out the window when it comes to slot payouts. The RTP of this game is a meagre 94% but the volatility is low meaning you can bag some consistent small wins.

For the big money, however, the progressive jackpot is what comes up trumps. Despite the low volatility which would usually restrict the big wins available, Mega Moolah gave over 100 players wins of €10,000 at the start of 2020.

Last Thoughts on Slot Payouts

So, as you have seen here, it is not always about the RTP and the volatility of a game when it comes to winning big jackpots. Progressive jackpots can really throw a spanner in the works. Nonetheless, with non-progressive games these features do tend to be what dictates your wins.

Thinking about how long you want your bankroll to last and what kind of wins you want to go for is key to your planning. Head over to Slotzo today to try some of these hefty slot payouts games.

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