The benefits of playing casino game shows online

There is a new level of relaxation that comes from logging onto your online casino account and playing a solo round of blackjack or your favourite slot game. Online gambling seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.

But did you know that you can also play casino game shows online? That’s right. Those games that you used to wait up for to play on the T.V are now a simple click away. Check out slotzo to browse their impressive list of games.

Do the casino game shows online have any benefits over the classic versions? Have a look and see for yourself or click here to play.

Timing is not an issue

I think we can all agree that one major issue with the live casino game shows of old is that they were on at a ridiculous time. Usually past midnight. That was because there was no way to monitor the age of players and so the later a show was on, the better.

With online casino game shows that is not an issue. Players need to be of legal age to even have an online casino account and it is much easier to verify this information. That means that you can log on and play on slotzo at any time of the day. No more waiting until ridiculous o’clock in the morning. Play in the afternoon, at lunch or when you wake up. It is that easy.

Play game shows live anywhere

We have established that you can play a casino game show at any time when playing online but did you also know that you can play anywhere? The internet is being made available from almost anywhere. That means that as long as you have a solid internet connection, you can be in a lobby playing a casino game show on the bus if you liked to.

Playing on the sofa with the volume turned right down in the middle of the night is now obsolete. Log onto slotzo at your own convenience.

Game SHows

Worldwide money pools

The internet is accessible to anyone. That means that people from different countries can all log on and play at the same time. Wasn’t it annoying that the same people always used to crop up on those old casino game shows?

That issue is removed entirely with the online space. Play poker against someone just down your road, on the opposite end of the country or even on the other side of the world. There is no limit with online casino games. Isn’t that more interesting than playing against the same old faces?

Higher stakes

With the old T.V format, casino game shows could get quite boring. It seemed to be the same game with the same stakes each and every night.

Now you can find a game tailored to what you want. Slotzo has a huge range of casino games, each one more different than the last. That means that you can play a low stakes game or set the stakes as high as you want. The variety of stakes is wild with online casino game shows.

Easier to moderate

Another reason that casino game shows used to be on so late is because they needed to moderate the amount of people playing. It is no good when you have hundreds of people all calling in to place a bet at the same time on a game of roulette. The poor host would have a very hard time. So they moved it to a time that lots of people don’t watch T.V.

When playing online, the game can be set to allow as many or as little players into a lobby as the game needs. That creates a better and more controlled atmosphere in which to play. No longer can a player call in at the last second and place a much larger bet. The games are far more consistent and friendly.


It is hard to know exactly where to begin when discussing the benefits of casino game shows online. It seems to be a massive improvement of the old model in almost every way.

You can play at any time you want form anywhere and the games are much more versatile and easier to control. Don’t believe me? Head over to slotzo right now and partake in any version of a casino game show that you like. And, yes. You can do that right now. Unless you actually liked staying up until 3am, that is.

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