Top 10 Online Scratch Games

Scratch cards were invented in 1974 and quickly established themselves as one of the simplest forms of gambling. The instant win nature made buying these cards a must for any high stakes player, and they provided a quick bit of fun for passers-by, especially given the fact that they are available to buy in most UK newsagents.

These cards come with variations on the prize amount and design. However, their simple nature did not make the scratch card immune to the online slots casino movement. Now, you can find all sorts of online scratch games at reputable casino sites, such as Slotzo.

How do we determine which are the best ones? Read this discussion to find out what are the top ten online scratch games.

Check the table below for a quick reference to these scratch games.

Title Max Win
Queen of Diamonds £60,000
Egyptian Oasis £60,000
X and O £100,000
Hit the Bank £125
Slapshot N/A
Cash Rumble x10 £10,000
Wild Win Doubler £150,000
Power Cash £5,000
Scratch Doctor Love £1,000
Scratch Irish Eyes £200,000

What is an Online Scratch Game?

Online scratch games are based on physical scratch and win cards, rather casino slot games. This type of online casino game usually involves unveiling a series of symbols to match them in a line or on a ticket. Every scratch game is different, but players are likely to win by matching these symbols along a row or in a specific sequence.

How do Scratch Games work Online?

The digital nature of online scratch games gives the developer a chance to branch out from the initial scratch and win concept. This means that they can include animations to improve the theme or include bonus features that extend the gameplay choices.

With that said, most online scratch games follow a similar formula. The main aim is to place a wager for a round, reveal the symbols and receive any possible instant wins.

If the core concept is so simple, how do developers keep this type of online casino game interesting? Let’s find out by discussing the top ten online scratch games.

The Top 10 Online Scratchards UK

Many factors can change to deviate games from the traditional online scratch formula. These can be seen in the online scratch games that have been deemed the very best.

Queen of Diamonds

We have a fairly simple scratch game to start with in Queen of Diamonds. Based on a playing card aesthetic, this instant win game tasks the player with revealing the queen of diamonds from a set of cards placed face down. You can place a bet between 15p and £36 per game, and each card comes with a cash amount attached. Obviously, the queen of diamonds card is worth the most, but the max jackpot is won in the bonus features. The war bonus is triggered when the player unveils three gold cards. The player can then flip twenty cards in a row to beat the queen’s total. The max win in this online scratch game is £60,000.

Egyptian Oasis

Egyptian Oasis takes the very popular Egyptian theme and applies it to a scratch game. Bets start from just 5p per round, and the max pay-out is also £60,000. The game is played on five reels and three rows. Five numbers are chosen at random and displayed at the top of the screen. The player must unveil numbers to match those at the top. Higher prizes are won for matching more numbers. Egyptian Oasis also includes a bonus wheel that distributes another instant win, and the pyramid bonus is another pick me game; only this time, players will have seven or fourteen picks to match the numbers for a chance to win the max jackpot.

X & O

The X & O scratch game takes place on a 3×3 grid and is one of the simplest online scratchers. This grid conceals three X’s and three O’s. The player’s job is to match three X’s or O’s in a row to win a prize. You can match these symbols horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The max jackpot in this scratch game can reach heights of £100,000, and you can bet anywhere between 50p and £10 per nine reveals. Sadly, there are no additional features in this scratch game, but you can speed things up with the quick reveal function to scratch all squares simultaneously.

Hit the Bank

Hit the Bank is one of the more sophisticated looking online scratch games with its dark green background and gold lettering. Players can choose between five, ten or twenty tickets to play at a bet placed between 1p and £10. Like Egyptian Oasis, players are tasked with matching the numbers on their ticket to the ones on screen, winning more cash for more numbers matched. Play three times in a row to participate in the bank race bonus. Match three numbers in this round to win the jackpot of £125.


Canadian Hockey is a beloved pastime, and you can enjoy the theme in the Slapshot Scratch Game from NeoGames. Again, players are tasked with unveiling symbols, only this time you are doing so on a field of ice. The title screen is stylish, making the Slapshot online scratch game one of the better-looking games.

Cash Rumble x10

This 3×3 scratch game was released by NeoGames and tasks players with revealing three matching symbols. These symbols must match those on one of their tickets, and you can place a stake on up to twenty tickets. Wagers start at £1, and the max win is £10,000. Cash Rumble x10 also comes with a multiplier bonus feature. This bonus multiplies every win by ten, just as the title suggests.

Wild Win Doubler

The Wild Win Doubler scratch game does not break new ground; however, players have the chance to win up to £150,000 as a max jackpot. The RTP for Wild Win Doubler is 96%, which is the current average, and you can play from bets starting from 50p per ticket. Again, you bet on tickets and must match the numbers on the screen and can use the auto play feature to instantly find out the results of a game. Fail to match any of the ten numbers, and you will walk away empty-handed.

Power Cash

Fruit machines are one of the most recognisable slot game types, and it is nice to see the theme represented in an online scratch game. The animations make this game pop, as a floating coin will scratch off the square selected by the player. The RTP rate on this card is 93.5%, which suggests players will have a good chance of revelling at least one match. This scratch game works out its wins differently, giving each symbol a tier, with the 1st tier being worth a multiplier of 10,000x the stake. Unfortunately, the betting range is only small, allowing you to bet between 20p and £20 per round, so you will need to bet big for a chance to win the max win of £100,000.

Scratch Dr Love

As online scratch games go, it is rare to see anything as enigmatic as Scratch Dr Love. This heavily themed scratch card continues the story of the devious Dr Love as he continues to fail his patients. Bets start from 20p, and players must scratch off the nine squares to reveal the symbols below. Then, match three or more hidden symbols to win a prize. The max prize in Scratch Dr love stands at £1,000, and you can access this scratch game on mobile or tablet.

Scratch Irish Eyes

NextGen is no stranger to the luck of the Irish theme present in Scratch Irish Eyes. Players need to scratch off and match three of the pot of gold symbols on the 3×3 grid for a chance to win a multiplication of 5x their stake. You can bet anywhere between 1p and £100 for five scratches, and the top prize sits at £200,000. The RTP for this scratch game is 91%, which gives the casino a house edge of 9%.

Scratch Slots - Big Win

Some highlights on the top ten scratch games UK

As you can see, the simple nature of online scratch games make them accessible to any type of gambler, but that does not mean that every game needs to be the same. Whether you want high jackpots, a variety of bonus content or a bog-standard scratch card, you can find it in one of these ten online scratch games.

Where to play online scratch games

Before you get excited about the variety of online scratch games, you must first sign up to a casino site that carries them. Slotzo is a reliable gaming platform that houses all manner of online games.

To play at Slotzo, you must first register with us. To do this, follow the process below.

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Once registered, you can browse the site and play any of the online scratch games you wish.


Online Scratch Games may not be the most exciting form of gambling, but they still provide a simple and reliable way to bet and play for prizes. Try out one of the top 10 online Scratch Games at Slotzo to experience one of the best online scratch games.

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