Top Slots with the Highest RTP in 2020

When it comes to understanding RTP role in slots games, first it is a good idea to get your head around what the acronym RTP actually stands for. The RTP stands for the return to player. All slots have an RTP, and the RTP is basically a percentage figure representing your odds of winning with the online slot. All in all, the RTP is the percentage of the wins in total, over the stakes that have been played with the slot.

There are many examples of how the RTP works with slots. Here is the most popular way to understand the RTP of a slot. This can also help you figure out slots with the highest RTP and also the house edge, but more on that later. The RTP is calculated over the course of many spins, and that includes bonus spins offered by the games not the new online casinos themselves. So let’s say a slot has an RTP of 95 per cent. If you are playing 100 rounds with this slot at £1 a go, you can expect a winning of £95. The leftover 5 per cent is the house edge – money won from the online casino with each wager. Slotzo has one too.

Slots RTP

While that all sounds pretty straight forward, remember the RTP is calculated over millions of spins. That means it includes rounds of slots played by you and from other players with online casinos across the world. So, in theory while it is likely that you will eventually win your money back, the RTP has no guarantee when you will do so. This is why an RTP is theoretical to begin with, as each wager goes to a theoretical RTP.

The reason for this is because the £95 you just bet could be going towards another player’s win one second, and your own jackpot the very next. It is worth keeping in mind that the RTP is a figure which gets calculated from the pool of wagers that each player on that slot has made.

If all of the above seem to complicated to you why not check out our card games or live casino games instead?

Online Slots Machines Explained

An online slot is basically a traditional slot machine game that is played online. Some of the best RTP slots are based on the most classic style of slots with a high RTP to match. These are the best slots to play and nowadays these slots, even based on traditional slots machine games, have a great progressive jackpot too. Slots are usually set across three columns with 5 pay lines, but this varies with each of the slots.

When it comes to the RTP with slots, you need to look out for certain signs. Make sure that the slot you are gaming with offers a good amount of bonus spins. It is also a good idea to play with an online casino with best payouts more often than not. One that offers more spins, and bonus spins especially, will give you a better chance of winning and likely has a high RTP.

This is just one way to find the best RTP slots. Along with this, look for slots with an RTP of 96. You can also get lucky with slots that have a good RTP if the slots offer a good max bet option too. When you find slots with the max bet option, it is a good idea to go for that one as you can win more money. Especially if it has one of the best RTP that you have seen.

What makes a Slot Superior to another Slot Game?

Indeed, there are some elements that will take these particular online games and make them the best slot games. To know what the best slot game out there is, go for a game that has a lot of bonus spins. One with more bonus spins than another will give you more chances to win, which is ideal, especially if you find it has a high RTP. Slots with the highest RTP are the ones you want to get the most spins out of, and the more bonus spins the better.

Of course, many other elements other than a lot of bonus spins and having the highest RTP comes into the mix. One of these games being better than another also comes down to having fantastic bonus offers. A game that goes from being average to being one of the best slots game out there will have done so thanks to other things. These things are usually like a fab theme and entertaining game play.

Another thing that elevates a game is the game itself being among the best RTP slots. Couple this with it also having more bonus spins than another game then you will have found yourself a winner. A slot which has a bonus round, or more than a single bonus round, with all of the above elements and extra spins along with bonus spins is worth a go.

Keeping in mind that you want to play with a slot that has a high RTP, all of the above should be considered when looking for the ultimate slot. A slot which comes with a great welcome bonus should not be overlooked either. Also, with a slot that does have a great welcome bonus, if it has a high RTP too you should definitely give that slot a go. If the slot has a good bonus and a good RTP you can win more than with another slot. Further, if you also count in this the casino promotions – then you might even hold the edge over the casino!

Return to Player Explained & How to use it to Win Big

So what exactly is meant by a return to player or, RTP? Going into more detail, if a player heads to a slot, and takes a spin, they are contributing to the RTP with that slot. This will then be awarded to the winner of that slot, which is why it is a good idea to go for a max bet option.

It is also a good idea to choose a slot with a good RTP that has a good bonus offer as well. That is because if you win on that slot and get the bonus with the slot you will win more.

So now you have chosen a slot that has a good RTP, what comes next? A good idea is to go for the max bet option. This way you can use the good RTP and that slot to your advantage. If the slot you are playing with does not have a max bet option, go for gold with a slot that offers a great bonus. As long as you have these things in place, with a good RTP you can go far with a single win.

It is a good idea to bear in mind that when you are playing solely for the fact the game has a good RTP you may be missing other things. For a start, you could forget that you are looking for a game with a bonus round, or bonus rounds. Other things you could forget include a fun theme and entertaining game play which are really important factors that come into play to keep you having fun.

Slot Machines with the Highest RTP

If you are looking for a fantastic gaming experience which also offers a high RTP, there are a few options you can take your pick from. For starters, you can try out the Mega Joker slot which has a great RTP of 99 per cent. Mega Joker also comes with some fantastic bonus offers. Mystery wins are paid for joker symbols for bets of 100 and 200. You can also win from the progressive jackpot during basic mode which is awarded at random.

The current live jackpot with Mega Joker stands at £19,906. Released in 2011, you can find this online slot by NetEnt on mobile too. It has a high volatility rate and if you want to have a go getting the bonuses with this game, play in the super meter mode. With the super meter mode, the game can be played at any of the four bet levels on all pay lines. It is played in the upper reels and this slot is a 2 by three reel, five line slot game with multiple coin ranges.

Another fantastic slot with a high return is 1429 uncharted seas. This online slot game has a return rate of 98.6 per cent. It is among the more original kind of slot games out there. Based on the sea, the 1429 uncharted seas video slot has 25 pay lines and is powered by Thunderkick software. The five reels have been designed to look like a map, set against a wooden background.

The symbols are illustrated and come in the form of mermaids, ships, the sun, moon and the stars. There is also a compass symbol which is the scatter. 1429 uncharted is based on the popular board game, uncharted seas. The board game is a fast-paced playing experience, in which the player uses tactics to guide their navy ready for combat. Uncharted seas is a fantasy based game, and 1429 uncharted replicates this well.

Is it better to bet Higher in Slots?

It is a good idea to bet higher in slots which offer a high return. This is a good idea because it is more tactful, and you stand a good chance of winning. If a game has a high return rate then you can be sure that you are not gaming blindly in the dark, especially if it also has a great bonus. Instead, you will be playing a game which you know you stand a good chance of winning. Then when you do win, you will likely be rewarded with a great prize if you have chosen a good slot game.

With this in mind, it is a good idea to bet higher in slots that you know have a good return. Otherwise, probably not. Some slot games have a really low return rate and these are the kinds of games that you will probably want to avoid. Of course, there is certainly an element of luck that comes into play when you are gaming in the hopes of winning. Slots are one of those online games that offer players a good chance of winning, even though it is not a game where you are guaranteed a win.

It does not take much to actually play the game and be in with the chance of winning, which is another good aspect to these games. There is sometimes strategy involved in the gameplay of a slot, however. Overall though, you just need to know the basics of the slot you have chosen to play and go from there. To be in with the best chance of winning big with slots, it is a good idea to bet higher. Do this with a slot that you know has a high return rate and you will not regret it. However, remember that if you are betting high on a jackpot slot – you might have to hold a strong bankroll to stay in the game.

Which Slot Machines pay the Best?

There are a few slot games 2020 out there worth mentioning which will pay the best. For starters, Jackpot 6000 is a great game if you want to get a big win. It is a stand out video slot, released by NetEn

Highest Paying Slots and RTP

t and it is based on the classic slot machines. You know, the kind that you would expect to find in casinos and other kinds of hospitality places.

With Jackpot 6000 there is an added extra feature that gamers will love. It is an exciting doubling game which offers the much loved super meter mode too. Not only all of this but this game has a great return rate of 98.80 per cent as well. You really will have a hard time going wrong with this slot game. You can also get various bonus offers with this game that are not to be missed – and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good bonus?

The game Bloodsuckers is also a good one to go for if you are looking for a gaming option that pays the best. It is available across multiple devices including desktop and mobile, and has a fabulous return rate of 98 per cent. With Bloodsuckers you have a good chance at slaying some vampires, and winning a good pay out. This game is the one for you if you are into your ghosts and ghouls. It is packed full of features and bonus spins too, so there is a lot to sink your teeth into with this game. All in all, don’t be intimidated when looking for online games that offer a high return, there are plenty out there for you to try.

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