The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide

Slotzo is one of the top casinos in the market offering a number of games, like slot games and live card games, with Blackjack being the favourite choice of online players! Believed to have originated from French casinos during the 1700s, the still popular game is thought to have been derived from a combination of the once-popular games: French Ferme and Chemin de Fer. The French were quick to claim their parentage of Blackjack, however, there is no actual specific origin of the much-loved game. Despite this, it can be seen in casinos around the world, can be played online, used on apps and can now be played live with a real dealer visible.

Playable by the beginner as well as the professional bettor, Blackjack is enjoyed by some for its fast pace and ease, though others participate solely to test their skill levels and try to beat the dealer to win the jackpot. Two cards are given to each player once bets have been placed, the cards are visible to all players at the table as well as the dealer. The dealer is the last to receive two cards as well. To win, the dealers’ hand must be beaten. Simple in its concept, yes, but there are multiple ways in which this can be done. To be able to beat the dealer you must be closer to the total number 21 than the dealer, or alternatively must not go bust when the dealer has. This is not only a game of skill but also a game of nerve. Each card played has its own numerical denomination which is counted and you can decide on your turn whether you wish to “hit” which is to gain another card or to “stick” and stay with the total you have.

All cards in a deck are in play for this game, all making a significant difference to the sum total of your hand. The picture cards and Ace are also in play, all of which have a score of 10. For a Blackjack bonus, look out for an Ace card combined with any other picture card or number 10. This is a great hand, you will receive a bonus for having 21 with just two cards.

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Why An Ultimate Blackjack Guide is Essential?

Knowing that live Blackjack is a skill-based game, you will pick up new strategies and techniques as you play. These often need to be altered to the setting in which you are playing and you may wish to make alternative choices depending on how high the stakes are. For instance, if you are playing with your last chip, then you may choose to pay a little on the safe side and not take too big a risk. However, there are a couple of things you should be aware of because Blackjack is actually the only known game to be played in favour of the player and not the casino.

Firstly, the player always gets a bigger payout than the dealer when they win. The dealer only gets 1:1 whereas the player gains a 3:1 financial jackpot. This can enable you to play for longer, can prevent you from getting concerned if you lose a hand or two, and can enable you to make substantial profits even just from winning a couple of rounds.

Secondly, the player is able to double their bet with the game in play and can also choose to split. The dealer cannot choose to do either of these things. Thirdly, the player can decide to stand when their card total is anywhere between 12 and 16 if they see fit to do so. The dealer must continue to choose to hit until he has reached 17. This means that there is a much greater chance of the dealer going bust.

It is apparent that the dealer is at a considerable disadvantage when playing for the casino. Only one advantage is for the dealer in the entire game of Blackjack, and despite it not being an advantage to you as a player, it is worth noting. The dealer’s own advantage is that they are the last to receive their cards.

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The Blackjack Strategy Charts Explained

To become a Blackjack pro, having your own strategy simply isn’t enough, especially if you want to go professional or play for big stakes. For this reason, specialists have created Blackjack Strategy Charts to help you make more educated, reliable and potentially more financially rewarding decisions while you’re at the Blackjack table. These Blackjack Strategy Charts (BSC) apply to any Blackjack game so can be memorised to add to your strategy banks to help you. The BSC can help you with many different decisions you make during every game of Blackjack, including whether to stand or hit, split, double down and surrender. There are different BSCs which must be taken into consideration as they are geared towards different Blackjack tables. Examples of these are the basic chart, single deck or double deck. Playing Blackjack using the wrong BSC can be of great detriment to the player.

Using the basic Blackjack strategy chart, the visual representation has the dealer’s up card potential numbers going along the top of the chart horizontally, with the hand of the players total two-card sum descending down the left-hand side. Looking at the chart, the objective is to find where the two meet and decipher as to what the colour of the box at the crossover point means. To give you examples to make this hopefully easier to understand, scenarios will be given. In the first example, the dealer has an upward facing card of 6, your total hand is 17. The box where these two lines cross is green and marked with an “S” – this means that you should stick. In the second example, the dealer has an upward facing card of 9, your hand totals 15. The box at the crossover point here is marked with a letter “H” and is yellow. This means that you are advised to hit.

A Guide to Blackjack Terminology

To win when playing Blackjack or most other live card games, the aim is to beat the dealer. To do this, you need to get as close a score to 21 as possible without going over this number or else you will go bust. If you do not manage to get a closer score than the dealer than totals in relation to 21, then you will not win. Having just defined what “going bust “ means, there are other terms useful for you to know to enable you to play the game of Blackjack most successfully.

‘Stand’ is the term used when you do not wish to gain an extra card and do not want to risk going bust when you have either seen the two cards originally dealt with you by the dealer or after you have already decided to pick up an extra card or cards. If your hand totals anything over 12 you are able to choose to “stand” though some players would instead choose to “hit” on such a low number. “Hit” is just another way of telling the dealer that you require another card. The lower you total hand, the more likely you are to choose “hit” as your next option.

Now that you have read quite a few things about blackjack – there is an important question. If you want to play with strategy and steadily increase your bankroll – blackjack is a good choice; if you are going after the big bucks though – check our other live casino games with jackpots online instead!

Introduction to Card Counting

Counting cards, also known as tagging, is when particularly close attention is paid to all of the cards played during the round. This is not a short-term solution but is instead a longer-term technique enabling you to make better decisions as to how much you should place for bets.

To use this technique, you keep a running mental record of by adding one to all cards which have been played between the numbers of 2 and 6, and you subtract one for all of the picture cards, Ace or number 10. At the end of the round you are left with either a positive or negative number and this will denote how you should bet during your next round. Left with a positive number, then the cards remaining in the deck will be higher denominations, so it is advised to increase your bet. Contrarily, if you are left with a negative number, the cards remaining in the deck will be of lower value so it would be wise to decrease your bet in the next round.

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Best Live Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack can be played in a variety of settings, though some are much more convenient than others. There are many different countries worldwide where gambling of any nature is illegal and therefore residents wishing to do so have to find other ways to be able to participate in Blackjack. For instances like this, as well as being incredibly useful for the high rollers and the professionals, too, there are Blackjack tournaments playable from your home where you can compete with people all over the world. The best example of this is the new world of Live Blackjack, where high definition webcams are used so that the bettors can see the dealer, the dealer can see the better, and the players can talk to each other as well as the dealer without delay. For all intents and purposes, it is quite literally like being at a Blackjack table in a casino but with the ease and convenience of not having to leave your home.

Live Blackjack is still a rather new concept, so Blackjack tournaments played in this way have to be played with approximately ten players as there are limited options for gameplay. You may, for this reason, have to wait for your turn to be able to participate in the next Blackjack tournament with players from around the world, but it sure will be worth the wait.

Transition to Online Casino Games

Originally played in casinos in France, or so we are lead to believe, Blackjack is now available for you to play on all the top on line slots casinos, either via a website or through the use of a designated app. Online Blackjack is played in exactly the same way as casino based Blackjack but with the added convenience of you not necessarily having to leave your home to be able to participate. When playing Blackjack online you are able to take advantage of the deals and promotions offered by Blackjack sites so that you can make the most of your time on their site and in return, they hope that you will make their site your new home.

Sticking with the idea that your aim is to beat the dealer and to get the closest possible combination of cards to result in 21 without going bust. Playing online Blackjack enables you to transfer money to and from your Blackjack account easily, fast and in a secure manner, as do mobile apps. These apps require only a wireless internet connection and the downloading of the app on to your tablet or smartphone for you to be able to play them from anywhere. From commuters to stay at home mums, students to business owners, the on the go person to the on the sofa person, anyone can play from wherever they are through the use of online, mobile or Blackjack apps.

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