Progressive Jackpots vs Local Jackpots

Jackpots make or break slot games or online card games, that is a straight-up fact; have you ever met someone that didn’t want to win the big one? Novices to the vast world of iGaming might not know what to expect when it comes to the grand prize in the top online casino games they play, which is why we are here to educate in the article you’re reading right now.

Once you’ve read this article in full we can almost guarantee that you will look at the games you play a lot differently — just know that jackpots are quite hard to conquer no matter how much you play, and winning the big one will come down to pot luck no matter what you do. Now, let’s begin by defining each jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot Explained

Progressive jackpots are incredibly versatile in that they don’t operate under the same rules as some of your more standard pots. Progressive jackpots grow each and everyday — just look at some of the Megaways slot machines from NetEnt to see that in action. Progressive jackpots will only disappear after one has won the big one.

One lucky player won $7,831,370 on a popular site off the back of a progressive jackpot, which is life-changing money when you stop to think about it. Any slot with the word ‘Mega’ attached is normally the go-too sign of a progressive slot game — slots that do require a higher spend to play, but are more than worth your time/money.

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Local Jackpot – How does it Work?

Local jackpots work somewhat different to progressive jackpots in that the money is pooled from the casino itself versus an accumulated amount via money taken from player bets — a progressive jackpot hallmark. No, local jackpots tend to be set, fixed in position and don’t move up or down.

This can be considered good and bad, good in the sense that you know what you’re getting in to when playing for the big money, and bad in the sense that you never feel like you’re contributing to an ever-growing figure. Jackpot totals will vary from game to game — all jackpots tend to be within six figures in our experience although there are some exceptions.

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Local vs Progressive Jackpot Games

The answer to this question is subjective, as most who play slot games tend not to look at the jackpot as they know it is difficult to earn. We tend to lean more towards the progressive jackpots due to their ability to fluctuate as you spin, providing punters with a sense of progression as they spin which only incentivizes longer sessions! Not to brag, but on Slotzo we offer both types of jackpots for you with some top casino promos for you to enjoy!

Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that the differences between the two are simple — progressive jackpots are accumulated through small chunks of player bets, constantly adding to the total in question. And local pots tend to be a little smaller than the former, set-up by a specific casino; a fixed amount that will never move. Find the best jackpot games you can play in 2020 by clicking the link above!

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