What makes a great poker player?

Free online slots and casino games can be unstable and erratic sometimes, which could be in our favor or against us. It is with understanding that some of the greatest winners and players of casino games have emerged. Particularly, there have been a number of poker players who made the game appear very interesting.

They changed the wheel and gave the live casino game a totally new image, with some strategies that deserve mention. Our study of proficient poker players has revealed they have a lot in common in terms of their approach to the card games. At Slotzo, we make bold to discuss what such traits that distinguish the greatest players from other.

What you’d find in a great poker player

A vast majority of the best poker players of past and current generations share the following qualities.

Quick to make clever Calculations

Poker is one of the few casino games that require skill, and it’s hard to get far without possessing it. Part of the skill is getting yourself in a position to make very valid and fast calculations. There are times you would need to understand the hands of other players to beat them.

Everyone poker player is ready to pull a massive one on everyone at the table, you’d be better off seeing them early. From some of the greatest poker players like Doyle Brunson to the richest plyers like Sam Forha, clever calculations are a must. This is what some experts call having a poker tendency, but it’s basically understanding your table and hands really well.

Losing is part of the game

It takes time to hone your poker skills to a point where they start paying off most times. And one definitive part of fine-tuning your skill is losses – some can be by your making, while others are simply unexplainable. There are times you play too hard and have all your attention and calculations all out, yet you lose.

Champion of Champions: A Portrait of the greatest player of our time is a book written by Don Jenkins in honor of Johnny Moss’ feats. The book notes that the great player known as the Grandfather of Poker was able to learn through failure. Even other legendary players like Chris Ferguson, Daniel Negreanu¸ Phil Hellmuth, Justin Bonomo, etc. all learned through losses.

Devoting time to study the game

I’d say that almost everyone wants to be a great poker player, but most people don’t want to stress their brains. To be a legendary player, you need to ultimately understand what makes legendary players. For instance, Phil Ivey at the nascent stage of his career had a journal for studying the game totally.

He studied successful players, their pattern, winning hands, and losing streaks and more, which helped his career substantially. Make out time to study some or all of your favourite best poker players and understand what sets them apart.

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Utmost discipline is key

Discipline pretty much summarizes everything a poker player needs at a poker table. There are days your poker pride is fatally bruised by losses and the demeanor of your co-players. If you’re not discipline enough, you could punch these other players in the nose or even hurl insults at them.

But the discipline helps you hold back your impulse to act logically and responsibly. With respect to money, discipline plays a pivotal role in helping you make the best money decisions during and after play. Some players aren’t disciplined enough to walk home when the game isn’t going well, and they end up in trouble.

Just like in slot games and other online casino games, poker will tempt you to spend everything. This happens whether you are winning or losing, and only your top-notch discipline can stop you from spending your money recklessly.

Boldness pays better

For every time we played poker with some great players, we noticed they were very bold and dauntless. They were even bolder than most of us playing to have ample information of the game. We studied the greatest in history and found they also possess a similar trait, and rose to prominence because of it.

Boldness is key in a poker hand – that hand you are afraid of playing could be the winning hand. So you have to be bold when at a poker table because it pays handsomely.


We believe it is our duty at Slotzo to guide you on your journey to becoming a great poker player. It’s a rough path but attainable if you set your mind to it. Avail yourself of the information here and see how you rise to success as a poker player.

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